Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday week, I know I sure did! Having 6 glorious days off from work spent with family was much needed.

We had Kaienna spend the week with us and join us over at Gramma Amy and Papa Owl’s for Christmas with Derek’s entire family. His oldest sister Jamie drove up from San Diego earlier in the month with two year old lil Ellie and their French Bulldog Koa. Her husband Donnie flew up 2 weeks later to join the family. Derek’s other older sister Jenna flew in Tuesday night from traveling on tour with Nick Jonas as the VIP manager. She had a hectic month filled with air travel every day and constant moving. Everyone needed a break!


The week was filled with plenty of fun including ice skating, games, cookie decorating, Thanksgiving style dinner, lil cousins playing, three dogs playing and fighting, food, more food, and food comas. It was refreshing to spend time with family, the Frank’s know how to have a great Christmas.


Everyone was spoiled with gifts on Christmas day, especially the little ones! I wish I had a picture of the tree after Jamie organized the presents underneath. It was pretty amazing, we all just sat in the dark and stared at the lit up tree with glistening packages. The little one’s reactions were priceless the next morning. They were half asleep and staring at each other’s presents not even noticing their own for a minute. The Frank tradition is to leave out the presents from “Santa” unwrapped and unpackaged in front of the tree away from the wrapped gifts. Kai asked Santa for My Little Pony books and Ellie asked for Disney Princess Pets.


After the Christmas morning coffee run and opening stockings we started unwrapping presents. It about an hour and a half, we had a pretty good system down. If we unwrapped one person at a time we would probably still be unwrapping. Instead, we each got a present and everyone unwrapped at the same time. The little ones had mountains of new toys and games. Derek bought me a toaster oven like I wanted, and I managed to save $400 from my eBay store to start his half sleeve tattoo like he wanted. Derek outdid himself and also bought me a GIANT box of Lindt chocolates! My presents weren’t just food focused, I also got a new pair of Nikes and a 25b kettle bell from Derek’s parents. Time to work off those Christmas calories! I wasn’t 100% terrible though, I worked out Christmas Eve AND ran on Christmas after presents and breakfast.

christmas4Friday we went to Seattle to take a Ferry Boat ride to Bremerton so we could play games and snack on the Ferry. We played Yahtzee, Dominos, and continued eating holiday treats. It was a long day, but a great end to the 3 day stay-cation with the Franks. Wonderful Christmas for the books! Huge thanks to Mom and Dad for always making Christmas fun, relaxing, and memorable ūüôā

Now it’s back to the daily grind. Christmas vacation is over, and the New Year begins next week! Time to begin creating my New Years Resolutions and mentally preparing for school that will begin in a week! It’s a bittersweet ending, but I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.


Winter Break Plans

2 more finals for the quarter then I’m a free woman! I am completely finished with any and all assignments, completely DONE with English, and my last physical day at school will be next Monday for my Math final. 4 weeks to do whatever the hell I want! Here’s a short list of the goals I have in mind.

1) Make some gains in the gym – I have good weeks and bad weeks. This week has been a bad week due to tweaking my back a few weeks ago. I’m going to remain optimistic and be glad I’m taking a minor break during finals week. I can make ample use of my time and get some serious studying done. 4 weeks of lifting to come!


2) Take naps – Naps are great. I freakin’ love them. I can’t wait to take naps, especially with Derek. He’s probably the best person I know at napping, he’s got it down to a science. I keep sleeping and refuse to wake up. I also make the mistake of napping in bed, big no-no. Derek does half hour to 45 minute naps on the couch, he’s like a space heater too so I don’t usually need a blanket ūüôā It’s about to be on.


3) Walk my dog every day – I’ve been a bad pet owner ūüė¶ I get sensitive about the ‘walking the dog’ topic. I wish I could walk her every day, but sometimes my schedule gets so hectic! I miss my dog, I wish I could bring her to work. One day, one day…


Look at the adorable face!

4) Watch endless amounts of TV – I’m actually surprised how I’ve been able to keep up with all my shows, full time work, and a full course load. I watch a shit ton of TV too! New Girl, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Nashville, Vampire Diaries, Reign etc. I guess we know where my time that could be spent in the gym is going. This Winter we might veg out on all the new Netflix movies! They just released their list of new movies they will be adding: Netflix December 2014 Releaseswatchtv

5) Bake food and eat it – Honestly, this probably won’t happen. I have high hopes for myself when it comes to baking for the holidays, but¬†I never follow through. BUT¬†I WANT TO START! I’m hopefully getting a toaster oven for Christmas and will be able to experiment¬†last week of December. Hopefully my baking skills will be on point for the New Year.

COOKIES6) Track some outdoor miles – My shoes are FINALLY broken into, Polar fixed my FT4 watch, and I have a running hat and gloves! No excuses! Last Thursday Derek and I did a killer sprint session on the track by our house as well as hill sprints. It was killer! I kept up the whole 6.5 miles and didn’t quit. I still got it baby!


7) Christmas shopping! – We need to buy Derek’s family presents! We have his mom’s, sister Jen’s, and we have each other’s presents. We need to get work done! Most of our shopping might be done online, Bellevue Square Mall will be packed until January 1st!

christmas shopping

8) Update my eBay store – I’ve been saving my eBay funds to restock on more eBay items. I took advantage of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and made¬†several large orders online from second hand consignments such as Twice and ThredUp. Twice had a $75 off a $200 order or more deal, so I placed two of those. All Free People! I bought stuff in my size that I like in case they don’t sell, so I can wear them.


9) Finish reading Osho: The Book of Wisdom – I started this at the beginning of the year but never needed up finishing it. I let one of my friends borrow it, but I will be taking it back to finish over the break. Amazing book so far! I feel really guilty for not completing it. I will keep you updated on my reads.

Book Wisdom

10) Spend quality time with the family – Yes please! I will be taking Tuesday, December 23rd through Sunday,¬†December 28th off returning to work December 29th. Kaienna will be visiting for that entire week! Her mom asked her what she wanted to do for Christmas and she chose coming to Dad’s for a week instead of just a few days. We were really happy to hear that, and happy that her mom is letting her come over for so long. She’s gonna be one spoiled lil’ girl!


Here’s to the next 4 weeks off! I hope everyone else has great plans as well!


New Year Fitness Goals

Hey err’body! Welcome back from the Holiday Madness! I hope everyone enjoyed some quality time spent with family, relaxing, reflecting on¬†a great year and all the things we have¬†to be thankful for. I had a great time with Derek’s family, let loose, enjoyed myself with great company and great food. I even fit in an hour of cardio Christmas morning doing hill intervals in Derek’s parents neighborhood! Felt AWESOME.

I was extremely spoiled this¬†year! I got everything on my Christmas List! I got the White Mountain black riding boots I asked for, Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’ perfume, ‘Oribe’ Dry Texturizing Hair Spray, Magic Bullet, and my husband spoiled me with a Scavenger Hunt to find $150 cash! I also got wine glasses, an AMAZING cheetah print blanket from Pier One Imports, a wooden storage shelf for my bathroom counter, earrings & necklace, cute sweaters, and a melting scented wax pot. I’m sure there are other things I forgot to list, but the point is….. I was spoiled and I sure didn’t deserve it! Feeling blessed, seriously. MAGICBULLET

I had the past 6 days off! Last Friday I did not go to work due to inclement weather, I enjoyed the weekend preparing for Christmas, Monday was a vacation day for me, and Tuesday & Wednesday were Christmas Eve and Christmas (paid holidays). I am REFRESHED! Mentally I have been in a really rough place for the past few weeks with work eating me alive and feeling like a failure with my fitness goals. I have had plenty of time to take a step back and re-evaluate my goals in the work place, my personal life, and my mental/physical health. I seriously needed the time to re-coop and count my blessings. I have had an extremely fortunate year, despite the obstacles and challenges. I am READY to tackle 2014!

Now, I REALLY hate creating New Years Resolutions. I like to think that I am always setting goals for myself on a day to day basis, always trying to improve, always trying to better myself. So, I am creating a start-up list of goals that I have and I am NOT labeling it a New Years Resolution.

1) DIET! I am TERRIBLE at diets, fo’ real. Absolutely awful. This will definitely be my toughest goal yet. I have a tendency to convince myself that I am doing so awesome in the gym¬†and I really deserve a cheat meal…. cheat DAY…. OOoooppsss…. cheat week. Wait, how many consecutive days did I miss the gym?! How much did I eat?! S***…..¬†Yep, that’s me. I like to think that I eat healthy overall, I like keeping my kitchen stocked with healthy eats, I don’t venture too far off my staples for lunch and dinner either. It’s all the ‘extras’ in the work place, or any treats when we go out to parties or have friends over. It will be a lot easier now that the holiday season is dwindling down, but I really want to conquer my diet! I want to make a lifestyle change, not just a temporary change. My diet will be much more strict with competition prep though, I plan to stick within a certain¬†calorie and macronutrient plan. Cheat meals, not days, but plenty of super foods to fuel my workouts and daily activity.

2) Booty building and leg focus I love my ass, but to be honest, it’s kind of jiggley¬†and doesn’t sit as high as I would like it. I want those nice rounded assets that are LIFTED! I want to focus on building firm muscle in the booty and legs, so I have been training them twice a week. Less focus on the upper bod because that’s doing great, more focus on the lower half.

3) Cardio UGHHHHH! I am so bad at running now! I’m probably being too hard on myself, but last Saturday I ran for an hour outdoors¬†with¬†Derek and it was awful. My lungs were ill prepared, but my body didn’t mind. We did about 40 minutes of running¬†and 20 minutes of hill sprints. I was really feeling those hill sprints in the glutes! WHEWWW! Tough run…. it was a humbling reminder that I need to keep up with my outdoor running because that’s what I will need to be doing to shed the fat around my muscles when it comes closer to competition time. Yesterday we ran hills AGAIN and it was the same humbling experience and a steeper hill. I was able to really soak up and enjoy the crisp air and mountain scenery though, and reflect on WHY I am up at 8am running in below freezing weather.

4) Practice walk and posing! Yep, ‘Nuff said. This needs to happen…. A LOT! My friend Hilary is going to help me out with this as well. She has done a few competitions and will show me a few tricks of the trade. Over my break I have been practicing walking in my competition shoes, stretching them out because they are mutha’ effin’ tight! I have been watching plenty of NPC YouTube videos, practicing my walk and posing in my suit, as well as posture. Derek got an ipad mini for Christmas, so you can bet I’ll be borrowing that to make videos so I can watch my walk.

5) Run Half Marathon YES! I want to run another half marathon next year! I did Oktoberfest Half Marathon this year in Leavenworth and it was exhilarating and fun! I beat my personal best and goal by 7 whole minutes, I was pretty proud of myself. I LOVE running and I certainly don’t want to give it up. I’m not sure what race I want to do next year, but I definitely will be competing in another half marathon.

6) Earn PT Cert I want to do this. Whether or not I become a Personal Trainer, I want the certificate so I have the option to. I love health and fitness, and would love to be certified for my own benefit and knowledge. Why not just do it?

Now that I have my goals in place, it’s time to execute them! I won’t lie, I did NOT workout on Tuesday. I didn’t workout this morning either, but I’m working out AFTER work. I will have to workout double time on Saturday or Sunday to make up for the holiday goodies!¬†BRING ON THE NEW YEAR! XOXO……

~Jess ‚ô•

Christmas Workout Schedule!

Good morning, Happy Monday folks, IT’S CHRISTMAS WEEEEEEK! So excited. When am I not excited though? I feel like that’s my phrase. So damn excited about everything….


Maybe one day I will graduate the ‘bathroom photo’ phase

Since it is Christmas week, it means I’m working out EVERY DAY! If I’m going to indulge in cookies, candy, and sugar on Christmas Day, I HAVE to workout every day. That’s the deal.

As you can see, there is plenty focus on cardio this week and really backing off on upper body. Derek is right, I gain muscle VERY quickly up top, I need to focus on shedding fat on my legs and lifting the booty through cardio, sprints, hills, and DIET!

*Siiiiighhh* I really wish this competition was sooner, I feel like I’ve been waiting to start for so long. 17 weeks away! The only one that is in the state before Emerald Cup is the Tanji Johnson Bikini Classic at Skyview Highschool in Vancouver Washington Saturday April 5th, 2014. Maybe do both? I can imagine that would rack up a bill.

The next competition in the area AFTER Emerald Cup is the Empire Classic Bikini at the Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights Washington Friday & Saturday May 9th & 10th, 2014. There is also the Washington Ironman Bikini next October 4th, 2014 a Saturday at Gold Creek Community Church in Bothell?!? That seems odd….. Hmmmm according to the NPC Contest Schedule, it looks like there’s only 3 NPC in Washington next year.

REGISTRATION FOR EMERALD CUP IS OPEN NOW! I just checked the site! I compete on Saturday April 26th, yippee! I will have to print the registration when I get to work on Thursday, and send my check off as well. Registration is $109, not TOO shabby. It is an incredibly expensive sport, but so are Iron Man Triathlon’s. I’m thankful I bought most of my items (tanning package, competition suit, and competition heels) on Black Friday deals.

In fact, I have a lot to be thankful for these days. I don’t take nearly enough time to step back and realize how lucky I am.

Recent posts will reveal how much I’ve let the stresses of work get to me, to the point that I realized I have been genuinely unhappy. It takes a conscious effort and strength for me to count my blessings, restrain my emotions and take a step back to look at the bigger picture. I let my stress and negativity control me, and the reason I love working out is so that I can release that tension and put it into good use and feel amazing afterwards. Truth is, I can’t workout 24 hours of the day, I NEED to exercise mental strength so I don’t allow myself to downward spiral like I have been as of late.

With this time off from work I have had the opportunity to weigh my decisions and re-evaluate my plan of action.

At first I thought to myself, I NEED A NEW JOB! I know I’m not the only one who thinks this where I work. Yes, maybe I DO need a new job, but I have too much to risk right now to go looking for another one. #1, I want to finish this competition at my current job. It would be too stressful to learn a new role while dealing with competition prep and drastic mood swings from hunger. #2, I am cross training as a back up for a higher position than my current role, which means the likelihood of me getting the position when someone moves on is MUCH higher. I am hoping that with new responsibilities dealing closer with something I would rather be doing with higher pay and better benefits will change my mind about working for the company. #3, Although I may disagree with the company and with management, and with the way management approaches their employees, and am ultimately getting paid to do things that don’t make sense to me; I get paid well, I have weekends off, and I have a schedule that matches my needs as far as training. #4, The experience will look phenomenal on my resume! I am coming up on 1 year next month, and already have so many qualifications I can speak for as well as managers. My Annual Review is coming up, which will determine my raise. I have well over half a dozen Business Improvement credit, I have achieved every goal on my Personal Development Plan, I passed my Keys Test with flying colors, I have excellent customer service, AND my Winter Training was a HUGE success last week. I have a lot to brag about, I won’t even down play it.

I have a lot of things going for me. Even though I might hear encouraging words every once in a blue moon, and it seems as though 98% of what I hear from managers is negative and how poorly my team is performing, I know that’s not the case. I know that there are a few people out there that recognize my work and how exceptionally I perform. I will admit, lately I have been slacking. Day after day of hearing nothing but negative feedback, criticisms, and managers displaying ‘attitudes’ make it really hard to WANT to perform well. You know what? It doesn’t matter if I want to perform well for THEM, or even for the company. I want to perform well for ME, for my future, for opportunities to come, and for the mere fact that I work hard at EVERYTHING I do.

Tell me I do a shitty job one more time, because it’s not the case. I’m going to do a damn good job at work AND in my competition. When I feel like stress is getting to me, I will take a step back and look at the bigger picture….. keep working hard and doing your best, because the road doesn’t end here. There are bigger and better opportunities out there and this is merely a difficult stepping stone that you have the will power to overcome.

Next time I feel like spouting some negative bullshit, I’m going to count my blessings for my sake and for the sake of everyone around me. Life is fucking hard, and it’s never going to get easier, so I might as well learn to deal with my personal emotions and learn to laugh it off. Life is too short to harbor negativity, there are WAY more things to be thankful for.

On that note, I’m going to walk my dog on this beautiful day, do my workouts, and finish my list of goals for the day! XOXO, until next time….

~Jess ♥

Reached My Goals this Week!

Yessss! I reached my goals this week, so happy! I still have to go on my hour-long outdoor run with Derek when he gets back from training his client today.

I didn’t eat terribly either. I know I have been gone the past few days so I haven’t had a chance to write my daily meal plans. My cheat meal was home-made pizza last night AND cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Ha, I guess it was more like a cheat day. I had strong will power at work all week, I allowed myself very minimal sweets, close to none.

Christmas Sugar Cookies from a few years ago at the Frank household

Christmas Sugar Cookies from a few years ago at the Frank household

Next week will be much tougher with Christmas! Derek’s mom LOVES making us treats and goodies! His Dad LOVES pumpkin pie too. You can bet Wednesday will be filled with cookies, stocking stuffer candy, prime rib, decorated sugar cookies, and so much more! I won’t be denying all of it either! I will do my best to eat “healthy” during the rest of the week though.

I GOT MY SUUUUUUIT as you can tellll! So excited, it looks great on too! I can’t wait to get my tan on and LIFT my booty! I’ve actually been debating doing a competition SOONER since I think I’m pretty close to competition shape. April 25th & 26th seems so far away! I can imagine for any competition you’re itching for it to come quicker though. I just really want to get started on dieting and shedding the fat and water weight around my muscles.

I tend to pack on muscle REALLY easily on my upper body, Derek says I need to focus on lifting less weight on top and maintaining my current muscle. I need to start adding more cardio to shed fat down below and tighten up the thighs, legs, and butt. So I’m really excited that we’re going on a run today! The dreadmill is KILLING me! I miss outdoor runs, they seem so much shorter, I can run further and longer, and they are rejuvenating. Running indoors is depressing……

I haven’t checked out the Iron Works gym yet! I called them yesterday to ask if they do free trials for potential members and they said they only do one day free trials. I want to go in Monday morning at 5am when I would usually go to see how busy it is at that time. So that will be tomorrow! Tomorrow I think I’m going to focus on core and BOOTY! I’ve been experimenting in the squat rack and I think I’m ready to squat my own weight. I’m such a newbie in the squat rack, so when I came home Friday and bragged that I squatted 90lbs Derek laughed at me. Ha, I’m laughing at myself now, considering I squatted HIM last night. Yup, I straight picked him up and squatted him once. Not very low, but I went down and came back up!

I’m going to get myself on a tanning schedule as well, I re-instated my Seattle Sun Tan package but have only gone twice since Thanksgiving! I’ll have to go twice this upcoming week, AT LEAST.

Aggghhh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start posing. I’ve been practicing this morning in between paragraphs. I’ve included a couple videos I’ve been going off of:

Well, I better get ready for my morning run with the hubby! Wish me luck, hope I don’t DIE. I haven’t ran outdoors since October, OUCH! Bye guysssss!

~Jess ♥

Putt, Putting Along…..

*Whewwww* Dude, my gas tank is EMPTY. I’m beyond exhausted, shit, it’s only Monday! You mean there’s 4 more days of this before I have my 5 day vacation?! You mean I’m not done yet?!

I feel like I’ve just been going, going, GOING! Yes, work has been INSANE, hell, it’s been BEYOND insane! It has literally scooped out my brain and thrown it in a frying pan. I haven’t had time to sit down, relax, re-collect myself, and really meditate and focus on myself, my goals, and my passion of fitness. I feel like my blog, my goals, and my motivation has been thrown the wayside. I have barely been skating by making it to the gym, I have been eating any sweets pushed my way, and I have had the whip cracked down HARD on my back at work, and it has really, REALLY, mentally AND physically exhausted me. There is only so much work I can do, and hours I can put in, and negative feedback I can take.

The gym is where I feel my best, where I’m my happiest. I LOVE feeling out of breath, I love physically pushing my body and mind to the limits, and I love the results that I get from it. Not just physical, but my mental well-being as well. The endorphin rush is exhilarating, it really gets my serotonin going, and boosts my mood for the entire day. I love it!



I have been letting my stress at work get in the way of my passion. I have allowed work to exhaust me, and have therefore skipped out numerous days at the gym, or have had half ass work outs. I’m NOT going to let that happen anymore. Seriously guys. I won’t. It’s a waste, a poor excuse, and ultimately let’s another factor control me and my decisions, and I won’t allow that.



It’s been a while since I’ve blatantly given a list of my goals. I need to begin setting weekly goals again, and achieving them. So this week my goals are the following:

1) Go to the gym 6 days this week! HANDS DOWN, NO EXCUSES
2) 2 days of Booty Building
3) 4 days of cardio lasting 45-60 minutes minimum
4) Moderate sweets, one refined sugar item a day, quit eating all that freakin’ toffee
5) Write down what you PLAN to eat the day before, no more “playing it by ear” it’s NOT working
6) Achieve all these goals and check back in next week

Next week I WILL check back in and I will create NEW goals. This will become habitual, I’m a goal oriented person who needs to write out their goals to hold myself accountable, and post them all over the internet so everyone else can hold me accountable. I’m done skating on by thinking I can win a competition this way. I WANT to put in the hard work and I WANT to do it the right way.

I still want to enjoy the holidays, but I know I¬†have been going overboard lately, and not working hard enough to deserve it. This last weekend I worked out on Saturday, but didn’t workout yesterday or today. Saturday’s workout seemed really weak, I was very bored and disconnected. Too much repetitive lifting and not enough cardio to raise the heart rate. Saturday we had a Christmas party and I went over the top on alcohol. Too many glasses of wine, and too many delicious mixed drinks. Sunday I had a nasty hangover, it was NOT my proudest moment. I had originally planned to workout, but because I got a lil too crazy and drank too much I chose not to. I don’t want to set those kinds of barriers for myself, I have big goals that take a lot of hard work to achieve.


I want to do really well, not only to succeed and look great in this competition, but I love fitness and health, and I never want any outside factors determining what I do whether it be work stressing me out, me drinking too much at a Christmas party, or my pure laziness and wanting to sleep in a few more hours. I have become so good at making excuses, and I don’t want to make excuses anymore. I just want to go out and do it, I never regret it afterwards.

So here’s to setting new goals! Here’s to being inspired, refreshed, and motivated to succeed! I wouldn’t mind if you wanna check in and prod me a little bit, haha!

OOOooo! Another goal I have…. I am in search of a new gym. My current gym is TERRIBLE! I could rant, and rant, and RANT all day why the Downtown Bellevue LA Fitness is horrendous! Let’s just say their equipment is always dirty, broken, and NEVER re-racked. Last Thursday I spent a half hour re-racking weights before I could start my routine. PISSED, utterly pissed. Mind you, I’m an extreme gym snob. On top of that, their staff is completely incompetent. ‘I don’t know how to change the TV Channel’ incompetent. I feel like you should know that! Not that I watch the TV, but I overheard some ladies bad mouthing about it. I saw a dirty T Shirt sitting by the free weights for 3 weeks, and their Swiss balls are so gross that they are gray now instead of the bright lime green they once were. Not to mention, they hardly have any air…. WTF?!


Anyways…. I want to check out Iron Works by my house. It’s literally right up the road, it would be a great warm up run. If looks legit, it’s local, and is highly recommended by friends and athletes. Hoping I can make it out there this Saturday, try it out and see how I like it. It would be nice to workout in a gym that I actually enjoy, although I shouldn’t let the ‘crappiness’ of any gym deter me away from working out period. The way I see it though, if I spend about 10 hours a week at a gym, it should be nice, it’s MY time, my Zen.

Well, I better wrap up! Almost time to go home. My boss changed our schedule to working 9:30am to 6:00pm this week, little did she know we had most of our briefings leaving at 5:30pm or later, one of which is departing at 6:15pm. Not sure what she was seeing when she checked the schedule. I just loooove being here longer after all! Spirit to serve! ‚ô• *Saaaaarcasssmmmm*

Goodnight folks! Thanks for following my nonsense, have a great week!

~Jess ‚ô•

Glad to Wrap up the Week

*Le siiiiiiigh* Extremely INSANE week at work…. I had 15 meetings and completed my Power Point for my Winter Training. There was a lot of tension at work, plenty of negativity floating around, definitely put a damper on my mood. It’s been difficult working so hard and only being told everyday the mistakes me and my team mates have made.

I got home from work today I did 3 Zuzka videos though, lifted my spirits! 45 minutes of body weight, high intensity cardio, plyometric workouts. Afterwards I scoured my whole house top to bottom for tomorrow’s Christmas Party. NOW I’m sitting down writing and watching the movie Side Effects.

Yesterday was my cardio and leg day. I can feel my body getting stronger, especially my hamstrings! So exciting! I’ve also been playing around with heavier weights and lighter reps, next week I’ll be incorporating it a lot more so I don’t have to rush my cardio at the end. Tomorrow is my upper body day. I’m doing chest, shoulders, and triceps. Really excited for the New Year to roll around and get to WORK! I’ve been enjoying all the Christmas and party treats at work. I had 4 cookies yesterday, yikes! Every day I’ve had something sugary.


Derek is on his way home from Spokane. He went to Spokane to see Kaienna in her school Christmas concert! He surprised her, she didn’t know he was coming, and he brought her roses. She was so ecstatic to see him and introduced him to all her little friends. Super cute, wish I could have been there. She gets to stay her all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Her mom comes to pick her up on Monday. It will be nice to have her for a little extra time. Sunday we go to Derek’s parents house to open up all her presents.

Today we got a package on our door step from my Dad and his wife Rhonda of Christmas presents, Kai will have so many to open on Sunday! Rhonda is super crafty and made us the coolest Christmas decorations! I’m so stoked about them! They are wooden blocks that she bedazzled that say “Jingle all the way.” They are reversible and say “Gobble till you wobble” on the other side for Thanksgiving. Man, I wish I were crafty! I have them sitting above my fire place right now.¬†jingle

I still need to finish up my Christmas shopping! I have the other half of my gift to get for Derek, a present for my Dad and Rhonda, and a present for Derek’s parents. We did pretty good last weekend, finished most of our shopping. Parents are always the most difficult, I always want to give them something sentimental.

Well, I better go to bed; short post I know, technically it took 2 hours while watching this movie. Not very good, I wouldn’t recommend it. Poor Channing Tatum only says 5 phrases! I wanted him to be more involved! That’s why I watched it! Haha! Anyways, goodnight! Tomorrow I’m working out in the AM and prepping for the party. Hoping we have enough food and everything turns out just right. Till next time…..

~Jess ♥

Back from the Weekend

I’m back! Yup, I’ve been gone for 3 whole days straight, I think they may have been the longest I haven’t written. Not bad, not bad. Although, I’m not very proud of my decisions this weekend. My food decisions, OR my decisions to wake my ass on up and get out of the bed to go to the gym.

Shadoe and Whit's Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

Shadoe and Whit’s Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

I didn’t workout Saturday, Sunday, OR today! 3 days in a row! Damn, I’m FAILING! I decided that sleeping in was more important, and boy do I regret it! It definitely shortened my weekend and my time to accomplish everything that I wanted to. As far as food choices, this weekend we went to my company party on Friday night, so naturally there was alcohol, beer, and salty sugary snacks involved. Mmmm yum, we also enjoyed some Moonshine that my boss brought in, absolutely DELICIOUS! Tasted pretty amazing when you mixed FIreball and Pear Cider with it. On Saturday we went to my friend Shadoe and Whitney’s wedding at the Salish Lodge at the Snoqualmie Falls.

Shadoe and Whit saying their vows

Shadoe and Whit saying their vows

Their wedding was beautiful, very well done! I couldn’t help but cry during their vows and during their toasts. It was awesome to be a part of their special day, Shadoe is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with at the Marriott, and her wife Whit is awesome and hilarious. They are an absolute perfect match! It was a great night, and it was really fun to see all my old co workers from the Marriott, I miss them a lot.

We stayed at the wedding from 4pm to about 9pm, enjoyed some steak and shrimp, a couple drinks, and dessert and danced for a while. Afterwards, we went to the Snoqualmie Casino and played Roulette and won $40! We bought Mac n’ Jacks and talked about the sailboat we want to buy and went home to call it a night.

Marriott Co Workers

Marriott Co Workers

Sunday we played catch up and finished all the errands we were behind on. We took Keyda to Marymoor Dog Park, went to Michael’s to buy Christmas presents and stocking stuffers, and did all of our grocery shopping for the week. Christmas shopping took a few hours, so we were gone most of the day.


I was able to write my workouts for the week yesterday! This week I will finish ALL of them, AND plan my meals. I’ve tried not planning my meals, but it helps me so much more to plan them, so I have to think twice about what I’m eating when it’s not on the meal plan. This week I plan on working out Tuesday through Sunday, 6 days a week. I want more dramatic results. I am adding more cardio into my workouts as well, so I will be spending on average about 2 hours at the gym a day, possibly more. My goal is to do 45-60 minutes of cardio 4 days a week. I am also going to focus on glutes and legs 2-3 days a week.

While I’ve also had time to plan my workouts, I’ve also had time to reevaluate WHY I want to do this competition in the first place. I feel like I’ve drifted further and further away from the reason why I want to do this competition, I have gotten too caught up in the idea of winning and doing anything to win, including an Ann Cherry Latex Sport Girdle…. ha, ha. My husband teases me about it all the time. I even told myself the reason I want to win is to open up opportunities to a career that I’m passionate about. But to put all my hope into winning this competition for career purposes is stressful, and I shouldn’t depend on this solely for a new career.

I am doing this competition to focus on my passion for health and fitness, and to stand out from the crowd by doing something different. By not doing the norm and taking fat burners, starving myself, and using outward materials to make myself look better to win. I want to do this the healthy way, not to beat another girl, but to set a personal best for myself and show the judges a new package. I don’t want to become obsessive, I want this to be a hobby, I don’t want this to define me or my life.

I’m excited to re-enter my training plan with a fresh outlook on my goals and what motivates me to do this in the first place. Pumped for the results, and pumped for the mental perspective that’s going to propel me forward! XOXO….. stay tuned!

~Jess ♥

ZZZzzzz, I Slept Last Night!

Wow, I had the most amazing sleep last night…. it was incredible! I went to bed early, around 9:15pm after drinking copious amount of Celestial Sleepy Time Vanilla herbal tea. I had 3 bags worth before turning in and calling it¬†a night. Boy did I pass out QUICK! I didn’t even wake up when Derek came to bed. Usually I can’t fall asleep until he’s in bed with me, but nooooo, not last night. This girl was sleepy! I even dreamed! celestialsleepytimne

I went to the gym after waiting in the FREEEEEZING cold for my bus for about 40 minutes! Ughhh, so cold. My first bus never showed up, so I had to wait for the next one. There must have been really bad ice at the terminal. I debated just turning around and going back home and doing an at home workout, but I decided against it, I needed to pay the gym a visit. The bus FINALLY came! My usual morning routine was a half hour behind. I stuck it out though and completed my workout! Boy did it feel good, miss that rigorous out of breath feeling, and weak jello legs!

Today I realized that I actually pump out some really intense workouts. I mean, I always knew I loved working out and worked out more than the average individual, but I go HARD! No wonder I’m still sore from last Wednesday’s leg day! I went all out! I thought my body just developed muscle really easily, but I just put it through the ringer. Kind of proud of myself a little bit! I tend to be really hard on myself, “Why aren’t you lifting heavier?”, “You should be doing more sets”, “You could be doing more reps”. I’m pretty bad ass. How’s that for an ego boost to one’s self? Haha!

I’m actually really excited to see the results of the bikini prep diet. Excited for the actual diet itself? Not so much. I’m definitely ready to watch some fat melt off! I need to start building a bigger and more solid booty too! I want that lifted shelf! I’m going to experiment with training booty twice a week, and incorporating booty exercises into my cardio as well (example: stair master single leg steps ups, elevated sprints etc.). I love my butt, but it needs some serious lifting in order to strut around in Brazilian bikini bottoms!


EEEEeeeeek, so excited for my new suit! Can’t wait to put that shit on, I’ll probably feel so embarrassed. It will be a reminder of all the hard work I need to do in order to win. I’m gonna be that annoying girl wearing high heels around the house practicing my model walk on the hard wood floor! Hope my neighbors don’t get pissed when they hear me stomping. O boy! I’m so nervous for the walk, I NEVER wear heels, they are so foreign to me! I’m gonna ace it. If I start walking around EVERYWHERE in heels now, then I should be good by April, right? I have to rally up my girls and start posing practice!

Tomorrow I have an upper body workout planned: cardio, shoulders, triceps, and chest. I’ve been incorporating resistance band training as well to keep my body guessing. I like the lean muscle fibers I get when I used resistance bands. I feel like strictly lifting tends to make me bulk up really quickly. I’m striving for that softer (don’t get me wrong, I want muscle too!), lean, feminine shape with big booty! I feel like I’m on my way to the perfect training plan! I need to practice consistency, exercise strong will power for the diet, and be conscious of my mental state and perspective. I know these competitions can be altering, I want to gain experience and learn from this while remaining pleasant ‚ô•

This is going to be a strong week. I’m going to complete all my planned workouts, eat well, and splurge at the company Christmas party as well as my friend’s wedding on Saturday. Yep, that’s right, 2 cheat meals! Derek will actually be attending both of these events with me as well, so I get to show him off to co workers and friends.

Feeling really good, feeling really thankful…… ‚ô•

~Jess ‚ô•