Unexpected Life Turns

Why, good morning beautiful people!

I need somewhere to dump all my woes, so guess what lucky readers?! You get to be my emotional landfill.

In all honesty, they aren’t “woes.” I might have thought they were less than 48 hours ago, but I’ve been learning to roll with the punches like a big girl. Turns out my roomie Manny needs to move out next Thursday 😦 One of his family members is ill and he needs to be there with them in California. I wish the best for him and his family, but I feel like I’m losing an old friend. We’ve only known each other for a month, but I feel like I have known him for years. He has been a better room mate than I deserve! That being said, I’m back at square one again looking for a new room mate. Tuesday I had two people view the unit, yesterday I had a gal stop by, and today I have two gals and one guy looking at the place. I’m hoping to have a future roomie picked out by end of week, move in November 1st!

This whole situation has planted thoughts in my head about moving altogether. I absolutely LOVE where I live, but I think I’m ready for a change of scenery. Perhaps not this year, but when my lease is over next October 2016. Right now I don’t really foresee myself going back to school next year. I can hardly focus this quarter with only two classes. I have the time and I have great grades, but my heart isn’t in it. I’m really just skating by. I love learning, but right now I don’t have direction, I have no idea what my ultimate goal is. After spending the past 4 years in a committed relationship fulfilling wife and motherly duties, I kinda want to be erratic and spontaneous.

Maybe I’ll stay local and move to Seattle or maybe I’ll move to a different state. Who knows, perhaps I’ll go live in a different country for a while, set sail into something new. I really have no fucking clue, and usually that would be the scary part for some, but that’s the part that makes my heart race and blood pump with excitement. The possibilities are limitless.

Vibin’ right now. Try to bring me down.


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