Bored…. outta… my…. MIND!

*Le siiiiiiigh*

I absolutely DETEST sitting at a desk. I’m itching to move, absolutely bored out of my mind, I have exhausted all of my projects. I have been reduced to staring blankly out the Lower Lobby EBC doors, wishing I could be running home already.

Such a beautiful overcast day, perfect running conditions.

3 1/2 more hours….. you got this, Jess!

I’ve had an ongoing headache for the past week. I thought it was because I ran out of coffee at home, but I think the true underlying reason is due to sitting at a desk. I have been skating by the past month setting all of our meeting spaces. I WAAAAAY rather be moving around setting rooms even if it means dealing with the huge ridiculous, dangerous metal cart we use to store support. Sitting so low (so my midget feet can touch the floor) but raising my arms so high to reach the keyboard puts so much strain on my neck and shoulders. Get me outtaaaaa’ here!

On another note, I had a decent Monday morning. I woke up, got outta bed, and went to the gym! I did 3 ZSHRED workouts that involved jump roping, weights, HIIT, and cardio to shock the muscles and keep my body guessing. 3 ZSHRED’s took me about an hour, so I finished off with 20 minutes on the Spin Bike and 15 minutes on the Stairmaster. My hamstrings and glutes are killing me!

BADDOG2I went home to practice posing and get ready for work, today I work the 10am to 6:30pm shift. My dog was so amped to see me when I got home, naturally I was super amped to see her! I was playing with her when I walked through the door when I got a big whiff of delicious peanut butter. What the eff? Why do you smell like peanut butter?! I noticed the cabinet I keep my peanut butter in was open…. and my jar of peanut butter was laying on the living room floor…. clearly busted open. *SERIOUSLY?!* I really don’t want to punish youuuu, whyyyy?! Not something I look forward to on a Monday morning: punching my dog in the face and a wasted jar of peanut butter.

Poor thing. I punished her and threw her in the bathroom on time-out 😦

I was able to fit in a wee bit of posing though, caught one DECENT video and uploaded it to my YouTube. Really gotta figure out how to make better use of my YouTube account, definitely unorganized. This new video was much better than my first, need to work on smiling and trying to keep my ‘hanging arm’ relaxed during my poses. I added a lot more sass, but kept it classy. Lemme know what you think! Feedback much appreciated!


This weekend I plan on setting up some time with Natalie to help me out with my posing, as well as FINALLY getting my BF%! I’m surprised I haven’t found this out yet! I measured my waist and hips this weekend and was pretty happy with a 2cm decrease in both areas. Yippee, shedding fat, maintaining muscle, and getting stronger! Very, very happy with the leg results. They are definitely toning up and my butt is slooooowly but surely lifting! Whoop whoop for cardio! I’m so glad I actually ENJOY cardio!

COSTCOPOP2I’ve actually been contemplating what my next race should be. I really want to compete in another Half Marathon this Summer. I would LOVE to do Oktoberfest again, mainly for the brews and dank ass pizza, but I want to try a different course. Seriously can’t wait to eat like an endurance athlete again! I’m gonna stock up on Costco muffins and log miles like a maniac! I miss actually NEEDING to stuff my face with carbs, Mac n’ Cheese, pasta, sandwiches, potato chips, and SALT! Costco shopping will be a whole new level of awesome…..

That’s not for a loooooong while though….

In the mean time, I am finding healthy alternatives for sweet treats that I enjoy! Yesterday during meal prep I decided to make Oatmeal Peanut Butter Protein No Bake Cookies. They turned out DELICIOUS! My very own recipe!


Very yummy recipe! Makes 20 small cookies with 120 calories each, 10 grams of carbs, 7 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein, and 6 grams of sugars. Not bad, definitely satisfies the sweet tooth craving!

Anywho, I better go back to being a good employee. 2 1/2 more hours until I’m outta here! Can’t wait to run home and eat some delicious spicy garlic chicken, cinnamon sweet potatoes, and baked brussel sprouts! Yummmm! Seriously though….. YUM. $3.99 for a big bag of brussel sprouts at Costco?! Hell yeah!

MMMmmmk bye! Happy Monday, hope you guys have a super week 🙂


Small Changes…. Slow & Steady

Awwwww, this week has been so amazing and it’s only Wednesday!

I was offered a new position (that I turned down after much thought), I received a raise, I’ve been working out like a BEAST, my pants, rings, and even underwear are fitting much looser, I weighed in half a pound lighter from last week (114.5lbs) AAaaaanndddd…… I threw my suit on to take some pics and I am finally seeing progress.

This is cause for celebration! Today I made my event Emerald Cup ‘Facebook Official’ and invited a couple of my closest homie’s. I have gotten a couple of responses, it feels amazing to have my friends and families support. Now I wish my competition was next week instead of 14 weeks out. Booooo….

I’ve been adjusting to this diet quite well too. I’m going onto the third week. I’m hoping at the end of 30 days it will be habitual. I get really excited about craisins and peanut butter! Not together of course….. I’ve become addicted to cottage cheese, cinnamon, and craisins….. delicious combination! I haven’t created a name for it yet. Sliced honey crisp apples with peanut butter have also become a favorite.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend’s cheat meal! I’m thinkin’ Mexican again…. Azteca really hit the spot last time. No dessert though! I can have one or the other…. not both. Here are my options for cheat meals below, vote for one or suggest your own! I’m curious to see what the general public would choose!

Tonight I am running home, hopefully gonna make it another 6 mile run like Monday night. Tomorrow I’m hittin’ the gym full force, gonna tackle my booty in the squat rack. Actually seeing some slow and steady results in that area! Yippee! I still have so much time left, I can make all the slow progress I want, as long as progress is being made.

Can’t wait to dig into some yummy dinner tonight! Last night I had to have a ‘mid-week’ meal prep since Derek has been eating my food. Come on man! You don’t have to be on a diet, I do! Make your own damn food! Just kidding…. seriously though.

protein cookiesLast night I made more Turkey Muffins since they are soooo addicting! Even Derek likes them and he hates most anything ‘healthy’ I try to make. I baked and mashed sweet potatoes and steamed more broccoli. I am trying to figure out what I want to make this weekend. I have so many oats and peanut butter I might just make Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein cookies with coconut oil and Truvia! MMmmm yummm!

2 more days till the weekend! Big plans! Celebrating my raise and weight loss, not sure how yet. Maybe new work pants and night out with the hubby? I have lost 10lbs since starting at the Executive Briefing Center. My size ‘0’ pants used to be SKIN tight, I could hardly fit into them after they came out of the dryer. Now when I wash and dry them and put them on they sag like sweat pants. They use to be ‘high-waisted’ but now they fall down my hips. I’m not complaining! I just hope I don’t lose my wedding ring, it’s been really lose!

I will need to schedule some posing practice in the very near future. I feel like if there’s anything I will struggle with, it will be posing! Next month I will set something up with Natalie, have her show me some tips and tricks!

Anyways, hope everyone is havin’ an awesome hump day! Don’t forget to vote for a cheat meal!



Thoughts to Chew On – 14 Weeks Out

It’s been a few days since I’ve last written. I’ve been staying on task with training, eating really well and staying on my diet (just a few extra spoonfuls of peanut butter some days), and adding plenty more cardio into my training. I’m seriously loving the outdoor cardio!

I’m relieved next week I will be working my normal 11:00am to 7:30pm shift at work. It’s been so hard getting out of bed in the mornings this past week to work 10:00am to 6:30pm. I would rather wait an hour to leave at the end of my shift after all my work is done, then rush and stress and make it out RIGHT on time. I love buffer time! I’m always about 15 minutes early to work too, it’s my ‘zen time’ to re-collect my thoughts and mentally prepare for the day.

I have been working out after work since it’s so hard waking up in the morning. Friday night I ran home, I even added a couple mile loop into my run so I could complete 5.25 miles in 45 minutes. Felt amazing! My hands were *FREEEEEZING* though! When I got home I did a couple Zuzka videos and murdered my glutes. My glutes were so sore I couldn’t walk like a normal person! It felt really good though to get my plyo’s in after a long run, definitely challenged the muscles.


Blurred out the bra and undies for the hubby! Pretty sure my muscles are well fed

It definitely helped that I had a rough day as well, people’s comments have been fuel for my workouts for the past few days. Let me elaborate:

First of all, everyone knows that I am doing this competition naturally. No fat burners, no caffeine or stimulants, not even pre-workout! I pride myself on my passion for the health and fitness industry. I have so much respect for my body, I won’t mistreat it under any circumstances; not for a trophy, not for first place, not for anything.

I was confiding in a friend, asking for advice on how to lift my booty. In turn, they asked for my diet, so I told them what I was eating. I thought we were swapping tips. They responded by telling me that my diet is great, but I need to be eating more protein. That was all fine and good! YES! Maybe I DO need to be eating more protein. The conversation didn’t stop there though. They proceeded to tell me that THEIR trainer made the comment (based off of IG photos) that my muscles are ‘being eaten away‘ and I have ‘skinny girl abs’……. what? Your trainer is looking at my IG photos and critiquing me, making the very bold statement that my ‘muscles are being eaten away’?

I’m sure they were coming from a good place, but it really irked me that their trainer would make that comment about me. They both know that my husband is my trainer, training people is his profession. I am his wife, and he would NEVER allow me to starve. After those comments, of course I told Derek. I was beginning to doubt him! I was beginning to doubt myself! I would never starve myself, I would never become ‘unhealthy’ to achieve a perfect physique. That’s so contradictory after-all, that’s everything I’m against.

Anyways, the situation became blown out of proportion, I won’t even go into great detail.

Point is, these comments really DID get into my head and started to alter my thinking about myself. I had a momentary lapse of confidence, and that’s my fault for even letting it bother me. I’ve been using that emotion to fuel my workouts for the past few days, and I’m even more motivated now to get my ass in the gym and work 110% time harder. Yes, I want to win, but I want to win naturally, AND as a reward to myself, I want to maintain my competition body year round to the best of my ability. I don’t want to earn a body that is so far off of my natural shape, I won’t let myself do that. Health and fitness is a full-time and year round job.

This upcoming week and the next 14 weeks I’m going to give it my all.

I’m going to wake up every morning, get my ass out of bed, take it to the gym, and train with intensity. I’m not going to stray off my diet and I’m only going to eat as many spoonfuls of peanut butter as I should. My ‘cheat meals’ will no longer include dessert, unless dessert IS my cheat meal. I haven’t been giving it my all, but I know if I do I’ll be competition ready in no time.

So here’s to the next 14 weeks! 

Today I am going to Costco with the fam-bam to refill our very depleted fridge. I’ll be spending the day meal prepping, working out, and working on my base tan. I created a new ‘Lift List’ yesterday! I’m doing to share it with you, don’t make fun of me for half of the songs:

1) ‘Feeling Myself’ by Will-I-Am & Miley Cyrus
2) ‘Put Your Graffiti on Me’ by Kat Graham
3) ‘Fever in Her Eyes’ – AMB Remix
4) ‘Heartkiller’ by Kat Graham
5) ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake
6) ‘Suit & Tie’ by Justin Timberlake
7) ‘Timber’ by Pitbull & Kesha
8) ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ by Drake
9) ‘Rude Boy’ by Rihanna
10) ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke

Please recommend any more songs! I definitely need some more upbeat music, I have listened to my whole music library a thousand times and more!

I hope everyone has an awesome week, stay tuned for progress updates, you can bet I’ll be making more progress over the next few weeks. Until next time……

~Jess ♥


Logging Some Miles

I’ve begun adding a lot more cardio into my training plan than I have been doing in the past. After my half marathon training I just got sick of running without a goal and decided to pick the weights back up to gain some strength back. I was surprised at how WEAK I was! Doing 4 sets, 15 reps of 80lb deadlifts wasn’t as easy anymore! I remember the day I went back to lift…. the next week was PAINFUL, I couldn’t move my legs without being in sheer agony.

Back progress. Thanks Burpees!

Back progress. Thanks Burpees!

Well, now I’m trying to get back into that cardiovascular shape by logging some miles in my mapmyrun app. Yesterday I logged in almost 5 miles of running. Not too shabby, but my runs were broken up. In the morning I ran to the gym, so a little over 1.5 miles. I decided to run home after work too, which ended up being about 3.4 miles. Really easy night time run, not what I expected! I usually DREAD expending any kind of energy after work, but the cool night air felt really good and the rhythm of my feet hitting the ground cleared my mind.

This morning I was supposed to wake up early to run…. but I didn’t. Boooo. You’d think after feeling so euphoric last night that I couldn’t wait to wake up and do it again! I realize I’m more likely to wake up and complete my training when I have absolutely EVERYTHING planned and laid out! Gotta have my outfit picked: Socks, undies, shoes, bra, shirt, and running pants. I even have to have my Bose buds, sitting on my pile of clothes with my house key already off the key chain! To make up for it though I am doing ZWOW #101 and ZWOW #102. I even wrote up a small ‘Booty Burn’ routine I want to try.


Tomorrow I am lifting! Super excited, I am loving the ‘Derek Formula’. Really pushes my limits and conditions me. I AM running home after work tomorrow too. It’s a short easy run and it seems foolish to take the bus when I can make it home sooner than the bus. Easy way to burn a couple hundred calories! I think I might start doing that more often.

Saturday is BOOTY day! I’m going to be experimenting with drop setting dead lifts, really trying to grow my booty. This damn crease just wants to see what the bikini fuss is all about and I want it to leaaaaaaaaave!

Sunday Hilary is helping me out with posing. We’re practicing for about an hour or so at the L.A Fitness in Downtown Bellevue. She’s going to help me with some posing suggestions, teach me how to sass up my routine a little bit, and work on my strut. I will also be adding another ‘Derek Formula’ workout on Sunday since I feel like I’ve been slacking this week. Missed my run this morning and ate maybe one or two more spoonful’s of peanut butter than I should have…..


O well, I can afford a couple more grams of fat and carbs right now. March is gonna be the REAL test. Two-a-days on 1,000 calories for 6-8 weeks?! HAAIIIL NOOOOO! But seriously….. I paid over $500 in NPC Card Registration, Emerald Cup registration, competition suit and shoes, 5lb container of protein (which will run out next month), lifting gloves, and tanning?!?! This bitch is doing it RIGHT.

Blueberry yogurt bites 1 cup Plain Yogurt 1/2 cup of blueberries 1 tablespoon honey 1/2 cup of granola (optional) Could also use coconut instead Mash your berries. Add your Greek yogurt and honey; Mix well. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Spoon equal amounts of mixture onto the cookies sheet and place in Freezer for 20 minutes

Blueberry yogurt bites 1 cup Plain Yogurt 1/2 cup of blueberries 1 tablespoon honey 1/2 cup of granola (optional) Could also use coconut instead Mash your berries. Add your Greek yogurt and honey; Mix well. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Spoon equal amounts of mixture onto the cookies sheet and place in Freezer for 20 minutes

I’m so excited for our Costco shopping excursion! I love meal prep day, so excited to try new recipes! Hope everyone checked out my ‘Healthy Eats’ Pinterest board, there’s some GOOD stuff on there! I want to try the recipe on the right, I have so many frozen blueberries from when we went blueberry picking last summer with Kai. Looks absolutely DELICIOUS! If the honey isn’t sweet enough, you could add a few packets for Truvia, zero calorie sweetner. I have a box of packets in my cupboard but haven’t tried them yet.

Really pumped for this weekend overall! Kaienna is coming, it’s the weekend, Costco shopping, pay day, relaxiiiinnnngggg….. well, relaxing for me means a tough workout without having to schedule around work. This week has been pretty slow at work, but I have been mentally exhausted with questions about my next career move, ‘what ifs?’, and trying to find a way to productively use this over analytic and over active brain of mine. I feel stagnant, un-stimulated for about 8 hours a day. I need challenges, but I also need to make smart choices. *Le siiiiiiigh*

Welp, on that note, I’m gonna stretch my legs! See ya!

~Jess ♥



Progress Photos

Flex Friday!

Progress photos have been posted, I really hit the nail on the head with re-creating my last progress collage.

There are still some problem areas like the soft stuff under my butt and around my thighs. Not a very flattering pose either. Just plain ole’ me, standing there like a cold dead fish.

Today is Day #6 of the cutting phase, and next week marks 15 weeks out! I have a new training schedule so I’m ready to GO. Derek kicks my ass tomorrow and teaches me how to set up a TRX so I can do my own shit at the gym. “Uhhhh, sorry bro, can’t work in with me, this is MY TRX.” We’ll also be measuring my body fat percentage because I’m soooooo curious! He thinks that stuff is dumb, he thinks being TOO meticulous about all of this is dumb. Counting calories, counting macros, taking measurements, the whole thing….. DUMB. I’m also gonna ask him to show me how to do pull ups… cause I’m lame and I don’t know how! I feel like pull ups would be the BEST upper body exercise for me right now while I try to cut back on isolating muscles with lifting.


Hopefully discussing finances this weekend, maybe figure out a mini savings plan to have enough money to compete in Tanji Johnson’s Vancouver competition April 12th. I would definitely like a practice round if I’m paying $120 for the NPC card, or at least attend a competition so I know what they are all about, can feel out the vibe, watch how other girls do their routines, poses, etc. I don’t want to be 100% in the dark on game day!

I’m getting so antsy! Derek keeps saying I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. We’ll see how I feel at the end of next week’s training schedule on a 1,200 calorie diet (that’s right, I cut my calories more to match my macro intake). Much mental preparation is needed this weekend! I’ll basically be doing a mini sprint tri every week on Wednesday’s.

Derek is a HUGE supporter of endurance sports like running, biking, and swimming. Obviously, he does them. He keeps telling me that running will shrink my legs, sprints and hill intervals will lift my butt; biking will build my butt and make my hamstrings *POP*; and swimming will build my butt and create a sexy streamline back…. notice how all of these things are fabulous for my ass! I’M DOWN FOR THAT!

So, today’s progress picture collage is the BEFORE-intense-training-programming-and-dieting-photos.


~Jess ♥




Feels like it’s been forever….

Wow, this weekend seemed looooong. I feel like I haven’t been blogging in ages, when reality it’s been one whole day. With-drawls much?!

I’m super excited, I’ve got all sorts of content I wanna just spill outta my brains to make room for MORE! I’ve begun the ‘cutting phase’ of my training. “Holy shit, comp isn’t until April 25th!” Yeah, I know, I know. I might get a lot of shit from people, especially since I’m already pretty lean. But I want to start NOW, I need to know what my body will respond to. If I end up passing out from lack of nutrients, you can damn well bet I’ll be adding more food into my diet. If I lean out too quick, I’ll adjust my macro plan and gradually add health fats, carbs, and protein in. I’m not going EXTREME either. I just don’t really get the whole concept of ‘bulking’. Stuffing your face hole with more calories than are necessary? I get it, I get it, you wanna build muscle. To be honest, I don’t want to put my body through metabolic shock, so I’m taking it slow, real slow. Gradual cutting, and gradual adding. I respect my body too much to go on crash diets.


I’m not trying to stir anything, everybody is different. I personally pack on muscle really easily. I’ve been a workout fanatic for years now, love lifting and have been doin’ it for a while. I just wanna see what’s underneath all of this! So yes, I’ve begun the cutting phase…. gradually, just to see what it’s all about.

With that being said, I logged into myfitnesspal and played around with calorie and macro plans that I could do on a 1440 – 1600 calorie diet and a specific macro ratio. It APPEARS to be a lot of food! BUT…… if you read closely, you realize there’s a lot of protein powders, and the servings are so small. Kinda nervous over here, fo real.

I plan on eating 6-7 meals a day, I wake up at the ass crack of dawn so there’s more hours I’m awake and burning calories, therefore I need to eat more. I’m not going to break it down too much for you, check out myfitnesspal (Friday, January 3rd) if you’re really curious. Heads up, I discluded fish because of the radiation poisoning in the water…. yep, way to go humans, but that’s a whole other story:

1) Lean Ground Turkey (4 oz) – Can be had wrapped in a whole wheat low carb fiber tortilla, served with brown rice, sweet potato, or quinoa. Asparagus or kale salad for vegetables.
2) Chicken Breast (4 oz) size of your palm – See above
3) French Vanilla Creme Optimum Protein Powder
4) Almonds – Small servings
5) Oatmeal with almond butter – Only after workouts
6) Rice Cakes with cottage cheese or almond butter
7) Chobani Plain Low Fat Yogurt with almonds
8) Smoothies (IN MODERATION, preferably before workouts) with frozen fruit, protein, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and/or almond milk

Minimal salt, minimal dairy, and no dressings. Few weeks before comp, I will cut out all salt and all dairy. It’s gonna be INTENSE! I managed to survive today, so we’ll see how this week goes. I prepared all my meals for this week, so I have absolutely everything I need. I want to weigh in on Friday and see where I’m at. My comp weight goal is 105lbs – 110lbs. Mind you, there will be water pills involved to flush out my water weight which will be a huge weight loss.

Leaning out! The tan helps too, teehee

Leaning out! The tan helps too, teehee

This weekend was full of great workouts and plenty of posing practice! When I got home on Friday I immediately thew on my bikini and heels and strutted around the house with a mirror and my camera phone for an hour! Makin’ some progress, but definitely much more work to be done. I practiced today too and sassed up my walk a lot more, figured out what to do with my hands, and pretty much have the outline of my 60 second individual routine down. I have friends who are gonna help me out too, I’m so glad I know people who have done these before! Definitely encouraging and supportive and totally there to help.

I’ve been tanning this week, so I’ve got a little color goin’ on finally! Gotta build that base for show day. Plus, I HATE being pale, I feel more motivated to workout when I’m tan too, haha, like I’m making progress or something. Nope, you’re just tan.

I really wanna share today’s workout with you guys! It was freakin’ phenomenal! Loved it, was completely out of breathe and my muscles were challenged. Tried some new stuff, fulfilled 50 minutes of cardio while challenging my whole entire body with HIIT.

-10 minute treadmill run warm up

-1 minute high knees jump rope
-10 dynamic burpees
-1 minute high knees jump rope
-20 jump lunges
-1 minute high knees jump rope
-10 jump squats to jump tucks
-1 minute high knees jump rope
-20/20 backward jump lunges
-1 minute high knees jump rope
-30 mountain climbers
-1 minute high knees jump rope
-10/10 pistol squats
-1 minute high knees jump rope
-40 air squats
-1 minute high knees jump rope (I know, it just keeps going!)
-10 push ups with kick through (Gotta check out Zuzka for this)
-1 minute high knees jump rope 
-20 sit ups with butt lifts
-1 minute high knees jump rope….. WHEW! Took me 21:45!

-15 Olympic Barbell Squats (Shoulder Width, Breaking Parallel)
-15 Barbell Dead Lifts
-15 35lb Dumbbell Narrow Stance Goblet Squat pulses (elevated toes, sink into heels)
-15 35lb Dumbbell Pull Throughs x4

-20 minutes stairmaster single leg step ups (20/20, 5 sets)


Whew, yes! Long intense workout, took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. Loved the variety of HIIT and heavy lifting, hit my 45-60 minute cardio goal without even realizing it.

I haven’t quite had the chance to write this weeks workout, but I will post them as the week goes by. Been busy with Kai this weekend, the post Christmas spoilage has made her such a “delight” this weekend…. She’s been swimming in toys and princess… things. Yuck.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed my meal plan items, go try my workout…. I DARE you.

G’nite folks, have a spectacular week, stay fly… XOXO

~Jess ♥

First Bikini Posing Practice Video

Feeling kind of scandalous, but it’s really great to see progress through videos. Today I practiced for an hour right when I got home, had some crappy turns, tried some different poses, but I felt like this video was definitely the best out of at least 6. Feeling comfortable with my flow, really need to work on keeping everything sharp and on point, especially my posture in the first pose after rear view walk. Also, what the heck am I doing with my fingers half the time?!

Next time I’ll use the ipad instead of my phone so I can get the floor as well, I’m curious to see what my footwork looks like during my turns.

Apologies for the crappy quality! Any feedback from people who have competed would be much appreciated, seriously looking for help!

Jess ♥