#RefreshVoxBox Goodies! – Featuring ‘Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel Off’

Yay! My #RefreshVoxBox came in the mail on Thursday! So many goodies inside 🙂 Thanks Influenster for the complimentary products. It’s only Sunday and I’ve tried them all and I’m excited to share my review.3(2) My #RefreshVoxbox came in the mail Thursday while I was doing my kettlebell workout. Perfect timing! I was able to use the Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel (visit their site for more masks!) and Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation right before my 3 year anniversary date with the hubby. Lookin’ and feelin’ fly 😉4(2) Along with a full size Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation and Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey facial mask (check out their FB page), I received 2 bags of Beanitos chips, a Skinnygirl Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate bar, Dentek Flossers, Listerine Strips, and a sample pot of L’Occitane Comforting Cream. All amazing products, some of which I will buy again in the future! 5(2) Beanitos Chips – These are so delicious. I especially loved the Nacho Cheese Beanitos. They are full of flavor, fiber, and extremely satisfying. They have a thick “oily” texture similar to San Juanitos tortilla chips, but they are full of healthy fats  from beans instead of plain grease or cooking oil. It can be easy to eat too many since they are quite yummy, so use moderation. Try them with home made salsa or guacamole. 1(2) DenTek Flossers Regular/Kids & Listerine Strips – I was actually pretty pumped to be getting both of these items! I will admit, I am not the most amazing flosser and its been a hot minute since I’ve been to the Dentist. BUT…… I’ve been oil pulling and flossing lately and I love the difference I see and feel. The DenTek Flossers I received in my voxbox have a silky tape flosser which are sturdy and won’t break mid-floss or in between tight spaces.

Listerine Strips are always good to have on hand since I don’t chew gum at work and I don’t believe in mints. I’m excited to throw these bad boys in my purse or backpack, I honestly don’t know why I haven’t bought these before! Overall, I’m very happy with these finds 🙂 6(2) Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation & L’Occitane Comforting Cream – At first I was skeptical of the Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation. I don’t wear foundation because of how thick and ‘cakey’ it feels. I even stopped using Bare Minerals powder because of how gritty my face felt. I have to admit this new liquid foundation by Covergirl is impressive. It feels light and looks ‘barely there’, not to mention I received the perfect shade for my skin. Great airbrush effect, A+

The L’Occitane Comforting Cream came in a small sample pot, great for throwing in your purse of backpack. I like the silky smooth long lasting moisturization, but the smell is a little ‘outdated.’ It honestly smells like something my grandmother might wear. Aside from the smell, I like what it does for my skin. 2(2)Skinnygirl Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Bar & Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel – I have heard great things about Skinnygirl and was pretty impressed with this protein bar! I love the taste, HOWEVER, I am STILL a faithful Quest Bar buyer! The Skinnygirl protein bars have 150 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber. I would definitely like to try Chocolate Peanut Butter with Sea Salt Bar.

The Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel (follow them on Twitter for giveaways!) was phenomenal! I will definitely be purchasing these again in the future. I love the multiple health benefits of Manuka Honey and how clean and soft my face felt after using this mask. I would highly recommend it! I know Bartell Drugs and Rite Aid sells them for a great price. Don’t forget to check out their Pinterest Board with great ideas, products, and inspirations. Well, that concludes my review! I hope some of you find it helpful and informative. Please ask questions 🙂 2015 will be a great year for Influenster, great products, and new VoxBoxes. Sign up today @Influenster 🙂

~Jess DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes

Full Body Kettlebell Circuit

I have a Full Body Kettlebell Circuit for you guys! I’m trying it today after I get off work, trying to torch a few extra calories before the Super Bowl festivities this weekend 🙂

I’ve seen HUGE differences in my body while kettlebell training for the past month. I wish I took more BEFORE photos, I will post some progress updates soon. Let’s just say my overall muscle mass and tone looks deep and defined, especially my triceps and shoulders which seem to be the easiest for me to develop.

I’ve been working with a 25lb kettlebell all month and I’m amazed with how much STRONGER I am! At first I was struggling to balance and perform a clean and press, I think I might be ready for the next level. Time to try something new….

KB Circuit

I hope everyone has had a good week and is ready for the weekend 🙂 Although I’m no football fan, I hope everyone is cheering for the Seahawks while I’m pouring over textbooks, writing essays, and studying for mid-terms. I already can’t wait for Spring break and Summer!

In other news, I literally just checked my email and guess what?! I qualify for my first Influenster VoxBox of 2015! I will be receiving the #RefreshVoxBox in a few weeks. Here’s a sneak peek of the goodies I will be receiving:

refreshvoxboxI’m especially excited to try the L’occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream, Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bar, and Covergirl UltraSmooth Foundation. Stay tuned for my review! Apologies for the short post, but this gal is always on the run 😉


DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes

Influenster Gifts!

I received my Influenster prizes this week!

The first to come in the mail on Monday was my $500 gift card to Victoria’s Secret.



I’ve already made a large order taking advantage of the online Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. I bought 2 Runway Sports Bras, a pair of workout leggings, 3 pairs of lace cheeky underwear, and 5 seamless thongs for working out. I can’t workout with a panty line, it drives me CRAZY! I’m going to wait until the Victorias Secret Semi Annual Sale for my next purchase.


Today I found another Influenster package on my doorstep with my new PUR pitcher, I can’t wait to try it! I’m excited to fill up my half gallon jug with fresh water that doesn’t taste like chlorine. Derek is really excited about this one too 🙂

PUR2I’m thankful Influenster continues to choose me for their VoxBox challenges! Keep ’em coming guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, I sure did with time spent with family and a break from work and school. Right back at it tomorrow, one week of school left and I’m a free woman until next year!


DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes

It’s Only Been 1 1/2 Weeks?!

By golly, my stats are suffering! I haven’t written in what seems like a millennium, but I’m pretty sure its been a week and a half. I’ve been busy wrapping up the quarter with my essays getting more difficult, more chapters of reading assigned weekly, and math making less and less sense to me. 2 more weeks! Holy crap!

Registration for Winter Quarter classes opened this morning. I thought I would have the pick of the crop, but I was surprised that damn near every English 201 online class was FULL! I settled for an online English 201 Research Paper class by a professor who was rated a B- on RateMyProfessors.com. In all fairness, he scored higher than my current English 101 teacher who has a C+. So far I have a 95% in my current English 101 class, so I’m not completely distraught.

I also registered for Biology 108 – Human Biology. Another online class that fulfills my lab requirement. Biology 108 is worth 6 credits. I was going to take Biology 100, but the only online teacher available received such terrible scores on RateMyProfessors.com that I couldn’t bring myself to register for it.

I will also be taking Math098 on campus Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:40pm. Looks like I will be keeping the same schedule for Winter Quarter! So psyched to keep my same routine, it’s actually not so bad.

I’ve been keeping busy hitting my fitness and health goals. I feel like some weeks this quarter I completely let myself go and only reached 3 weekly workouts. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on top of school and training. I’ve been making it a goal to physically GO to the gym at least twice a week, and the other 2-3 days I can choose the gym or do HIIT Zuzka videos at home.

Last week I made it to the gym twice, did a killer leg session on Tuesday and an upper body, ab, and cardio workout on Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did Zuzka videos at home. Holy crap her new content is KILLER! You’ll never believe it, I actually spoke with her via email directly last week!

Her original website was taken over by her previous employers and re-named Sweat Factor with new trainers added. I tried it out for a few weeks but when I noticed she wasn’t posting new videos I was upset and worried. I reached out to Sweat Factor asking where she went, and they abruptly told me my membership was cancelled and Zuzka was no longer a part of Sweat Factor. I managed to find her NEW site and tried using my old login which was invalid. I emailed her new site and was honored to speak to Z herself! I asked her what happened and she explained the whole story about her working for Sweat Factor under a work visa, how they owned all her old content, videos, etc. Now she has her own company and I love her new website layout and workouts. I might actually get a feature on her blog too!


On top of that great news, I resigned my athlete contract with Femme Nutrition and received new Peach skin tightening cream for my tush, and their new supplement line of pre-workout, carnitine, and BCAA’s! This month I didn’t receive the carnitine supplement but I received 2 flavors of their pre-workout. The Passion Fruit flavor is to die for! It gives me good clean energy without the anxiety and jitters afterwards. I used to get really bad anxiety from pre-workout like Red Line, Speed Stack, and Endo Rush. The Pineapple BCAA’s are also super tasty, I’m very pleased with the taste and quality Femme Nutrition has produced. As a sponsored athlete I receive monthly packages from them and features on their blog.

blog feature2


I was nominated as the lucky grand prize winner on Influenster for the Victoria’s Secret VoxBox! My YouTube Review of the Incredible Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra and workout crops landed me a $500 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card! I was absolutely thrilled when I opened the email last week! I literally had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading the amount correctly. Apparently there were fifty $50 gift card winners and one $500 gift card winner. I feel so blessed that I was chosen!

VS2All and all its been a pretty great week and a half since I last wrote. This week is a 3 day work week, we have a 4 day weekend with plenty of food, sleep, family time, and time spent with the hubby! 2 more weeks until Christmas break, so excited! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend spent being grateful with family 🙂


DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes

#ModaVox Box from Influenster

My ModaVoxBox from Influenster arrived on my doorstep Friday afternoon! I was getting worried it was lost in the mailing system, but alas, it was not!

I was really excited for this box since it was curated with beauty fanatics in mind. “Moda” means “fashion” or “fashionable.” Lately I’ve been OBSESSED with beauty products and experimenting with make up. I had no idea what would be in this box until I opened it.


The box was really heavy when I brought it into the house, so I opened it immediately! I wanted to see what goodies I got before I left the house for Halloween. I was doing my make up as a vampire for this Halloween so I was hoping there might be something in there I could use for my costume.

I opened the box and I received the following:

1) Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves MascaraRV $5.99

2) Rimmel London Moisture Renew LipstickRV $7.49

3) Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip LinerRV $6.49

4) Puffs SoftPackRV $2.49

5) Hair Food Moisture Hair MaskRV $14.99

6) Swiss Miss Simply CocoaRV $2.29

7) Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin MoisturizerRV $6.99

8) Resource Sprintg WaterRV $1.49


I thought it was an interesting hodgepodge mix. I guess I was expecting something more like a beauty subscription box. The Resource Spring Water, Puffs, and Simply Swiss Miss threw me off a little bit. Turns out the Resource was VERY handy the next day (Saturday) in aiding the cure of my massive hangover! This water was packed with electrolytes which ultimately saved me! My husband Derek didn’t have any so he was much worse off than I. Definitely useful! I ended up very happy to have it!

Derek has a cold and/or allergies right now so I’m sure the Puffs will be gone by the end of the week. He said they feel just like Kleenex, but he wouldn’t spend extra money on them. We’re both pretty stickler when it comes to spending extra money on paper products we don’t necessarily need. We don’t even own paper towels or napkins! He’ll usually through a roll of toilet paper just on his nose in a week. It’s really nice to have Kleenex for him though, he’ll use the entire pack!

I haven’t tried the Swiss Miss yet, but I’ve been dying to all weekend. I will probably drink it tonight after dinner, it sounds really delicious! Perhaps I’ll pick up mini marshmallows and whip cream at Costco today, make it a decadent treat tonight!

I really liked the Rimmel London products I received! I would never think to buy them in the store. I typically don’t wear lipstick, but if I do it’s usually a neutral color. I received a bright pink color! It’s really fun but not practical for me. The mascara was really nice to receive too, although I didn’t really enjoy how ‘curvy’ the wand was. I wasn’t sure how to use it, and I didn’t really see a difference it might have made. The lip liner was cool! I don’t typically use lip liner, so I really enjoyed that this was a translucent/clear lip liner. I really hate the look of bold lip liners, so this was a great pick!



I’m the most excited to try out the Hair Food Mask I received! Retail Value of $14.99! It’s sitting in my shower waiting for me to use it today. It smells phenomenal and is made of honey and apricot oil. This product will be great for rehydrating your hair during the Winter, I don’t think this could have been chosen as a VoxBox item at a better time! This is also a NEW brand altogether, I feel privileged to be one of the first to try it complimentary. You can find this item on the shelves at Target.

Lastly, the mini travel and purse size Jergens for dry skin. I have never really been a fan of Jergens, I prefer the Organix brand for lotion. However, this is a great item for Winter and for keeping in your purse. I will be bringing this to my work place to keep at the desk. We’ll see what my co-workers have to say and see how miraculously moisturized my hands stay this Winter!

Altogether my ModaVoxBox had approximately $50 worth of products, so I’m a very happy and thankful girl! Thank you so much Influenster for another great VoxBox! I appreciate the continuous review opportunities and hope you continue choosing me for future VoxBoxes!


DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes

#Stackerz for Keyda from Pedigree and Influenster!


Keyda got her new Stackerz treats from Pedigree and Influenster in the mail today! Needless to say she went CRAY-ZEEEE! She is a fiend for treats! Although she may appear calm in the photo above, she was really focused on the treat I was holding above my head as I was trying to capture this moment. She went through plenty of obstacles of tricks to get her treats!

She followed me around the house constantly for the next few hours until she finally curled up next to me in a Stackerz coma. I better hide them so she doesn’t get any ideas! I’ll have to post a video of her balancing a treat on her nose once she gets better at it and calms down when I open the bag!


I highly recommend these treats and so does Keyda! The flavors we received are filet mignon and bacon! I would compare them to Trident Layers…. but jerky… for dogs 🙂 Once again, thank you so much Influenster for the complimentary product, and for continuing to choose me for VoxBoxes and challenges. Keyda and I both appreciate your kindness! XOXO



#VSSportBra from Victorias Secret and Influenster

Itbra4(2) finally arrived! My Victoria’s Secret VoxBox arrived yesterday, what a wonderful and well deserved surprise after a 12 hour work shift and a 5 mile run home after it all. I’ve been running a lot more frequently as of late, and I love the mental benefits I get from it. Sure, it might be the last thing I want to do after an exhausting day at work, but I never regret it afterwards…. especially when there’s a VoxBox waiting at home for me to open.

First of all, I was stoked outta’ my MIND when I bra3(2)received the email that I was a lucky chosen one to receive the #VSSportBra VoxBox. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with fitness, and I can never have too much fitness gear. I was already a fan of the Victoria’s Secret sports bra, but none the less elated that I would be getting the latest and greatest. I was skeptical about their crops at first, mostly because I’ve never tried them before and I’m pretty faithful to Lululemon. I was pleasantly surprised though….

I’ve been tracking my VoxBox every day since I received my tracking number, so I KNEW the package had arrived. More motivation to kill my run! I’ve been following the #VSSportBra hash tag, so I’ve been seeing everyone else’s photos and reviews which made me even more excited for my own! Plus I want that $50 gift card to VS, and hell why not, the $500 as well 😉 The sooner I get my package, the sooner I can complete tasks!

bra5(2)When I opened the original box to reveal the signature Victoria’s Secret gift box I nearly squealed with joy! It felt like Christmas came early, except I peaked this year and I knew exactly what I was getting. I opened the box to reveal my new best friends. Inside the box came my #VSSportBra and a pair of black crops, as well as 25% off coupons and an informational pamphlet about all of Victoria’s Secret sports bras. I eagerly flipped through the pages and picked out some favorites I will need to try on this weekend.

After I showered from my run, I immediately tore off the tags to try zuzka(2)everything because let’s be real, I ain’t selling these for anything! I was extremely satisfied with the color I received, I like neutrals that aren’t too flashy but still fun. Everything fit perfect; 32C sport bra and small crops. Victoria’s Secret is obviously known for their bras, so I wasn’t too shocked with the extreme comfort and support of the bra. Comparing this bra to my previous Victoria’s Secret sport bras, I noticed that the band was much wider and the cups much thicker for support. Definitely held my puppies in gently! I’m a HUGE fan of Zuzka Light as most of my readers know, and she always wears the cutest Victoria’s Secret sport bras and she has some BIG knockers!

bra2(2)I was most surprised with the crops! I’ve been a faithful Lululemon shopper, but the thickness and comfort of the Victoria’s Secret crops amazed me! They were comfortable and very flattering. I can’t wait to try them out in the squat rack, that will be the true test! So many workout pants can be too thin, believe me, I’ve seen some thongs and other unmentionables! I am thoroughly impressed with my #VSSportBra VoxBox and can’t wait to visit the nearest Victoria’s Secret store to stock up!

If anyone needs or wants a 25% coupon to try these suckers out yourself, let me know and bra(2)I’m more than happy to snail mail you a coupon! I received easily over $100 of gear complimentary, so I will definitely be stocking up as well! The coupons expire September 21st! So message me A.S.A.P! I have plenty! Stay tuned for my YouTube video coming later this week along with my review on my store visit. Have a great evening everybody, happy hump day!


DISCLAIMER:This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.


#VSSportBra VoxBox

Woohoooo! Influenster is blessing me yet again with another complimentary VoxBox. Guess what I qualify for?! Well I guess I gave it away…. I qualify for a complimentary Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra and sport bottoms!


How I feel when I open an Influenster VoxBox qualification email….

Hell yeah, practically an entire new gym outfit! I’m pretty pumped about it, this site has me so excited. Whenever I open an email like this, it’s like freakin’ Christmas came early.

Sports Bra2So stay tuned for my review in the next few weeks! Soon I’ll be kicking ass and looking like Adriana Lima 😉




DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes

Product Review: Sally HansenÂŽ Miracle Gel™


Stars: 5/5

Cost: $9.99

Pros: I’ll be real with you, I’m not really a nail polish kind of gal. I only really get my nails done on VERY special occasions. The past 7 years I’ve had my nails done professionally TWICE, yes twice. Once for my wedding, and once for my bikini competition in April. I was kind of skeptical when I saw I would be receiving the Sally Hansen Voxbox from Influenster, I didn’t know what to expect since I usually do a horrendous job at painting my own nails. I was actually BEYOND satisfied with the polish I received; compliments of Sally Hansen and Influenster. First of all, I loved the flat brush, it definitely helped me keep a steady hand and apply even strokes of polish to my nails without getting any on my hand or creating bubbles underneath the surface. The quality is amazing, definitely salon quality and shine like the bottle and packing advertises. I can’t stop looking at my nails! The shade they sent me is vibrant and fun, I will definitely be purchasing this polish in the future, I can’t wait to try their different colors. It was so easy, I’m actually quite impressed with myself as well as the polish.

Cons: Literally my ONLY feedback would be the drying time. I feel like the polish remained a little tacky and sticky an hour or more after finishing my coats. I did the recommended 2 color coats and 1 top coat but it still took a while to dry. Other than that, I’m in love with it!



DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ product complimentary for testing purposes

Earned my eBay Badge!


Exciting news for me last night when I opened my email…. I earned my FIRST badge with Influenster! I participated in an eBay challenge where you write 2 guides on topics that have not been written about. There were certain requirements you had to fulfill before submitting your guide:

  • Your guide had to include at least 1 photo
  • Your guide had to include at least 3 links
  • Your guide must have at least 350 words and 4 different sections

You can check ’em out here! I actually ended up writing 3 initially so I could earn a $25 eBay gift card, and they sweetened the deal by having you write 2 more for an eBay VIP badge AND another $25 gift card!

This site is completely FREE! They send complimentary VoxBoxes as well for product review purposes. I just received my Sally Hansen VoxBox in the mail yesterday! I can’t wait to try out the new Gel Manicure polish this weekend for my friend’s wedding. I’ve never tried Gel Manicure polish, so this will be a first for me.


I have high hopes for this product! I’ve only ever gotten shellac once, and I loved it while I had it, but once removed my nails were so weak! I really hope this Gel Manicure is the solution to my nail polish woes! I will be writing a review as soon as I try it out, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, join Influenster! If you have a high flux in social media followers, this is an amazing site to share your knowledge of products ranging from travel, dÊcor, beauty, food, fitness; as well as connect with fellow Influensters and learn about new products. Check it out!