Blergggg, this week SUCKED

Thank god the weekend came…….

tropic thunger

This week was a little bit to crazy for me.

Work was nuts, my hormones and emotions were crazy, school was a lot more demanding this week than last week, and I was so exhausted that fitting in my workouts was near damn impossible.


I worked out 3 times this week. Not super proud about the lack of days spent getting a good sweat on, and I probably felt shittier for that exact reason. I feel better when I work out! I feel like I can think straight, prioritize, and get shit done afterwards.

Next week will be better.

On top of the insanity from school I had a 45 hour work week and 2 workloads. One of the gals I back up for at the Digital Crimes Unit is in Cabo for 6 days (lucky bitch) so another gal and I are covering her inbox and greeting her tours for her. I’m not full time there so it’s hard to completely grasp the context in which her tour requests and emails come in. I hope I’m not just creating more work for her when she gets back. Practice makes perfect though! I have waaaaay more of a clue with what’s going on than I did 6 months ago!


Because I’ve been so stressed with work and my English paper I’ve been working on all week, I completely neglected to do a huge step in my Nutrition 100 project! The step was worth 10 points out of the 100 points for the assignment, so hopefully I kick ass at my 2 exams and earn some extra credit along the way to stay above a B+. I’m really hoping for no less than A-‘s in any of my classes this quarter.

Anywho, just thought I’d update you so you’d know WHY I disappeared. I’ll be more active next week! Workouts and Pumpkin recipes! Now I’m gonna make some notes, drink so alcohol, and go to sleep…. ZZZzzzzz



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