Cleaning Out My Closet!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted you to know I’m cleaning out my closet, so if anyone is interested, I have some workout clothes for sale on eBay, check out my eBay page! The original listings will last 5 days, whatever I don’t sell I’ll be decreasing the price dramatically. So if you have an eBay account, add my listings to your watch list if you’re interested and keep an eye on them 🙂


#1. White Zella Jacket size Small – Excellent condition! Only worn a handful of times. Thumb holes, bonus!

#2. American Apparel High Waisted Elastic Jeggings size Medium – Excellent condition, only worn once. Great with boots.

#3. Zella ‘Balance’ Pant size 4 – Only worn a few times, great pair of pants, excellent condition. Just not my style, I like the leggings that are tighter around the ankles.

#4. Brooks Red and Black Jacket size Small – Great for running outdoors in the Winter. I don’t typically run outdoors in the rain or cold, so this isn’t of much use to me. Great condition! Really warm.

#5. Lululemon Brown Zip Up Jacket size 4 – I thought this jacket would be practical with my lifestyle, but it’s not. Bussing back and forth from the gym in Seattle requires something a little more heavy duty, and hooded!

#6. Lululemon Red Zip Up Jacket size 4 – Same as above! Really wish I could wear these more often! Only defect is small snag in front and dark mark.
Thanks for looking guys, have a great Labor Day weekend!


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