I am the Cookie Monster…

I have been completely and utterly M.I.A! It’s been over a month since I’ve contributed a blog post. Poor lonely blog…

I DO have some good news though! I am officially an Ambassador with the amazing Lenny & Larry’s! The first of May marked the beginning of the Ambassador program, and I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the managing team as well as the benefits of working with a company I already love and respect.


I have tried nearly every flavor protein cookie now, except Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate. I have so many recipe ideas swirling through my head right now, ranging from ice cream sandwiches to mini cheesecakes, so stay tuned for recipes and photos. Next week I have an order of Snicker Doodle, Pumpkin, White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut, and Chocolate Chip coming in the mail. I can hardly contain my excitement!


In addition to protein cookies, Lenny & Larry’s also makes Muscle Muffins, Muscle Brownies, and Fit Brownies. I haven’t tried these options yet, but I will soon, and I’ll write a detailed review. I hope they live up to my expectations, because their protein cookies are too good, in fact they are better than a traditional cookie.

Not only do I get the benefit of increasing my protein intake, healthy ingredients excluding dairy and added sugars, I also get amazing flavor and I stay full, with ZERO guilt! Not to mention, they are so quick, easy, and on the go, I can just throw one in my backpack for school, take one for breakfast at work at 6:00am, bring them to any triathlon for my husband, or take them on a hike or camping.

I will also be posting more workout videos soon. School, work, and leisure time has been hectic and I’ve fallen out of routine after a few life changes, but I’m committing to more posts, so stay tuned!

Everyone have an awesome weekend 🙂


One thought on “I am the Cookie Monster…


    BUT! I hate that the “serving size” is half a cookie. Why not make them smaller?? Those tricksters know a small one is not enough but those macros add up when you have a whole one! Bitches…lol

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