11 Signs You are a Lifter


I thought I’d give another shot at a blog post since my last one was pretty well received. One topic that has been on my mind is the signs and quirks of a lifter. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore power lifter, but I do lift none the less and share these characteristics with many fellow lifters in the gym rat community (Christ, lemme throw ‘lift’ in there a fourth time!). Some of these are more geared towards women, but I hope you enjoy!

1. You have replaced your purse with a gym bag – Let’s be real, a purse isn’t really you anyways. Totes? Clutches? Satchels? Foreign language to you. You carry around a duffle bag full of resistance bands, squat pads, cable cuffs, pre workout, shaker cups, and Quest bars. You would need a pretty big purse to carry all that around. Not to mention you have your lifting shoes and running shoes in there, and probably some rank ass gym clothes.

2. You constantly carry around a gallon jug wherever you go – Staying hydrated is crucial. You don’t even drink out of a glass anymore, you wanna know exactly how many ounces of elixir of life is going into your precious temple. 128oz to be exact…

3. People always ask what your regimen is – I still haven’t really perfected the cliff notes version of what I do. You basically say, “Lift heavy shit and EAT!” I know people are looking for a more in depth answer, but when you start spouting shit about macros and counting your carbs, proteins, and fats, people look like a deer caught in head lights.

4. You have more gym clothes than regular clothes – What’s the point of having regular clothes anyhow? Bring on the Nike Compression shorts, leggings, tank tops and muscle tanks. Comfort is key in the gym, why not outside the gym too?

5. Donuts and pizza are life – Let’s be real, if you’re not consuming one of these as a lifter, do you even lift?

6. Your social life revolves around your gym life – “Ummmmm sorry can’t go! I’m training legs today! What about after? Will there be food, cause I’ll be famished. Can I wear gym clothes?”

7. Your hands are calloused and your shins have bruises – Who needs lifting gloves? Wear those callouses with pride. Got some ugly bruises on your shins? Then you’re doing it right, keep crushin’ your PR’s. You’re single anyhow, ain’t nobody gonna wanna hold your hand.

8. Idea of a perfect date? Grocery shop and meal prep – “Dear Lord Jesus, please bring me a man who gets just as excited as me about going to Costco and meal prepping in bulk.” Naked Sundays and meal prep? Not if we’re cooking bacon!

9. Laundry seems to be a never ending task – This is the actual worst. Laundry never endsssss! You pretty much have a hamper of clean clothes that never make it to the dresser drawers. “They’re just gym clothes, it’s okay if they’re wrinkly” your lazy ass justifies.

10. You have the sickest lifting playlists – O yeah, some G-Eazy, Tech N9ne, Rittz, and bootylicious Dessert by Dawin. Need a good pump? Gangsta rap is where it’s at. Some old school shit like Ice Cube, N.W.A and The Beastie Boys does a body gooooood.

11. You have replaced your jeans with leggings and maxi skirts – Along with booty gains comes a life and wardrobe full of leggings, and maxi skirts. The circumference of dat ass won’t fit in a pair of jeans to save your life, and if you manage to squeeze into a pair, you’re left with a pancake booty and waaaaay too much room in the waist. Jeans are overrated anyhow, like #4 states, comfort is key, inside AND outside the gym.



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