Post Comp Excitements…..

Fellow competitors are gonna hate me, because I’m just gonna ramble about all the awesome things I plan on stuffing my face hole with post comp, and a few exciting plans I have afterwards as well 🙂

I finally feel like I have found a rhythm in my current training plan. I’ve got my workouts down to the ‘T’; enough weightlifting, cardio, HIIT, and plyometrics, my macros precisely planned out; consuming enough calories to stay energized throughout the long days and tough workouts, having my meals spread evenly throughout the day, and working on poses that work for my short frame and muscle build. I feel like I can comfortably indulge in post comp daydreaming 🙂

I guess I’ll start with the fun stuff, like all the delicious treats that are gonna make me look pregnant!

  • Girl Scout Cookies – I was smart and pre-ordered them from a co-worker 🙂 Her daughter is a Girl Scout! I will be receiving 4 boxes of Samoas, 3 boxes of Savannah Smiles, 2 boxes of Tag-a-longs, and 2 boxes of Thin Mints…. 11 boxes total! I should be getting them in 2 weeks….. O, the temptation, but I will be well prepared post comp…..


  • Pasta – Surprisingly, I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Derek and I would eat pasta at least once a week for dinner, it was definitely a staple in our diet, especially during marathon training.
  • CHEESE! – O my god…. can’t wait to have a burrito with copious amounts of cheese! Realizing that most of my burrito was cheese anyhow…
  • Chips and Salsa – A weekend favorite….. o yeah, and the splurge of Tostitos Queso, don’t forget that gelatinous processed cheese goop.
  • Candy – If I wanted candy, I would never deny myself it. I would also make sure to buy the largest bag or bar and NOT share like you’re supposed to. Every time we went grocery shopping I would pick up candy. To be honest, I’m sure sugar has made the biggest difference on my body. I miss the Lindt White Chocolate truffles…. mmmmm. Gummy bears….


  • Coconut Cream Pie – So random. I never have this, but I had it a few weeks ago for my cheat meal and it was sumptuous! I would totally kill one to myself!
  • Costco Muffins! – I just got a Costco card a month ago and I can’t even indulge in their yummy jumbo sized Apple Streusel, Choco-Choco Chunk, or Poppy Seed muffins… this is madness! Can’t freakin’ WAIT!
  • Bagels and Cream Cheese – I miss marathon training solely for this reason…. bagels and cream cheese. When you’re training for a marathon you NEED all the carbs and salt you can think of! Endurance sports are where it’s at if you’re a foodie 🙂 “I just ran 13.1 miles…. why yes, don’t mind if I DO have a bagel… or two, and a muffin, hehe.”
  • Heavy Whipping Cream in my coffee – I have grown to enjoy my coffee black, but there’s something absolutely comforting about having heavy whipping cream in your drip coffee…. *le siiiiiiiigh*, miss it.  

Enough of food! I’m making myself hungry!

As for my post comp plans….. hmmmmmm:

  • Train for a Half Marathon – Derek mentioned that I was probably the happiest I have ever been training for Oktoberfest Half Marathon last year. I don’t think I’ve been an absolute piss off during Bikini Prep, but I definitely miss waking up knowing my workout is gonna be a looooong run, I can really meditate and clear my thoughts on a beautiful summer morning, and know that when I get home I can eat whatever I want and that carbs are highly recommended. I also want to stay really lean during the ‘off season’ if I decide I want to compete in Iron Man in October.


  • Go Camping! – Last year Derek and I found a really gorgeous camp spot at Otter and Big Creek in Northbend by Taylor River. We went there for an amazing day hike and plan on going back for camping, more hiking, and s’mores of course! Maybe even bring a tube and go tubing on the river.  
  • Having BBQ’s! – HELL YEAH! My work shift is changing to 6:00am to 2:30pm so I’m gonna be soaking up the sun rays this summer, eating hella hot dogs, Lay’s Ruffles with the sour cream and onion dip, delectable medium rare sizzling steak, and margaritassss on the beach!
  • Spend time with friends – *Le siiiiiiiiigh* I feel like the ultimate loser on this one. I haven’t spent quality time with friends in a long, long, looooong time. Partially my fault, I KNOW I could be putting forth more effort. Between an inconvenient work shift of 11:00am to 7:30pm or later, training for my competition, dedicating weekends to meal prep, and not having a car…. it can be tough. I’m definitely take the time to kick it with the homies.


  • Going to school – It’s actually my goal to get this one started WHILE prepping for my competition. Spring Quarter begins at the beginning of April and my competition isn’t until the end of April. My goal is to take my placement test and clean up my basic Math and English skills before beginning a 3 course schedule in the Fall. I’m ready for the next step baby!
  • Getting Sponsored – If I end up really enjoying this sport and perform well, I would love to pursue modeling opportunities and become sponsored to support my hobby. I’m obsessed with Quest, Optimum Nutrition, PB2 and would love to represent their products!

I have so many more goals, ambitions, and plans! I know that this year is gonna be jam packed with awesome opportunities, I can feel it. I can’t wait to step on stage knowing that I did my best, trained extremely hard, had the will power to keep going, and earned every Girl Scout cookie I will devour!

Here’s to an insane year!


Update! Pictures, work out, and Snickers!

Biceps Hello folks, thanks for tuning in today!

It’s been a great freakin’ day today, not too shabby, don’t have any complaints! I splurged on a buffalo chicken salad for lunch today at work and had a couple of Fun Size Snickers bars, absolutely delicious, nothing beats a Snickers that isn’t hard as a rock. Makes you really wonder how old candy is when you get that one hard piece…..

I had a fabulous morning, woke up bright and early to book it to the gym. I’m making it a routine to get up at 4am when my husband does, take the bus into downtown around 4:30pm and be at the gym doors a few minutes before they open at 5:00am. It’s been working out pretty successfully so far, definitely need those AM work outs to start the daily grind just right.

Today I hit my goal areas, glutes and hamstrings. Did a lil’ mix up of some functional fitness on the Swiss Ball for the core. I’ll include my work out, pardon my exercise explanations, sometimes they can be a little hard to explain!

Work Out for Tuesday, October 31st:

-20 minutes stair master step ups [Alternate between legs, do 20 SINGLE step ups per leg, I completed 5 sets of 20/20]


-10/10 side plank leg lifts [Side plank position on your hand, not your elbow. Slowly lift your outside leg to be parallel with the ground. Repeat]

-15 Swiss ball crunch [In plank position with your legs on the Swiss Ball, body is parallel with the ground. Slowly bring your legs in towards your chest, contracting your abs]

-15/15 Swiss ball windshield wipers [Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air to create a 90 degree angle. Have a Swiss ball placed between your legs, have your arms straight out from you on the ground for support. Slowly shift the ball to the left side, do not touch the ground! Slowly shift the ball to the right side. Repeat]

-15/15 Swiss  ball cross over crunch [Sit on Swiss ball with your feet against the wall for minimal support. Hands lightly placed at the sides of your head for minimal support. Lean far back on the ball and bring come up into a crunch, bringing your right elbow across towards you left knee, repeat on other side]  x3


-16-8-8-16 Swiss ball hamstring curl [Lie on your back with the Swiss ball placed beneath your calves, arms by your side for support. Lift your body into a plank position off the floor. Slowly bring Swiss ball close to your glutes and roll back out slowly. Repeat 16 reps. Next exercise, same position, but lift on leg straight into the air, use one leg to bring ball towards glutes. Repeat 8 times on each side. Last exercise is modified from the first. After you bring the ball towards your glutes, push up into a bridge position]

-12-12-12-12 5lb donkey kicks [Position yourself on the floor on all fours with your elbows on the ground. Place a 5lb dumbbell securely behind right knee. Hold that leg up and pulse 12 times. Second round, bring that knee in towards your chest and pulse back up 12 times. Third round, bring that leg behind the stationery knee and pulse back up 12 times. Fourth round, combine the first 3 exercises in a fluid motion. Repeat on left leg]

-15/15 10lb reverse lunges [Stand straight up, legs together, taking one 10lb dumbbell in each hand. Slowly bring your right foot back into a backwards lunge, keeping your back straight, hips forward, and left knee at a 90 degree angle. Repeat on left leg. Complete 15 reps per leg]   x3

Whewwwww! That was intense! I hope most of that made sense! It might make complete and total sense to me but be total hogwash for you. I really wish I had the time, resources, and a partner in crime on my gym escapades so I could actually make videos, or have step by step photo break downs for you guys. Awwww well, gotta work with what I got. That’s also the difficulty with any functional fitness exercise. They won’t have a name, and explaining them will hardly make any sense.

Abs Anywhooozer, as you can see I’ve included some pretty decent photos of what I looked like after my work out. Can’t really say if I look like that after Snickers bars and lunch today. I’m not going to be the old grouch who denies the Holiday treats this year. I’ll be that grouch when January rolls around.

I’m pretty stoked about my upper body / bicep progression, especially considering that I’ve only really trained them about twice in the past few weeks, and only twice in the past 3-4 months with marathon training. Zuzka’s bodyweight exercise videos have definitely been a plus. Burpees will keep you pretty toned, especially the burpee pyramids she has you do! Chick is insaaaaane.

My back looks like a freaking BEAST I LOVE it! Definitely want to shed some of the softer layers. I do have pretty big shoulders though, definitely muscle there. If there’s one thing I’m proud of, it’s my shoulders.

My abs are still there, lookin’ good. I would like to see less ‘blocks’ and more oblique definition though, but hey, I’m not complaining at all. I also want to work on the lower back area, shedding fat from everywhere I can, tighten that shit up real good.

Don’t really have anything to report on the legs, it’s getting colder after all so I don’t really work out in shorts, and I’m not about to start posting pictures of me in my bra and underwear. Maybe once my ass is at the elevation I would like it to be, I’ll put on a swim suit for progress shots. Haha, I guess I’d need a picture of my chunky ass for the before picture huh? Not really a progress shot if you’re not comparing it to anything….. we’ll see, we’ll see….

Well, that was my lovely morning! Full of all sorts of sweaty fun, pictures, instagram updates, coffee, Snickers, and walking my lil’ shiba pup. Stay tuned for more! Hope err ‘body has a great Halloween, overload on sugar and enjoy the festivities!

~Jess ♥

Good Vibes!

‘Ello folks! I’m so excited! I actually had some downtime at work to work on creating some new running maps on my mapmyrun account for around my new neighborhood! Too bad this would have been the PERFECT week to run, next week starts dumping rain again. I’ll have to stock up on some rain gear, maybe get a new pair of shoes so I can rotate drying them. Anyways, I’m really excited about it! I feel like I need that outdoor cardio BURST to make me feel alive again. The treadmill is such a draaaaag. I hate the sound, the stale air, watching the depressing news on the monitors in front of me. Seems kind of silly too, staying in one place, moving, going no where. It’ll be nice to explore around my house too, find out which streets are great to run on, where the hills are, etc. Pumped I tell ya’, ab-so-fucking-lutely pumped.

I didn’t go to the gym like I had originally planned in my week of written workouts. I was surprised with a meeting reschedule at work that required me to come in an hour early. I needed to come in even early to practice for the meeting. The meeting went really well though, I think that’s also why I’m in such good spirits. It was definitely something to check off my list of things to do. This meeting was rescheduled so many times too, I just wanted to get it over with. The butterflies in my stomach and the un-soaked up coffee made me jittery and want to vomit. I did really well in my Quarterly Metrics Presentation to our client though, so I’m happy now.

I’ve been eating much MUCH better lately too! Practicing that self control for when bikini prep rolls around. It’s really hard working with someone who has a part time job as a baker, and people love bringing in treats, and the catering ladies are always snagging new pastries and goodies for us. Halloween is also tomorrow and I have a fat bag of 157 pieces of Starbursts, Skittles, M&M’s, and Snickers! Maybe I’ll stash a few Snickers and dump the rest of the bowl in whoever shows up at 10pm. Lucky kid…..

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the gym HARD. Gonna tear the shit out of my legs, make them feel like hell, but somehow manage to workout Friday and run this weekend with my husband. I’ll definitely try to post some pictures. You can also follow my instagram that is dedicated to my progress pictures and inspiration. Anywhoooozer, I’m gonna bounce outta’ here and pretend I’m working! Adios!