FitBliss Fitness Check-In

So far the first week on my program with FitBliss Fitness has been great! I notice a huge difference in my body and overall well being. Last week I made a jump start by watching my eating habits and fitting in at least 3 workouts, so my body was prepared for the program. Lynndsey has been extremely accommodating of my busy schedule and has written me 3 workouts that can be completed at home and 2 workouts to complete at the gym on weekends when I can go in the morning. If I’m already hooked and thrilled on week one, I can only imagine how satisfied I will feel near the end of the program and for the rest of my life.

I have always been extremely prideful of my ‘athletic ability’ in the sense that I stay motivated, write my own workouts, count my own macros, and see results…. health has been a passion of mine since I met my ex husband and he opened the door to the wizarding fitness world for me.

But he’s my ex husband, freshly ex husband, and as I’ve stated many times before, after the divorce I became extremely unmotivated. I dove into a deep depression that crippled me, I fell out of the routine that kept me sane and brought me happiness, I mistreated my body with drugs, alcohol, and little nutrition, and I stopped loving myself. But I’m ready to move on with my life, pick up the things that made me happy, and learn something new about myself along the way. I had to swallow my pride when I made the choice to work with a coach, but I need the guidance and accountability, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

The best part is this program fits my life style. I don’t have to sacrifice anything, maybe a little time to train, but that’s balance. I can still eat the foods I love, go out on the town with friends, have the occasional drink or two, take Ruky for a run as my cardio day, workout from home and still get a few gym sessions in on early weekend mornings when no one is at the gym.

I’m already down 5lbs from when I filled out my FitBliss IMG_3429Fitness application! I’m discovering what works for me, where I’m strong, where I’m weak, what foods I can fit into my macros, what makes me feel good, and what doesn’t make me feel good. Last night I hoarded my macros so I could kill a whole Amy’s Pizza for dinner! I didn’t even have to starve all day! THAT is true happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Finally finding a healthy routine, balance, and physical and mental well being. I’m happy. I’m actually happy and I haven’t been able to say that with 100% honesty in a long time. I’m letting go of the things in my life that have been toxic for my soul, mind, and body.

Here’s to creating healthy habits for a life time!




9 Tips for Living a Balanced Fit Life

I was inspired earlier today to share my secrets of how to maintain a well balanced successful fit life. No, I’m not gonna be sharing tips like: drink more green tea to speed up your metabolism, super set your exercises, get a firm booty by squatting ‘x’ amount of weight blah, blah, blah. No. I’m gonna give you the very basics that people often seem to forget about, but with these 9 tips, you will be on your way to a creating a healthy lifestyle plan.

1) Set realistic goals – I can’t stress this enough! People tend to aim high, which is great, but setting extremely high goals can also be a detriment to your success, especially if you are beginning. Start small and build so you are constantly challenged. Setting attainable goals and achieving them creates the desire to continue. Setting goals that are too high and seem barely out of arms reach can make one feel disheartened and can cause one to quit before they even start. During school, I’m extremely happy if I make it to the gym 4 times a week!

goals22) Add variety – People can pick their favorite activities, but the key to a healthy well balanced exercise and nutrition plan is variety. You can add running, weight training, yoga, HIIT, and plyo workouts. Pick up a new spin class, take a dip in the pool and do laps, check out Groupon for fitness class deals. There is so much out there to be discovered! Not only will this keep your body guessing and toned, it will give you mental relief so you don’t burn yourself out on one thing. This can be applied to nutrition as well.

3) Incorporate regimen and structure – Create a plan for yourself and stick with it. I personally like to plan the following:

  • One outdoor running day, 5-8 miles
  • One or more lifting days, I like to hit the squat rack and focus on legs
  • Two at home plyometric HIIT days, great full body workouts

goal-without-plan-just-wish-sm4) Have patience – Results aren’t immediate. Progress doesn’t come without 100% maximum effort and dedication. Be patient with yourself, don’t become discouraged, and remind yourself WHY you are making the decision to change your lifestyle to a more wholesome one. Take photos as a way to track your progress so you can see the changes your body is making. Progress photos helped me so much during my competition! Even though I had lost 15lbs, it was hard to see by just looking in the mirror.

5) Reward yourself – When you make progress and reach your goals, REWARD YOURSELF! You stuck with it, you worked hard, you did everything right and it’s showing in how you look and feel. Pamper yourself! Don’t reward yourself with a “cheat meal” because you worked too damn hard for that. Go get a massage, buy that new Lululemon jacket you wanted, get a new workout top or pants, get manicure and/or pedicure, or if you’re really daring get a Brazilian wax! Feeling sexy yet?

z6) Know when to say “No” – This can be applied to exercise and nutrition. Listen to your body. If you are over training, feeling stress on your body, and are sick or exhausted, YOU CAN SAY NO! If you have a really important family event and absolutely CAN’T fit in your workout, it’s okay, skip your workout because family comes first. On the other hand, if there is leftover food from a meeting at work, you don’t need it! SAY NO! Someone brought donuts in? No thanks, you don’t need those empty calories that manage to stick to our hips, thighs, and butts. Choose your food wisely!

7) Do NOT depend on the scale – The scale only shows a number. It doesn’t measure your muscle mass over your fat mass, or take into account your waist size or jeans size. The scale is rubbish, pay no attention to it. Right now I weight 5lbs more than I did last year, but I’m also composed of a lot more muscle. It ain’t no thang. It doesn’t bother me. I’m happy, I eat, I train, and I sleep. It’s a good life, don’t let a stupid number ruin that.

funny8) Love your body at all stages – You might be working towards a goal, but never hate your body, never let that be your motivation. Love your body! That’s why we train and fuel it properly, because we love it and want to treat it right no matter what it looks like or what it can do. Do not let insecurity motivate you. You are strong and you are able to achieve anything you want, love your body and it will take you there.

9) “Live a Little” – The last key component is learning to “live a little.” This can be the hardest part for some people. I struggled with this last piece of advice for nearly the entire year. The first 6 months of the year I was training rigorously for Emerald Cup. I ate 1,200 calories a day, counted my macros, tracked my calories burned, and made it to the gym 6 days a week. After the show I struggled to find a proper balance, a way to be happy with the new body I was so uncomfortable in. The post show weight gain made me insecure and I still struggled to find balance in my life. I kept trying to track my macros without the same success, kept trying to stick with my old training plan. Finally I said, “Screw it.” I stopped counting macros, started running and working out at home, making it to the gym when I could, eating whatever I damn pleased with discretion, and became a whole lot happier spending time with family. Balance is key, and you can’t have it without living a little.


I promise if you begin incorporating these 9 tips today and stick with it, you’ll be a much happier and healthier person. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics 🙂


Summer Farewell


This weekend at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

Summer is nearing it’s end and Fall will be upon us in a few short weeks. Is it just me or did time fly by insanely quick? I hope everybody had a great Summer and did everything on their Bucket List. To farewell Summer, Derek and I went on a motorcycle ride to Mukilteo Beach to enjoy some brews at the Diamond Knot Brewery. Lucky for us, they were having the Lighthouse Festival as well! We got some early Christmas shopping done at the local vendor booths and sat on the docks enjoying the view. It was a very relaxing weekend, much needed for both of us.

In the next 2 weeks I’ll be going to school for the first time in 5 years! It’s pretty nerve wrecking, but I’m anxious to start making changes in my life and to aim my focus in new areas.

I don’t know if I ever blogged about it, but about 3-4 weeks ago I came across a bump in my Financial Aid. In 2008 I had a withdraw from Winter quarter at Bellevue College that was voiding my Financial Aid for this upcoming Fall. After much coordination with Derek’s friend in Financial Aid, Ernesto (bless his soul!); I was instructed to send in an Appeal with my explanation of what happened during that time. That was the year I ran away from home and experienced a lot of issues with my adoptive family, so I attested to that and had 5 witness letters written by friends and family. I’m truly blessed to have such good friends and family! Within 24 hours of me asking them each for the favor to write a witness letter, I had received them all and sent them in!


Financial Aid was approved! Hell yeah!

MY AID WAS APPROVED! So much stress has been lifted off my chest, none of it would have been possible without the help of Derek’s friend Ernesto.

I’m enrolled in English 101, Nutrition 100, and DON’T LAUGH…. Math 097. Yesterday morning I bought my books, holy hell those are a whole other expense! Thankfully I’ve been working 52 hour work weeks to earn overtime pay to make up for the wedding expenditures this Summer and help pay for books. I can’t wait to be on a normal schedule though! The money is nice and my mental health is actually doing pretty well, but I want to have more time in my day to where I’m not just working 6:00am to 6:30pm and vegging out on the couch until bedtime.

I have been staying on top of my workouts! I’ve been running 5-7 miles home on my 12 hour shifts days, and doing plenty of Zuzka videos on my normal 8 hour shift days or weekends. I honestly haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks. I’m excited to go back though to work on my booty, I’m gonna diiiiie in the squat rack!

My diet hasn’t been on point but whatever. Those freakin’ mini muffins Catering leaves in the break room are too damn delicious! I do feel better when I eat better, so I’ve been making small changes. I’ve been introduced to the Pink Lady apple, so that’s my new favorite snack. Now to make apple pie with it…. yummmm!

Lately I’ve also been on an eBay kick as you might haven noticed from my latest post. I’ve been selling a lot of my old Lululemon gear, along with a couple other items. Kind of addicting! I’ve also been scoring some pretty sweet deals. I bought a Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay for $15! YES, it’s 100% authentic. I used a $25 gift card from Influenster and only paid $15 out of pocket. I’m sure you all care about my eBay finds (sarcasm) but I had to tell someone about my lucky find! eBay has been earning me a little bit of extra cash, I like it! I’ve been Goodwill shopping and flipping my purchases.

I’ve also been writing plenty reviews. Influenster has been gracious enough to choose me for a lot of their VoxBox programs and campaigns. I should be getting my VSX Sports Bra in the mail any day along with a pair of VS workout pants! I should also be getting my Allure Sample Society box for September by the end of the week. Apparently, Ipsy has decided to reinstate my cancelled membership without my permission and have me join again, so I should be getting a Glam Bag at the end of the week as well. I’ll give them another shot…. even though they shouldn’t be reinstating my membership without my permission. If I don’t get my Glam Bag at the end of next week, I’ll give them hell.

Anyways, sorry for being a shitty blogger lately! I’ve been extremely busy and about to get busier. Hope everyone has a great week! Stay tuned, I might do something unusual and post a workout…. **GASP!**



Post Competition Goals

Post Competition Goals

It’s Sunday! Last day to relax and prepare for the crazy week ahead. Putting off my workout…. snuggling with my cutie 🙂 My stomach doesn’t feel so great, too much coffee and not enough food perhaps. Ughhhh, feeling ill. So naturally I’m posted on the couch surfing the net, reading inspiring blogs by fellow competitors, and attempting to write my own. I figured I might as well write about the topic that has been on my mind for the past few weeks: post competition goals.

It’s no lie that a lot of priorities that were once front and foremost in my life have fallen to the wayside since training for this competition. My every day has been consumed with training, writing my workouts, prepping my food, calculating my macros into myfitnesspal, loads upon loads of laundry, tanning, posing, researching, buying extensive amounts of shit like my suit, heels, protein powder, supplements, NPC card, registration, tanning, accessories, etc. I’m excited to just BE and enjoy myself, my friends, family, and time.

Here is a condensed list of all my post competition goals:

1) Spend more time with my family – This is obviously numero uno. Countless weekends I have had to decline invitations and had to skip out on spending time with family so I could fit that workout in, burn those extra calories, or meet up with someone for posing practice. This competition has definitely consumed my waking thoughts and every ounce of energy and time that I have. Although my dedication can be viewed as admirable, I view it as an obsession at this point, one that is making me tired. I have learned a lot through this process, including how I should rearrange my priorities.

2) Spend more time with friends – This definitely falls under number one. Same idea. I have put them on the back burner, and it’s really not cool. In fact, some days I feel like I have no friends, people have invited me to go out numerous occasions and I have denied every opportunity, now people don’t even extend the invitation. I might even need to find new friends, it’s been so long since I’ve just ‘hung out’ with someone. I can’t wait to do this again! Go out dancing, see the movies, plan a girls night, happy hour, cooking FOOD, EATING FOOD!

3) Working out how I want to work out – Every workout I plan now has a specific goal. Make that larger, make this smaller, trim that in, shave that down, blah blah blah. I want to workout just to have fun, feel good, and try something new and exciting! Some of my goals include:

-Getting my ass back, possibly making it larger and higher. It kind of deflated through this process, I’m super bummed about it 😦

-Pick up swimming. I feel freakin fantastic when I get out of the pool! I love it! I hate getting IN the pool, but I know I’m gonna feel super
awesome later. I wouldn’t mind working on technique and speed, possibly mastering a flip turn (?)

-Lift some SERIOUS weight. I like lifting, I like feeling and BEING strong. I feel like such a pussy trying to squat in the squat rack on minimal
calories, I feel weak.

-IIFYM! Hell yeah, the perfect way to diet and properly fuel your body for intense activity while remaining shredded! Bring it on!

-Do another half marathon. I felt amazing last year training for my half marathon. I had so much fun running, felt energized, loved the mental
and physical benefits, and I could eat whatever I wanted! In fact, it was encouraged to carb load! I was eating bagels and muffins when I would
normally NEVER eat those prior to marathon training!

-I want a workout buddy. I have ALWAYS wanted a workout buddy, but I haven’t been able to have during training because a) No one wants to
workout for whatever reason b) Even if someone did wanna workout with me, the honest truth is: they would slow me down.

4) Spend more time with my dog – I don’t walk her nearly as often as I would like to, and I would love to take her to the dog park more often, especially with the sun coming out! Look at her, she’s so darn cute! I love my lil’ shiba and she deserves more quality time with her mama.

5) Enjoy my summer! – I FINALLY have my dream schedule at work: 6:00am to 2:30pm. Some people claim that’s too early, but I’m a morning person so it works PERFECT for me! I’ll be off at 2:30pm when the sun is blazin’, I’ll be working on my tan by the pool…. THAT’S RIGHT! The pool will be open and I’m right across the street from it! Too perfect, SO STOKED!

6) Become certified, teach TRX classes – Derek’s partner extended the offer of paying for my certification so I can begin teaching TRX classes at their fitness studio. We begin after my competition! They are hoping to bring in the female demographic and I am more than willing to gain experience and help out. The studio is a 10 minute walk from my work too!

7) GET A NEW GYM DAMN IT! – This needs to happen. I am SO over L.A Fitness! I’ve been saying it since I started this blog. I want to become a member of Iron Works right up the road from my house. Endless plyo equipment, countless TRX straps, so much space, so many possibilities! They also have tanning, so I would be able to cancel my Seattle Sun Tan and kill two birds with one stone.

8) Create a recipe ebook – I have developed a new liking for cooking and baking during this competition prep. I have created some pretty delicious food that is prep approved, and have a zillion ideas for healthy food that is unfortunately NOT prep approved. I want to create an ebook with all my recipes, take pictures, and provide nutritional information. I’m so excited to start using variety in my cooking, put my crockpot to good use, and feed my husband!

I’m sure there are plenty more I have forgotten to mention, but these are the main ones that keep playing on repeat in my head. I’m super pumped for this competition, I’m excited to get up on that stage, show off my hard work, meet people who share my passion, meet people I have been speaking with via social media, hopefully place well, and enjoy a hard earned meal. I have learned so much in 3 1/2 months, but I deserve the time off to relax and reflect. It’s been a looooong journey, and I’m finally in the ‘teen’ days! This is it! It’s almost over! Time to show them what I got 🙂 Huge thanks to my followers and the people who have supported me the whole way through ❤





2 More Weeks…..

2 more weeks of cheat meals, peanut butter, and Quest bars that is! Ughhhh…. I’m dreading it! Sacrifices! I didn’t even get a chance to try to the new ‘Cookies & Cream’ bar by Quest…. waaahhhh! 2 more weeks, maybe I can snag one before then!cookies n cream

I’ve been naughty and haven’t been fulfilling my ‘two-a-day’ goals the past few weeks. Of course Seattle decides to pour rain and snow when I start my new training plan. Last week I only completed one ‘two-a-day’ and this week I will only be completing two ‘two-a-days’. A little disappointed in myself….. In my defense, it’s been crazy with vacation and interviews!

At this point I’m more worried about my posing than I am about my workouts and dieting! I still haven’t set up a practice with a friend, I need, need, NEED to do that ASAP! Hopefully this weekend…. I need to start emailing, Facebooking, and texting friends! EEEEEK!

I also moved my photo shoot to March 1st instead of next weekend. I’m feeling a little bit ‘fluffy’ from the 2 Year Anniversary celebrations, on top of Mother Nature knocking this week. Definitely NOT feeling toned, tight, and camera ready. I need to time look perfect in the new bikini I will be receiving from ‘BellevueDesign’! I’m so excited, Morgan Dickson did a fabulous job and I can’t WAIT to see the purple beauty with bling-bling in the mail! Check out her Etsy! She has multiple colors: Platinum, Ruby Red, Amethyst Purple, and Royal Blue! Great prices and cute connector options. Check out her IG account as well, she recently did a free bikini raffle, keep an eye out for more!

etsy21 I adjusted my macro ratio to allow me more nutrients for the heavy workouts that are about to ensue. Today I will be working out AFTER work (ewwwww, which I hate doing). I have to start getting used to working out after work since either A) I will be moving to the morning shift 6:00am to 2:30pm or B) I will be receiving a promotion (fingers crossed!) that will have me working 9:30am to 6:00pm. Either way, my workout schedule will be adjusted, so I need to grow a pair and learn to suck it up! Plus, March I have to be strict with ‘two-a-days’ anyhow, so it doesn’t matter what my schedule is!

Tonight I plan on doing some cardio on the spin bike, about 30-45 minutes. Really trying to stay within a 500 calorie deficit! I might add some plyo and ab training circuits depending on how much time I have left! Tomorrow I plan on doing my Endurance Day- Running, Biking, Swimming with a couple Zuzka videos in the evening, and Friday I plan on a plyo workout in the morning, and cardio after work. Trying to create a tight lean body by February 22nd so I can take my progress shots.

Happy hump day err’body! We’re almost there! The weekend shall be upon us in no time!


2014, Right around the corner!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, happy Sunday evening!

Lululemon Shirt I scored for $16!

Lululemon Shirt I scored for $16!

I’m feeling refreshed, itching for the new year to begin! My wonderful husband took me shopping for workouts clothes this weekend. I scored some awesome Zella leggings, a white Zella jacket, a Lululemon tank top, and a Lululemon long sleeve shirt. O! I also got a really cute Free People black lacey dress, super excited to wear it out New Years Eve.

I love my Magic Bullet! I’ve been making really great smoothies with it. I have a couple of recipes saved away that I want to try in the future. I can’t wait until my French Vanilla Creme Optimum Whey Protein arrives on my door step. I FINALLY ordered some whey protein off of I have been putting it off WAAAAAY too long. I have been REALLY hungry at work for the past few weeks without it. It’s so convenient to just bring a sandwich bag with a scoop or 2 and my shaker to work. Microsoft keeps drink coolers with cartons of milk that measure out to the PERFECT amount for one scoop of whey! I’m a nerd, the things that I find amusing….

Zella leggings I scored for $12! Whaaaat?!

Zella leggings I scored for $12! Whaaaat?!

Anyways, my smoothie today consisted of the following:

1) 1 cup frozen fruit: Banana, strawberry, blueberry mix
2) 4 tablespoons of Hemp Protein / Fiber
3) 1 tablespoon almond butter
4)  Splash of fat-free milk

It was pretty good! Really thick at first since I didn’t defrost the fruit, the almond butter was pretty thick, and there was a lot of hemp protein powder. Really delicious, I love making my own smoothies.

Alright, as for workouts this week, my schedule is kind of all over the place. This week I work until 5pm everyday since it’s been pretty slow the past few weeks with the Holiday Season.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I come in at 7:30am, Wednesday I have off, and Thursday and Friday I come in at 8:30am. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be doing at home workouts: Zuzka videos and resistance band training. I can’t promise a workout on Wednesday, considering it’s ‘National Hang-Over Day’. Give me a tough time if you like, but I am ringing in the New Year with a bang, considering the next several months I will have to kiss my wine bottles goodbye until May. Thursday is looking pretty ‘warm’ out with very little to no rain at all, so I want to shoot for an outdoor run for an hour. Friday will be the gym before work, Saturday and Sunday will be up for grabs! The weekend weather looks like it will be nice, even some sun, so I might just take advantage of that both days.

I will have my final workout schedule for the week written by tomorrow! I usually like writing everything out on Sunday night, but I need to go take my pup on a walk and get to bed early so I break my ‘no-work-out-on-Monday’ streak and do my Zuzka videos! I will be doing ZWOW #93, ZWOW #99, and Power Yoga #7. You should definitely try out her videos, I’m telling ya’! If I could be a sales rep for her DVD’s, I would be making her and ME millions! Seriously…

Anywho, g’nite guys! Have an awesome week, party hard on New Years, I want to hear ALLLLL about it! XOXO……


New Year Fitness Goals

Hey err’body! Welcome back from the Holiday Madness! I hope everyone enjoyed some quality time spent with family, relaxing, reflecting on a great year and all the things we have to be thankful for. I had a great time with Derek’s family, let loose, enjoyed myself with great company and great food. I even fit in an hour of cardio Christmas morning doing hill intervals in Derek’s parents neighborhood! Felt AWESOME.

I was extremely spoiled this year! I got everything on my Christmas List! I got the White Mountain black riding boots I asked for, Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’ perfume, ‘Oribe’ Dry Texturizing Hair Spray, Magic Bullet, and my husband spoiled me with a Scavenger Hunt to find $150 cash! I also got wine glasses, an AMAZING cheetah print blanket from Pier One Imports, a wooden storage shelf for my bathroom counter, earrings & necklace, cute sweaters, and a melting scented wax pot. I’m sure there are other things I forgot to list, but the point is….. I was spoiled and I sure didn’t deserve it! Feeling blessed, seriously. MAGICBULLET

I had the past 6 days off! Last Friday I did not go to work due to inclement weather, I enjoyed the weekend preparing for Christmas, Monday was a vacation day for me, and Tuesday & Wednesday were Christmas Eve and Christmas (paid holidays). I am REFRESHED! Mentally I have been in a really rough place for the past few weeks with work eating me alive and feeling like a failure with my fitness goals. I have had plenty of time to take a step back and re-evaluate my goals in the work place, my personal life, and my mental/physical health. I seriously needed the time to re-coop and count my blessings. I have had an extremely fortunate year, despite the obstacles and challenges. I am READY to tackle 2014!

Now, I REALLY hate creating New Years Resolutions. I like to think that I am always setting goals for myself on a day to day basis, always trying to improve, always trying to better myself. So, I am creating a start-up list of goals that I have and I am NOT labeling it a New Years Resolution.

1) DIET! I am TERRIBLE at diets, fo’ real. Absolutely awful. This will definitely be my toughest goal yet. I have a tendency to convince myself that I am doing so awesome in the gym and I really deserve a cheat meal…. cheat DAY…. OOoooppsss…. cheat week. Wait, how many consecutive days did I miss the gym?! How much did I eat?! S***….. Yep, that’s me. I like to think that I eat healthy overall, I like keeping my kitchen stocked with healthy eats, I don’t venture too far off my staples for lunch and dinner either. It’s all the ‘extras’ in the work place, or any treats when we go out to parties or have friends over. It will be a lot easier now that the holiday season is dwindling down, but I really want to conquer my diet! I want to make a lifestyle change, not just a temporary change. My diet will be much more strict with competition prep though, I plan to stick within a certain calorie and macronutrient plan. Cheat meals, not days, but plenty of super foods to fuel my workouts and daily activity.

2) Booty building and leg focus I love my ass, but to be honest, it’s kind of jiggley and doesn’t sit as high as I would like it. I want those nice rounded assets that are LIFTED! I want to focus on building firm muscle in the booty and legs, so I have been training them twice a week. Less focus on the upper bod because that’s doing great, more focus on the lower half.

3) Cardio UGHHHHH! I am so bad at running now! I’m probably being too hard on myself, but last Saturday I ran for an hour outdoors with Derek and it was awful. My lungs were ill prepared, but my body didn’t mind. We did about 40 minutes of running and 20 minutes of hill sprints. I was really feeling those hill sprints in the glutes! WHEWWW! Tough run…. it was a humbling reminder that I need to keep up with my outdoor running because that’s what I will need to be doing to shed the fat around my muscles when it comes closer to competition time. Yesterday we ran hills AGAIN and it was the same humbling experience and a steeper hill. I was able to really soak up and enjoy the crisp air and mountain scenery though, and reflect on WHY I am up at 8am running in below freezing weather.

4) Practice walk and posing! Yep, ‘Nuff said. This needs to happen…. A LOT! My friend Hilary is going to help me out with this as well. She has done a few competitions and will show me a few tricks of the trade. Over my break I have been practicing walking in my competition shoes, stretching them out because they are mutha’ effin’ tight! I have been watching plenty of NPC YouTube videos, practicing my walk and posing in my suit, as well as posture. Derek got an ipad mini for Christmas, so you can bet I’ll be borrowing that to make videos so I can watch my walk.

5) Run Half Marathon YES! I want to run another half marathon next year! I did Oktoberfest Half Marathon this year in Leavenworth and it was exhilarating and fun! I beat my personal best and goal by 7 whole minutes, I was pretty proud of myself. I LOVE running and I certainly don’t want to give it up. I’m not sure what race I want to do next year, but I definitely will be competing in another half marathon.

6) Earn PT Cert I want to do this. Whether or not I become a Personal Trainer, I want the certificate so I have the option to. I love health and fitness, and would love to be certified for my own benefit and knowledge. Why not just do it?

Now that I have my goals in place, it’s time to execute them! I won’t lie, I did NOT workout on Tuesday. I didn’t workout this morning either, but I’m working out AFTER work. I will have to workout double time on Saturday or Sunday to make up for the holiday goodies! BRING ON THE NEW YEAR! XOXO……

~Jess ♥

Putt, Putting Along…..

*Whewwww* Dude, my gas tank is EMPTY. I’m beyond exhausted, shit, it’s only Monday! You mean there’s 4 more days of this before I have my 5 day vacation?! You mean I’m not done yet?!

I feel like I’ve just been going, going, GOING! Yes, work has been INSANE, hell, it’s been BEYOND insane! It has literally scooped out my brain and thrown it in a frying pan. I haven’t had time to sit down, relax, re-collect myself, and really meditate and focus on myself, my goals, and my passion of fitness. I feel like my blog, my goals, and my motivation has been thrown the wayside. I have barely been skating by making it to the gym, I have been eating any sweets pushed my way, and I have had the whip cracked down HARD on my back at work, and it has really, REALLY, mentally AND physically exhausted me. There is only so much work I can do, and hours I can put in, and negative feedback I can take.

The gym is where I feel my best, where I’m my happiest. I LOVE feeling out of breath, I love physically pushing my body and mind to the limits, and I love the results that I get from it. Not just physical, but my mental well-being as well. The endorphin rush is exhilarating, it really gets my serotonin going, and boosts my mood for the entire day. I love it!



I have been letting my stress at work get in the way of my passion. I have allowed work to exhaust me, and have therefore skipped out numerous days at the gym, or have had half ass work outs. I’m NOT going to let that happen anymore. Seriously guys. I won’t. It’s a waste, a poor excuse, and ultimately let’s another factor control me and my decisions, and I won’t allow that.



It’s been a while since I’ve blatantly given a list of my goals. I need to begin setting weekly goals again, and achieving them. So this week my goals are the following:

1) Go to the gym 6 days this week! HANDS DOWN, NO EXCUSES
2) 2 days of Booty Building
3) 4 days of cardio lasting 45-60 minutes minimum
4) Moderate sweets, one refined sugar item a day, quit eating all that freakin’ toffee
5) Write down what you PLAN to eat the day before, no more “playing it by ear” it’s NOT working
6) Achieve all these goals and check back in next week

Next week I WILL check back in and I will create NEW goals. This will become habitual, I’m a goal oriented person who needs to write out their goals to hold myself accountable, and post them all over the internet so everyone else can hold me accountable. I’m done skating on by thinking I can win a competition this way. I WANT to put in the hard work and I WANT to do it the right way.

I still want to enjoy the holidays, but I know I have been going overboard lately, and not working hard enough to deserve it. This last weekend I worked out on Saturday, but didn’t workout yesterday or today. Saturday’s workout seemed really weak, I was very bored and disconnected. Too much repetitive lifting and not enough cardio to raise the heart rate. Saturday we had a Christmas party and I went over the top on alcohol. Too many glasses of wine, and too many delicious mixed drinks. Sunday I had a nasty hangover, it was NOT my proudest moment. I had originally planned to workout, but because I got a lil too crazy and drank too much I chose not to. I don’t want to set those kinds of barriers for myself, I have big goals that take a lot of hard work to achieve.


I want to do really well, not only to succeed and look great in this competition, but I love fitness and health, and I never want any outside factors determining what I do whether it be work stressing me out, me drinking too much at a Christmas party, or my pure laziness and wanting to sleep in a few more hours. I have become so good at making excuses, and I don’t want to make excuses anymore. I just want to go out and do it, I never regret it afterwards.

So here’s to setting new goals! Here’s to being inspired, refreshed, and motivated to succeed! I wouldn’t mind if you wanna check in and prod me a little bit, haha!

OOOooo! Another goal I have…. I am in search of a new gym. My current gym is TERRIBLE! I could rant, and rant, and RANT all day why the Downtown Bellevue LA Fitness is horrendous! Let’s just say their equipment is always dirty, broken, and NEVER re-racked. Last Thursday I spent a half hour re-racking weights before I could start my routine. PISSED, utterly pissed. Mind you, I’m an extreme gym snob. On top of that, their staff is completely incompetent. ‘I don’t know how to change the TV Channel’ incompetent. I feel like you should know that! Not that I watch the TV, but I overheard some ladies bad mouthing about it. I saw a dirty T Shirt sitting by the free weights for 3 weeks, and their Swiss balls are so gross that they are gray now instead of the bright lime green they once were. Not to mention, they hardly have any air…. WTF?!


Anyways…. I want to check out Iron Works by my house. It’s literally right up the road, it would be a great warm up run. If looks legit, it’s local, and is highly recommended by friends and athletes. Hoping I can make it out there this Saturday, try it out and see how I like it. It would be nice to workout in a gym that I actually enjoy, although I shouldn’t let the ‘crappiness’ of any gym deter me away from working out period. The way I see it though, if I spend about 10 hours a week at a gym, it should be nice, it’s MY time, my Zen.

Well, I better wrap up! Almost time to go home. My boss changed our schedule to working 9:30am to 6:00pm this week, little did she know we had most of our briefings leaving at 5:30pm or later, one of which is departing at 6:15pm. Not sure what she was seeing when she checked the schedule. I just loooove being here longer after all! Spirit to serve! ♥ *Saaaaarcasssmmmm*

Goodnight folks! Thanks for following my nonsense, have a great week!

~Jess ♥