Monday Madness

This week is gonna be CRAY!

I’m pretty damn excited though, I’ve got big things on the agenda. Today I’m trucking through a 12 hour shift so I can work a short day tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to Bellevue College to take my COMPASS Placement test so I can register for classes for Fall. To be honest, I’ll probably epically fail the Math portion, but I’m confident in my English testing skills.

Failed math test 6

After my COMPASS Placement test I plan on heading to the gym and whipping out a killer workout to make up for losing a workout today. We all know how much I hate skipping Mondays, but it has to be done.

As far as workouts this week I’m pushing my comfort zone with a spin class, FINALLY swimming since post show, and attempting to run to see how my left foot reacts. I still want to run a half marathon, but August may not be possible at this point. I might also want to do a relay triathlon depending on how my running is, or how good I get at swimming. Open water swimming is a whole new can of worms though.


On a different note, I’ve signed up for an online social media program called ‘Influenster’ which I’m pretty excited about! Influenster is a FREE online site where you can create a profile and review products you enjoy. By connecting your social media accounts to this profile, your social media ‘influence’ is calculated, and depending on how heavily you influence the internet, you can be sent FREE products to review! I’ve been going to town writing reviews for dog toys, beauty products, apps, web sites, etc. I just received an email saying I qualify for the ‘Beauty Box’. NOTHING IS GUARANTEED YET THOUGH! I took the survey they emailed to me, and I will find out in a few weeks if I qualify for a VoxBox of free products to test and review. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high since Femme was a complete bust, and Quest Nutrition has been very unorganized about the events they need staffing for and disappointed me with their lack of communication.

Can’t wait to see what the verdict is! I’ve been filling out surveys like mad, and I really enjoy reviewing products! I want to purchase a monthly Beauty Subscription as well so I can review products in my blog. I signed up for Ipsy but was sorely disappointed when I never received my June glam bag. I emailed Ipsy Care 4 times and never received a response! Finally I decided to cancel since July is coming up and I didn’t want to be charged for July when June never arrived in the mail. After cancelling (and conveniently writing a poor review on Influenster) I received a response and they should be sending me another June glam bag. However, I’m still cancelling and won’t be signing up again. There are other great subscription boxes out there! Check out! They have almost EVERY subscription box imaginable categorized and the site is very user friendly. There are so many awesome choices, I can’t make up my mind!

Stay tuned this week! I’ll post some workouts and update you on classes I plan on taking next quarter! Thankfully this week is a short week with the upcoming holiday, whewww! Much needed! Have a wonderful week 🙂



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