8 Weeks Out – Grind Time

8 Weeks Out - Grind Time

Happy Sunday! Today marks the beginning of a new week, and a loooong one at that! To get the week started on the right note, I did an awesome HIIT workout incorporating sprint intervals on the treadmill and spin bike, as well as an awesome ab routine. You should def try it out!

I have big plans for switching up my workout routine this week. Hungry for more results! This weekend I took my progress photo comparing January and February a month apart exactly, and I didn’t see the results I was hoping to see. The pictures look almost exactly the same, sooooo this week I’m increasing my cardio in hopes to show off my obliques and shed some fat around my legs to show off the hammies and glutes.


In the grand scheme of things, I’m very happy with my OVERALL progress since my very FIRST before pictures! Putting them next to each other makes me extremely proud of my hard work and dedication. Of course a lil’ tan helps too 😉


This weekend I went to L.A Fitness to have my Body Fat measured, for the first time in 4 years! I was really curious to see where my % was at after months of rigorous training, hard work, strict dieting, and drastic physical changes.

First mistake, having a sales person do it.

Second mistake, letting him use the electronic ‘Omron’. When I asked him to use the calipers….

Third mistake, he only did ONE pinch instead of four…..

Sooooo, with all of that being said, my Body Fat % came out to 15%. I was pretty damn shocked! I thought my % would have been at 10%-12%! Last time I was measured 4 years ago I was at 17%, it’s hard to believe my Body Fat only decreased 2%. It kind of ruined my day actually, I let the number get to my head, I skulked around all day and even skipped my Cheat Meal for heaven’s sake! *Le siiiiiiigh* 

Although I believe the reading was horribly inaccurate, I came to the realization that numbers shouldn’t matter. I should have absolute confidence in my hard work and in my body regardless of the numbers. This sport can be incredibly draining; on your body, on your mind, on your confidence and will power. I have never been so critical of myself before. I wouldn’t say I’m insecure like I was in Junior High or High School, but I always think I can do BETTERMy glutes could be higher, rounder, and tighter; my hamstrings could be fuller, my obliques could be more defined, I could have less overall fat, etc. Some days can be extremely taxing, but the results and the strength I gain from this sport is what keeps me going.

So bring it on! I’m gonna KILL this week! Consistent workouts, staying on track with my diet and macro plan, and adding more cardio! I also have a posing practice scheduled for this Thursday at David Barton Gym, and it’s actually happening this time YAY!




Posing Help!

Posing Help!

So I’m beginning to take my posing/progress shots from a lower angle since that’s what the judges will ultimately be seeing while I’m on stage. I also want to make sure I am looking tight, toned, and put together in my competition photos.

I would love advice for my posing, examples of how to pose for my body type and height. I am 5 3/4 so not even 5’1!

If you notice any problem areas, PLEASE point them out! Shrink up the legs, trim up the waist, lift the glutes, etc.

Please and thank you! Much appreciated 🙂


Misty’s Posing Shots!

Misty's Posing Shots!

‘Ey folks!

Yep, that’s my hot step sister, she’s competing in her first bikini competition as well! Super pumped for her, she will be competing in ‘Jon Lindsay’s Grand Prix’ April 12th, 2014 in Culver City, California. She has shown so much dedication, drive, passion and in turn has had made excellent progress and seen amazing results. Busy mother of 4 children and going to Nursing School, AND kicking ass putting work in for this comp! Follow her IG: Misty Walker

She recently sent me her posing shots to get some advice, I told her I would post them on my blog to get additional advice from my followers. Please, any advice is much appreciated!

I think she looks fabulous, my personal fave is the last back pose on the far right 🙂

Feedback, tips, pointers are much appreciated! Please comment!


Hump Day – Endurance Training

Hump Day - Endurance Training

Good morning, Happy Wednesday! Middle of the week and I’ve never felt better. Sticking with my training plan and completed my ‘Endurance’ workout this morning. Definitely try it out! Great way to start the day.

It’s *FREEEEEZZZIIING* over here, I’m kind of dreading my run home from work tonight! I need to pick up another pair of running gloves and pack a hat. Tomorrow morning I run TO work for the 6:00am to 2:30pm shift, busy, busy, torchin’ calories! I MIGHT just have to do Zuzka videos at home instead, or grow a pair….. Brrrrrrrrrr!

Soooooo I’ve been debating starting my own YouTube channel. I have one right now with 3 videos up, mainly so I flexincould share them on my blog:

Fitness, Health, & Everything Else Channel – Jessica Rose Fitness

I need to figure out what kind of videos I want to post! Is there anything in particular that people like to see? Right now I have posing practice and TRX training. We’ll see what I come up with!

I’ve also decided NOT to compete in Vancouver Natural 😦 For a few reasons like expenses, travel time, finding a hotel to stay at, and the fact that Kaienna will be here that weekend and I don’t want to drag her to two competitions in one month, poor girl. Sooooo I’m just gonna kill Emerald Cup! I might attend Vancouver Natural with some gals so I watch, since I’ve never been to a competition and I want to know how they operate as much as possible!

My progress has been going slooooow and steady. I’ve been working out with more intensity so naturally I’ve been more hungry, that’s been a struggle. I’ve been eating more protein and I feel a lot better, I’ve ditched the weekly batch of protein cookies as well. Sometimes it’s really difficult to gauge my progress unless I take pictures and physically SEE my body change. Otherwise, I get disheartened that none of my bras fit anymore 😦 Boooooo…..

I still want to speed up my weight loss process, so I’ve been researching healthy supplements that aid in speeding up the metabolism and help burn fat. The healthiest and most promising appears to be ‘CLA’ which is ‘Conjugated Linoleic Acid’ which is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat, milk, and diary products. CLA helps reduce body fat and for some users, increases lean body mass which helps your body burn more calories. CLA also helps reduce inflammation and allergy symptoms; it also helps prevent cancer such as skin cancer and breast cancer. The best part is that it doesn’t contain any stimulants that will crack you out, make you jittery, and give you high anxiety.

The Benefits of CLA Supplements by Kay Uzoma with LIVETRONG.COM

Conjugated Linoleic Acid by Mike Hajoway with Bodybuilding.com

I’m looking at Muscle Pharm CLA Core or MRM CLA 1250. Hopefully incorporating CLA into my regimen March 1st will speed up the fat burning process to show all my hard work underneath 🙂

11 weeks out! Let’s get work done! ~


11 Weeks Out – Booty Progress

Booty Progress

Booty, booty, booty, booty, BOOTY! Everyone knows how obsessed I am with growing a nice ass, so here’s some progress shots I took on Sunday.

I’m not where I want to be, but I feel like I’ve been making slow progress! I see the ‘lift’ action going on! This week marks the beginning of my ‘two-a-days’ as you may know. I’m doing 3 ‘two-a-days’ a week for February, running home from work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. For the first two weeks I will be doing 4 miles those days, the last two weeks I will be doing 5-7 miles those days. I really like the results I get from outdoor running! Not only does the outdoor terrain shock my muscles and challenge my body, but it really helps clear my mind as well. I need to buy running gloves, my hands were FROZEN last night! Cardio is really gonna help shed the ‘softness’ around my curves and display that lean muscle I’ve been building underneath. POLAR

My Polar FT4 came in from Amazon.com yesterday! I was so amped to use it this morning! I’ve always wondered the ACCURATE number of calories I burn during my workouts….. it looks like I’ve been underestimating them this whole time, by a couple hundred! No wonder I’ve been eating ‘second breakfast’ everyday! secondbreakfast

This heart rate monitor is also a great awareness tool. Instead of dilly-dallying up the stairs to do my heavy lifting supersets in between sprint intervals, I RUN up the stairs to keep my heart rate up and ultimately *TORCH MORE CALORIES!* I’ve also noticed that lifting really heavy (well, heavy for me, workin’ on packin’ more weight around) keeps my heart rate up as well. Upper body and certain ab movements are on the lower side. Ironic because I read two articles correlating with this topic yesterday! Check ’em out:

Rev Up You Metabolism by Tracey Greenwood with FitnessRx

8 Reasons Women Should Lift by Kellie Davis with Bodybuilding.com

Now I can eat more Quest bars riiiiiiighhht?! Haha, NOPE. I will be giving those up March 1st, which is a bummer since I have 2 more boxes on the way: Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough….. YUMMMM! I’m sort of obsessed with them, you have no idea. They are especially bomb when you heat them up in the microwave for 15 seconds! OOoooey goooooey delicious-ness! I want to try this gem out soon: PEANUTBUTTER

Yummmmm! Magnifico! I have PB2 now so I can actually make the frosting…… *DROOOOOOL*


– ½ Peanut Butter Supreme Quest Bar

– ½ Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar, cut in half (making two ¼ Quest Bar squares)

– 4g sugar free butterscotch pudding mix

– 2 Tbsp PB2 (may also use powdered peanut butter)


1.) Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

2.) Place a silicone cupcake liner in a cupcake pan (You’ll want to do this step so you can mold the Questbars to the cupcake liner)

3.) Place Quest Bars on plate and microwave for 8-10 seconds.

4.) Press one of the Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar squares to bottom of cupcake liner, molding it to fit the entire bottom/sides of cupcake liner.

5.) Place the Peanut Butter supreme Quest Bar on top of the chocolate peanut butter Quest Bar, molding it to fit the middle/sides of the cupcake liner.

6.) Take the last Chocolate Peanut butter Quest Bar square and flatten with your finger to about ¼ inch thick. Place it on top of the peanut butter supreme layer, molding it to fit the top/sides of the cupcake liner.

7.) Place Quest Bar cupcake in oven for 5 minutes.

8.) To make the icing, mix together pudding mix and PB2 with water until desired consistency is reached.

9.) When Quest Bar cupcake is done, top with icing.


243 calories, 25g protein, 11g active carbs, (19g fiber, 2.5g sugar), 9g fat

Sorry my blogs are all over the place! That’s just how my mind works, happy Tuesday 🙂