Hump Day HIIT!

Today is HIIT training! I had a request for an HIIT workout, so I whipped up a quick effective workout that requires NO EQUIPMENT (unless you have a jump rope) and it can be done virtually anywhere. I like to use an HIIT circuit like this to warm up before I start my lifting session, or before I start my long distance cardio. This type of workout is a great way to pump up your heart rate and torch some calories. If you are more advanced, you can definitely add reps to each circuit, or even complete 4 rounds or more! The goal is to move as quickly as possible, minimal to NO rests. That’s when the work is happening.

I hope you enjoy! If you have any other requests or would like something different, more advanced, let me know what you’re looking for.



Happy Hump Day guys, we’re half way there!



‘Abs are made in the kitchen’

FRIDAAAAAAY YA’LL! We made it, it’s finally here! *WOOT* *WOOT*

Pretty excited for the weekend, I have big plans. Haha, well big plans to plan for next week. I have a lot of changes I want to make to my workouts for next week. I want to incorporate more cardio, lean out my muscle mass since I pack it on so quickly. I also want to incorporate more body weight HIIT training in my warm ups to target more muscles at once, shed fat, and elevate my heart rate. This past week has mostly been focusing on lifting heavy weight in lighter reps. Great workouts this week, I just want something different.

I will admit, this past week I’ve been really bad about eating healthy. I’ve been giving in to pastries at work and delicious macaroon treats from co-workers. Bad Jess! I’ve been really ‘hormonal’, yes, it’s a poor excuse. This weekend is a fresh start for me though! My bad food habits for the week are OVER. I’m not going to give into sweets or carb goodies until next Thursday, Thanksgiving day! I believe that abs are made in the kitchen, I see improved definition when I’m eating healthier. Although this morning my abs were looking pretty good, not gonna lie. Can’t wait to see how much my body transforms when I kick it into high gear January 2013 in preparation for Emerald Cup! WOO HOOO!

So excited for this weekend, hope everyone else has a great weekend too! I might disappear for the next few days! I have Christmas shopping to do, a birthday party to attend, another ‘Friends-Giving’ on Sunday, and plenty of meal planning and workouts to write for next week. Happy Friday, much love… XOXO


HIIT & Burn Baby!

Back again! I re-wrote my work out for tomorrow to spice things up since an hour on the treadmill didn’t sound like a fun.

I wasn’t very original, I borrowed work outs I’ve used in the past and I’m trying a new Zuzka video!

Here’s my breakdown for tomorrow:

-20 minutes HIIT interval treadmill sprints (90 seconds full sprint / 60 seconds steady, alternate)
-ZShred #21 (Pyriamid Workout: Go down the list and come back up!)
Buy In:
-2 minutes jump rope
-30 seconds medium pace
-30 seconds FAST pace
-30 seconds medium pace
-30 seconds FAST pace
Exercise Breakdown:
-15 competition burpees
-2 minutes jump rope (same breakdown as above)
-15 push kick-through
-25 squats / jump lunge
Resistance Band Circuit (FitnessRx for Women Work Out):
-Left Lateral Walk x 30 steps
-Squats with Band x 30 reps
-Right Lateral Walk x 30 steps
-Squats with Band x 30 reps
-Backwards Duck Walk x 20 reps, each leg
-Glute Pulses x 30 reps, each leg
-Backwards Duck Walk x 20 reps, each leg
-Glute Pulses x 30 reps, each leg

Hopefully I can finish it all! Plenty of cardio and my ass is gonna BURN! Yippeeee, love bodyweight exercises, great switch up from the weight room for a day. I’ll let you know how it goes!

~Jess ♥