Zero Sleep


Not my idea of a great way to start the week.

Last night I was experiencing EXTREME pain in my middle/lower back and abdomen. Extreme pain where I couldn’t sit comfortably, and immediately after peeing I would have this immense pressure, and sharp stabbing pain that would come in waves. You could literally physically FEEL the pain moving inside my body. I had my husband place his hand on my lower back and even he could feel where it would move. It was the weirdest thing ever.

At first I thought it was really intense bloating and cramping for whatever reason. I definitely shouldn’t be at this time. Then I had the fine idea that it MIGHT be kidney stones which freaked me out! I hear those things are worse than child birth, and one of the number one reasons I personally don’t want a child is because of the immense pain. There was no way I was going to pass a kidney stone. I rather go to the Emergency Room, pay out of the nose for an ultrasound and have those things blasted out of me.

Anyways, after freaking myself out on WebMD and Mayo Clinic I could barely sleep. The pain and the stress literally kept me up all night. Right when I would be slipping into a slumber, I would immediately wake up. Not one wink…. *le siiiiiigh*

Even though the pain had subsided by 4:00am when my alarm goes off, I was probably running off of 3 hours of sleep and there was NO way I was gonna try to go to the gym on that, lift heavy things, and go experience a classic Monday at work. No thanks, I wouldn’t be a pleasant person to work with today under those conditions.

So I’ve decided to push back my workout schedule to start tomorrow and I will work out this upcoming Sunday instead of taking it off for a rest day. Boo, I really hate doing that. I think Monday work outs are important, and an excellent way to start the week. I won’t stress about it, I rather treat my body and my mind right. I don’t have enough steam.

Tomorrow the real madness and sweating begins. Today, catching up on needed rest and eating healthy.

Until tomorrow! body