FitBliss Fitness – Check In #2

Checking in! First week of my program with FitBliss Fitness was IMG_3612
AWESOME! Not once did I feel hungry, I ate anything I wanted by exercising balance, I fit in most of my workouts and if I couldn’t make it to the gym, I made it up at home. I enjoyed pizza, burritos, chocolate and wine. What more could a gal ask for?!

In fact, I lost 6lbs since my first weigh in when I completed my application with FitBliss Fitness! Yesterday I sat at a nice 122lbs, the lowest I’ve seen my body weight since competing in 2014. My body is used to sitting at 125lbs average. With marathon training in 2013, my body sat at 119lbs. My ultimate goal is a healthy 115lbs, but I understand muscle weighs more than fat, and I would much rather take the muscle even if it comes with extra lbs!

My abs are beginning to make an appearance again, my booty is a tad perkier, I feel STRONGER, and my hammies come out to play on occasion. Everything is looking a bit more defined, so I’m excited for week #2!

There’s always room to improve. Last week I was unable to make my gym workouts since my new dog son named Ruky flew in from Korea last Wednesday! I wanted to monitor him closely to see if he was house trained which he is! All he needs is obedience training. That being said, this week I will definitely hit my gym workouts. I also need to work on hitting my macros more accurately! Practice makes perfect.

Here are my measurements as of Monday, December 14th:

Small of Waist: 26 in
Waist: 28 in
Hips: 38.5 in
Right Leg: 22 in
Left Leg: 22 in
Right Arm: 10.5 in
Left Arm: 10.5 in

I will update my measurements next Monday, December 28th. 

I hope everyone has an awesome Holiday Season!


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