Progress with IIFYM – 1 Week!


Left photo: Taken one week ago, Sunday July 13th / Right photo: Take yesterday, Sunday July 20th

Yippy skip! Week one progress on IIFYM has been quite delightful! I’ve got my abs back, I feel like I’ve slimmed down immensely all over my body. My arms, back, hips, legs, and midsection have been a lot tighter all week. It’s great!

I was able to eat a stack of pancakes yesterday smothered in peanut butter, coconut flakes, and brown sugar and that’s what my abs looked like afterwards! IIFYM has provided me freedom to eat whatever I want while getting the results I want.

More good news! I measured my waist yesterday and I’m back down to a size 26 inch waist! My comp waist was 24 inches, and I blew up to 28 inches only 2 days after comp! I’ve been fighting to get back down to 26 inches, which is where my waist measures in at when I’m at my happiest and healthiest. 26 inches and the abs come out to play 😉

The real challenge will be the next few weekends with Bachelorette parties and weddings. Throughout the festivities, I have decided to give myself one day a week where I don’t track anything. I have my workouts planned so that I’m fulfilling my 5 days a week.

Saturday I went for my first outdoor run in MONTHS! It felt great 🙂 My hips and shins are a little achy, but constant stretching will prevent any future injuries. I only ran 4 miles, I could have ran more but my joints weren’t agreeing with the hard pavement after a couple months of resting. I decided to listen to my body, we’ll try again later this week.

Happy Monday everybody! Get out there and sweat 😉


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