Day 1 of IIFYM!


Alright people, I’ve been MIA for a while. I wasn’t feeling very well last week, but now I’m energized and have my head in the game! Last week I tracked my macros as a tool to assess my current eating habits WITHOUT IIFYM and I discovered that I eat when I’m hungry, some days a lot, some days very little. I eat too much fat and not nearly enough protein as I should.

Today was the first day of IIFYM and I gotta say I’m pretty happy with out flushed out I appear. Today was leg day so my legs look stronger, and my waist looks a little more tapered and defined. I need to lose overall body fat, so we will reassess in 2 weeks from now!

So excited! I joined the IIFYM Women’s Group on Facebook and they have been so positive and encouraging, it’s great to be a part of a social media group that is so diverse and focused on their fitness goals. Here’s to smashing some goals this week! Happy Monday 🙂


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