Congratulations! I am registered for schoooool!


Hell effin’ yeah! I am FINALLY enrolled in school! After 5 years of saying, “I’ll do it next year” I finally committed and am registered for Fall Quarter 2014!

As you know, I took my COMPASS Placement test today so I could decide which classes I need to take. I placed into English 101 but need to take Math 97 to brush up on my Algebra. I would much rather score low based on how much I actually know, than get lucky and score high and have NO idea what I’m doing once I enroll.

"Fuck yeah, goin' to college!"

“Fuck yeah, goin’ to college!”

Sooooo tonight I registered for English 101 as an online class, Nutrition 101 as an online class, and Math 97 on Monday’s and Wednesday’s 5:30pm to 7:40pm. Yippeeeee! So STOKED!Β 

Now I have to cross my fingers that Financial Aid sends me the amount I qualified for in a timely fashion, so I don’t get stuck with a fat bill!

On top of the really great news today, I thoroughly enjoyed working a short day. I worked the 7:00am to 11:00am shift, very short and a sloooow at work. Once I clocked out I picked up a sandwich for lunch and ate it on the way to the bus stop to take my placement test. The test itself took no longer than an hour and a half. When I finished I headed straight to the gym for a KILLER workout! Glutes and hammies! It was so nice getting to the gym early before the craziness hit. I was also able to go home, partake in some ‘afternoon delight’ with the hubby, tan for an hour by the pool, cook dinner, register for classes, clean the ENTIRE HOUSE top to bottom, paint my toes, and write this blog πŸ™‚ Gorgeous weather, definitely a lucky and blessed girl.


Two more days until the 3 day weekend! Can’t wait to watch fireworks on Lake Washington this weekend. We’re gonna have the BEST view! From where we’ll be we’ll see the Kirkland Show, Seattle Show, and the Magnesun Park as well as a few others. I haven’t seen fireworks in a looooong time, I’m pretty pumped to have the best seats in the house. Plenty of food, friends, and beeeeeer! I hope everyone else has awesome plans πŸ™‚








2 thoughts on “Congratulations! I am registered for schoooool!

  1. Haha, 7-11am shifts are awesome!! Congrats on school!! πŸ™‚ FAFSA should come in before anything is owed, I actually think you pay tuition at the END of each quarter (that’s how it worked at UW anyway)

    • Seriously, I could get used to 7am to 11am one day! Maybe once the hubby is a lawyer πŸ™‚ One day! One day…..

      Bellevue College requires tuition to be paid at the beginning of the Quarter. For Fall quarter payment or a payment plan is due August 7th. A lil’ over a month to get that check! Takin a risk for sure!


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