First Week of Spring Quarter

1. Started the Week Off Strong – It was a good start. I felt confident, strong, and ready to start Spring Quarter on Monday. I spent the weekend cleaning my house like a mad woman, every surface, every nook and cranny, every speck of dust and every hair. I also completed some killer workouts, surely this week was gonna be F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. I had this shit on LOCK.


2. Got a Little Bit Rocky – It usually takes me a week or two to figure out how the teacher lays out the course online via Canvas. I was a little overwhelmed with the UN-organization of some, the extensive amount of discussion required for Math, and the fact that I do NOT have the appropriate hardware specifications for the Math software. Stressful much? So much for trying to get ahead.crying

3. Downright Anxious on the Verge of Tears – Since I wasn’t about to spend $$$ for Microsoft software to install on my MacBook for Math, I decided to drop the course and pick up 5 credits elsewhere. Most classes were full, except an interesting Anthropology class. Sure, I’ll try that out. Little did I know, web registration was closed! I frantically called the office for 45 minutes, no answer, no voicemail! WTF?!  FINALLY someone picks up and they walk me through a Late Registration Request form online. I emailed the Anthropology instructor directly and I’ve been monitoring my inbox constantly for her approval. She has until tomorrow at 3pm… my stomach is churning with anxiety! I need to know so I can buy the book and catch up on reading over the weekend! If I can only do the 10 credits instead of 15, I hope my financial aid won’t be affected! I’m going ballistic over here!

aggressive crying

4. Laughed it all Off & Accepted Reality– After much overanalyzing, stressing, running around like a crazy person between the bookstore and instructor offices I decided I needed to CHILLLLL. Whatever will be, will be. If I can snag that Anthropology class to complete 15 credits this quarter, sweet. If I can’t, at least I have more time and energy to focus on my other two classes, which would  be kinda nice. If I get a fee, I get a fee, and I won’t be an idiot next time, but it’s highly unlikely they will revoke my Financial Aid privileges period. Pshhh, online Math and Math discussions. No thank you! Laughable. I rather take a campus course for Math.


5. Plan on Eating All the Food – So to comfort myself after the unneeded stress and anxiety, I plan on eating ALL the food this weekend. Derek and I are going to Portland for his 27th birthday, so we’ll probably be drinking beer, and eating nachos, voodoo donuts, and some dank ass pizza. The possibilities are limitless!



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