#Stackerz for Keyda from Pedigree and Influenster!


Keyda got her new Stackerz treats from Pedigree and Influenster in the mail today! Needless to say she went CRAY-ZEEEE! She is a fiend for treats! Although she may appear calm in the photo above, she was really focused on the treat I was holding above my head as I was trying to capture this moment. She went through plenty of obstacles of tricks to get her treats!

She followed me around the house constantly for the next few hours until she finally curled up next to me in a Stackerz coma. I better hide them so she doesn’t get any ideas! I’ll have to post a video of her balancing a treat on her nose once she gets better at it and calms down when I open the bag!


I highly recommend these treats and so does Keyda! The flavors we received are filet mignon and bacon! I would compare them to Trident Layers…. but jerky… for dogs šŸ™‚ Once again, thank you so much Influenster for the complimentary product, and for continuing to choose me for VoxBoxes and challenges. Keyda and I both appreciate your kindness! XOXO



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