Dreaded Monday Morning…..

Blergggg….. it’s Monday.


I was so ready for it, so prepared, up until I realize I dropped my badge to get into work somewhere between home and my walk to the bus.


Damn it.

Not only that, but today is the first trial run of our new shift schedule: 6:15am to 2:45pm. We haven’t been meeting “compliancy” with our lunch time. 15 minutes makes a HUGE difference in my day. We’ve been operating much slower and have to rearrange our entire daily routine. I might have to start drinking coffee again….


Not to mention, dealing with everyone’s last minute requests. When everyone else is ill prepared, we get the shit end of the stick. Sometimes I feel like I literally have to hold people’s hand. If you can’t do your job then you should probably scoot over and let someone who knows how to do it do it….. like me. How do you get paid more than me?!


I really just wanna go home, go to bed, and never return. I like sleeping. I could get used to that. Stay-at-home-me who sleeps, cleans, bakes, and eats.


There’s a million other things I’d rather be doing now. I would even rather be doing homework right now. I have 1,000 word essay due Friday, 2 huge chapters and quizzes in Nutrition to read, and a Math test to prepare for. My time could be utilized much more efficiently.


5 more days until the weekend…….




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