Finaaaals Weeeeek!

Man, I feel like I’ve been saying, “Spring Break is almost here!” for forever now.

The countdown has been LOOOONG and grueling, but I will be DONE with Winter Quarter in 3 days.


Finals Feels got me like…..

This quarter wasn’t fun at all. I may have figured out how to time manage and how to study efficiently with this course load, but it still hasn’t been “fun”. Human Biology was okay except the beginning and end….. structure and functions of cells to genetics. Ughhhh.


I basically taught myself Math, my teacher isn’t the easiest to listen to. Thick accent and monotonous. Since I’m a self-taught learner with math, Spring Quarter I will be taking the next level course online.


English 201, let’s just say I’m excited to be DONE with English forever now. Sure I’ll have to write plenty of papers, but I think Philosophy – Critical Thinking will help out in that arena much better, which is why I signed up for Philosophy 115 Spring Quarter.



Right now my grades sit between 91% – 93%….. Everything depends on Finals. They could make or break me. I really, REALLY, REALLY want to stay in the 90% range! Study Blue has been my best study buddy, I’ve been constantly draining and charging my iPad by using the Study Blue app alone.

I’ll be disappearing until next week, which I guess doesn’t come as a surprise 😛

After Monday I’ll be a freeeee student for two weeks, FUCK YEAH!



Until next week….


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