The Popular Coined Phrase – ‘Your Workout is My Warmup’


First of all, let me start by telling you what my Instagram feed consists of:

Buff people and food.

I don’t know why I continue to follow fitness IG accounts that only show and promote ridiculously shredded people that are obviously about to step on stage for a fitness competition. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid if I discontinue following them, I will be ‘uninspired’ or ‘unmotivated’ to kill my workouts and stay on top of my diet.

I’ll tell ya what, I still only worked out twice last week…. those IG accounts are obviously not the source of my motivation, so I’ll be cleaning out my feed real shortly.

What really irked me the most the other day while I was mindlessly scrolling through my IG feed was the popular coined phrase ‘#YourWorkoutIsMyWarmup’. What the fuck? What does THAT shit mean?! Mind you, this was said by a very well known fitness model who she herself as come a long way to reach that goal.

Since when is it okay to boast about your fitness level when you’re a role model to thousands, perhaps MILLIONS of people who are just beginning their fitness journey?! People look up to you, everyone starts somewhere and so did you. I completely understand that people should be proud of their achievements, but to narcissistically compare yourself to others is… well… kind of ass hole-ish. It’s that kind of shit that turns me off from the bodybuilding world. People should be proud AND humble of their achievements.

It’s the ‘I’m-so-fucking-jacked-outta-my-mind-let-me-lift-something-heavy-and-grunt-about-it’ attitude that makes me believe that bodybuilding is definitely NOT the sport for me.


There ARE amazing athletes out there that are humble about their journey, encouraging, and uplifting to others and those are the people that I admire. Chaddy Dunmore and Zuzka Light are two of my favorites. They are beautiful people on the inside and out that want to promote a healthy lifestyle for mind and body; not solely for aesthetic purposes, but they are definitely bonuses 😉

I’m going to stop subjecting myself to the juice heads and assholes on IG, I don’t need to see that shit err’day.

Here’s to a cleaner IG feed!


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