Happy 4th of July! (Belated…..)

Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday yesterday, I know we did 🙂 Kaienna is visiting this weekend so we picked her up a day early to spend the Fourth of July with her. We were invited to spend the holiday at Derek’s client Fernando’s house on Lake Sammamish. There was plenty of food, fireworks, and alcohol! There were also TONS of kids and water activities. Yesterday afternoon we went to Boom City in Tulalip to get a good deal on some fireworks. I must say, my hubby is quite the hustler when he wants a good price and a great fireworks show! Very impressed, we weren’t there longer than an hour.

I was able to fit in my workout earlier in the day. Booty and hamstrings! Can you tell what my favorite body parts to train are? I played around with doing heavier Romanian Deads by loading the bar on the ground…. holy SHIT. I understand why people use lifting belts now. I also FINALLY had the chance to use the cable machine to do my kick backs (since it’s always crowded) and the Ass Abductor, so now parts of my ass are sore that really needed some attention.

I also had the chance to swim on Thursday! Woohoo, felt phenomenal! First time since comp training! I swam 2,000 meters, so about 45 minutes. Definitely was missing the water. I usually avoid the pool since A) I’m not always comfortable in my swim suit, but hey! It fits great still! B) I HATE SHARING A LAAAAAAANE! It doesn’t matter what time I get in the pool or how long I’m there, someone always hops in to share.

OTHER GREAT NEWS! I CAN RUUUUUUN! I tested my feet out on the treadmill Wednesday and yesterday, and I did really great. I still have my stamina and there was ZERO pain in my foot. I’m going to take it easy though, start small and stretch every day. I’m gonna look for another local race to do either in September or October.


Kai’s first sparkler!


Keyda, Kai, and Dad taking the canoe out on Lake Sammamish


Keyda hiding from the big noises! We were able to get her out from underneath the chair, and eventually she stopped flinching and trembling


Smore making for the kid. Keyda got a taste of Kai’s chocolate!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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