First Week Back in the Gym!

Hey Guys,

I feel like I’ve been a little M.I.A this week. The workplace was a definite MADHOUSE all week and I’ve been trying to find a healthy balance between working out and coming home, sitting on the couch watching TV, eating endless amounts of food….. Good news, I’ve eaten almost all the sugar out of the house so next week should look much MUCH better as far as my diet is concerned.


1 Week Transformation, post comp shape is deflating!

I’ve been eating really well at work this week, even though I haven’t gotten into the groove of hitting my macros accurately. I had delicious sweet BBQ Chicken or Steak salad for me at lunch. One day I had an apple and split a Theo chocolate bar with Lazaro. The chocolate craving has been STRONG this week…. yesterday morning explained all of that though. I’m going to be very blunt here….. for 5 months of my training my period completely stopped, so having it back is an utter relief!


New workout buddy, Katniss!

The gym has been pretty great this week too! I have a new workout partner who I’m trying to catch up to speed. She’s keeping up really REALLY well, I’m actually very impressed. Her name is Kat and we work together, we were friends long before she got a job with me at Microsoft. This week we started the 4 week Erin Stern training program. Successfully completed the first week with a couple workouts left for this weekend.

I really enjoy the structure of the training plan, but to be honest I’ve been modifying exercises to increase resistance/difficulty or increasing reps, adding drop sets, etc. I haven’t been wearing my Polar watch this week so I haven’t been able to calculate my calorie expenditure. Next week I will start wearing it again to see how hard I’m working and determine if I should re-write some workouts, workout longer, etc. It felt really great to be back! I’ve been so embarrassed to talk to anyone because of my weight gain. I keep thinking to myself, “They are gonna be so disappointed in me. They saw me a week ago and I looked so cut, and NOW I look soft everywhere.”

You know what though? I truly enjoy sporting a softer figure. Of course I have goals and areas of improvement, but I’m so happy to be back on track to living a normal life and finding a healthy balance. I can indulge when I want, I have choices, I have freedom. Some times I still can’t believe I can say ‘Yes’ to anything I want to eat. Haha, I think I’ve gone a little overboard with saying ‘Yes’ these past few weeks, but I’m working on self control and moderation. With that being said, if you have a myfitnesspal account, you should DEFINITELY add me and hold me accountable! You’ll notice I’ve been extremely inconsistent, too embarrassed to admit to the internet world I’ve eaten 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this week…. YIKES! Next week marks a fresh start, and don’t worry, I won’t be saying ‘Next week….’ at the end of next week 😉

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 11.20.18 AM



I can’t wait to get back into full swing. I definitely felt MUCH stronger this week, I put those extra calories from last week to good use. I was happy with my squatting weight. Even though I was able to increase my weight, I’m still too embarrassed to tell you how much 🙂 I have a couple goals I want to share with you guys so you can hold me accountable!

1) Complete the 4 Week Erin Stern Training Program – I will be using my body space as a guide for this training plan, however, body space isn’t very ‘user friendly’ so I won’t be tracking my workouts on their site. I will try to share my workouts as often as possible throughout the week! Please, please, please hold me accountable as much as possible, my readers truly motivate me to work harder every day! Without my readers, follower, and supporters I feel I wouldn’t have done half as well as I did during my competition training. You guys have been the best 🙂


The lil’ black dress EVERY girl needs, I plan on rockin’ this one for my birthday

2) Lose Weight by my BirthdayREAD THE REST! I really hate the way that goal is worded. I don’t believe in losing weight, I believe in burning fat, building muscle, and changing body composition. I also really don’t enjoy setting specific dead lines for such goals, especially when the deadline is CRAZY soon…. but my birthday is in 4 weeks, and I would like to shed some post comp fluff, show off the muscle that I KNOW is hiding underneath so I can rock a cute black cocktail dress, look good, and go dancing with friends 🙂

3) CONSISTENTLY HIT MY MACROS! – I felt and looked my best when I was following IIFYM early in my competition prep. I was hitting my numbers consistently, allowing myself more calories overall, building muscle AND leaning out like crazy! I became miserable when I thought I needed to completely eliminate Quest Bars and nut butters, the 2 things that honestly kept me sane during the early stages of my prep. I didn’t understand why I needed to eliminate certain foods if I was accurately hitting my macros. This time I’m gonna train and eat how I want. IIFYM is so flexible, there’s no reason to binge or be miserable if you’re following this meal plan.

4) Begin running outdoors this Summer – The sun is beginning to come out more often than not, so I need to take advantage of the good weather and get back out there hitting the ground running. Is it sad that running up 5 flights of stairs at work leaves me completely winded? I feel like my cardiovascular capacity has decreased considerably. I’m my happiest outdoors running, I need to get back on it! Mapmyrun app and I are gonna be best fran’s again 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 12.23.33 PM

So excited, the trail looks amazing!

5) Register for Summer Blast Half Marathon at Redmond Watershed (Saturday, August 23rd, 2014) – YIPPEE! Local half marathon that only costs $41 if I register before July 25th! I marked the event on my calendar and it appears that weekend is clear, and if I begin training at the beginning of June after my 4 Week Trainer program is finished, I will have a sufficient 12 week training time period. Way too perfect….. destiny is telling me I need to register. Hello carbs! Hello bagels, cream cheese, and pastaaaaa!

6) Continue my Zuzka workout videos – I stopped doing my Zuzka workout videos as often during competition prep, but I miss them so much! I felt like her videos challenged not only my lean tissue development, but my cardiovascular strength as well. Her videos are so fun, quick, effective, and can be done at home if I’m truly too lazy to take the bus into Bellevue and drag my ass into the gym. I love how lean my legs get from all the burpees, jump squats, and every form of lunge she makes me do. Her exercises target EVERY muscle of the body. Even my arms and back get lean! Not to mention her abs are killer and she sure knows how to set mine on fire.

Whewwww! Those are my goals thus far! Quite a few of them, but a really great start 🙂 So excited for this summer….. it’s gonna be phenomenal!


Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

This is what my 6 months of hard work, dedication, will power, hours of gym time, and self disciplined dieting looks like! I’m so happy with overall progress and the results I’ve seen thus far. I still have 4 days to tighten my package, tan, wax, and get all pretty before I step on stage!

Wish me luck! XOXO


Update – Posing Practice Video

Hey Guys!

Here’s my most recent posing practice video. 12 days out! So nervous, exhilarated, and ready 🙂 My goal is to practice posing EVERY DAY at least 30 minutes a day until my walk, poses, turns, and transitions are second nature. Working on adding that sass 😉

Let me know what you guys think! Advice, pointers, and feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


Update – 23 Days Out

Update - 23 Days Outposing2


Damn, I have been M.I.A! This new schedule has me strapped on ‘blog time’! My new opening shift is SUPER busy, so I hardly have time to even check my personal email. On the plus side, time flies and I can plan my training after work down to the ‘T’.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my training. I feel like I’ve found the perfect balance! Gym, tan, pose, meal prep….. gym, tan, pose, meal prep… SLEEP! REPEAT! 23 more days, getting tight and lean.

No two-a-days, not enough hours in the day or energy pumping through my body for that. I’ve accepted it. I feel like I train so hard that I won’t need the extra calorie expenditure, especially since my diet has been on point with a few minor hiccups here or there. Instead of taking days off completely, I bought a Groupon for Get Zen Hot Yoga, a studio a 20 minute walk from my house. Last Sunday I went to the Restore class, very relaxing but the room wasn’t as hot as I expected. This weekend I plan on going to the Power class, I want to get my heart rate up and SWEAT!

Last weekend I had posing practice with one of Derek’s friend’s from NPTI school, her name is Nneka. She’s a member of the ‘Save Fitness’ team with Tanji Johnson and helped me out SOOOO much! She made posing look like a BREEZE! All I need to do is practice, practice, practice, but I feel so much more confident, she taught me how to transition into my poses smoothly. I’m so grateful for her help! I was so worried about my posing! She also gave me all the details on how I should deplete my water, I feel so prepared!


I bought my hair clip for the show! I found an amazing plumeria hair piece on Etsy! A woman from Maui makes them herself and bedazzles them in Swarovski Crystals, she shipped it at the beginning of this week, I should be getting it tomorrow! EEeeeeek, so freakin’ excited! Check out her Etsy Shop: Mauiblingbydeneen. She also has a Facebook page with more photos of her products. Just message her, she’ll send you photos of her current pieces and post them on Etsy for you to provide your payment and shipping information: Maui Bling by Deneen, LLC. I also picked out my nail polish, I will be doing my own make up and nails. I am debating having my hair done by my hair stylist from the salon I used to work at a lil’ over a year ago. She still cuts and colors my hair. I’m hoping she can straighten my hair to look super sleek, but also give it volume since I will be waiting all day to go on stage. I JUST Facebook messaged her! We’ll see how much she charges, how she suggests styling, and if she even has any appointments available that day! I also need to schedule my spray tan appointment for the day before! That is my goal this week!

I bought my half gallon jug for my depletion phase, my ‘Xpel’ water retention pills, and some treats for my ‘Rewards Box’! So far my ‘Rewards Box’ is full of Girl Scout cookies; Samoas, Savannah Smiles, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints; Peanut Butter Snickers, Mr. Good Bar, jelly beans, Cadbury Eggs, limited edition Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts, Caramel Almond Maranatha Spread (of course), Quest Bars, Cheddar and Caramel Popcorn from Costco, and I have Coconutter Spread from Sweet Spreads coming in the mail! ‘Maple Pancakes’ and ‘White Chocolate’ flavors…. YUMMM! Can’t wait to try them, bake with them, and make delicious recipes to share. That’s my next project: creating a Recipe book! I have SOOOO many ideas, I miss exciting food!

rewards box2

My goal is to completely cover the bottom of the box! There are 6 boxes of Girl Scouts hiding in the upper left hand corner as well as Cheddar and Caramel Corn!

This weekend I have my second photo shoot with Amir! Finally getting my Belle_Vue Design Photos done. I feel like I am lean enough to do the suit justice! However, now it’s a lil too big in the booty, so I’ll have to pin it in a couple places to fit just right. I’m kinda nervous to be half naked in front of my friend and co-worker, but Derek will be there and it should be quick and painless, just a couple poses that I would be doing for the show. I’m excited to see what I look like from behind the camera!

Next weekend is the Tanji Johnson Vancouver Natural show! Ashley Luther (a gal I met via IG) and I will be carpooling together for the evening Finals show that starts at 6pm. I can’t wait to experience my first show, see all the competitors, enjoy all the booths, and FINALLY PHYSICALLY MEET SOMEONE who will be competing in Emerald Cup with me! The only two people I have met that are competing in Emerald Cup are Natalie and Nneka, it will be nice to connect with another who shares my passion! Ashley is super cool, we’ve been in contact since Christmas 🙂

3 1/2 weeks out! 23 days! Big goals to achieve from now until April 26th, and more goals to set afterwards. So excited at the endless possibilities….. Stay tuned! Big accomplishments and updates ahead!


Photo Update

Photo Update

Apologies for the very delayed photo progress update! These pics were taken this Wednesday, March 26th. Feeling like I’ve made pretty good progress, still plenty of slimming up to do in the leg area, work on popping that booty MORE (even though it’s already painful).

This weekend I have posing practice at L.A Fitness. I am going to work on this pose for the competition. I really like the way it accentuates the ‘shelf’, slims the waist, and elongates a shorter frame.


Also, if anyone is interested in discounted supplements, beauty products, Quest Bars, protein etc. go to and use my code: DWV946 for $10 off your first order. Made Quest bars affordable PLUS free shipping. Sweet. I’m so close to making a free order!

I’ll keep you updated on how my posing practice went!

Happy Friday, have a great weekend 🙂


3 Week Progress Photos


Left photo February 22nd; Right photo today March 14th.

Not TOO much different. My goals are to slim down and bring out those obliques to stay, and lose some muscle mass in my legs to create a softer look.

Next week will be my one month March progress photo, so hoping to see more changes! I’ll include a back side shot as well. This week was the beginning of my restricted diet, cutting calories and watching my macros more closely.

Stay tuned!