Dreaded Monday Morning…..

Blergggg….. it’s Monday.


I was so ready for it, so prepared, up until I realize I dropped my badge to get into work somewhere between home and my walk to the bus.


Damn it.

Not only that, but today is the first trial run of our new shift schedule: 6:15am to 2:45pm. We haven’t been meeting “compliancy” with our lunch time. 15 minutes makes a HUGE difference in my day. We’ve been operating much slower and have to rearrange our entire daily routine. I might have to start drinking coffee again….


Not to mention, dealing with everyone’s last minute requests. When everyone else is ill prepared, we get the shit end of the stick. Sometimes I feel like I literally have to hold people’s hand. If you can’t do your job then you should probably scoot over and let someone who knows how to do it do it….. like me. How do you get paid more than me?!


I really just wanna go home, go to bed, and never return. I like sleeping. I could get used to that. Stay-at-home-me who sleeps, cleans, bakes, and eats.


There’s a million other things I’d rather be doing now. I would even rather be doing homework right now. I have 1,000 word essay due Friday, 2 huge chapters and quizzes in Nutrition to read, and a Math test to prepare for. My time could be utilized much more efficiently.


5 more days until the weekend…….




Motivational Monday!

Guess what folks?! I actually got my ass out of bed this morning and worked out! YESSSS! I broke my ‘no-working-out-on-Monday’ streak, finally! I seriously feel like a new person right now…..

This morning I did 3 Zuzka videos at home, felt awesome as usual. My abs and oblique’s are KILLING me from yesterdays ‘Bosu Side Plank Weighted Wraps’. Torched my abs yesterday, definitely needed to. I feel like my core has gotten pretty weak since I’ve been focusing on cardio and legs. Definitely miss that chiseled six-pack, time to bring it back!

For breakfast I made a delicious smoothie PACKED with vitamins and nutrients to fuel my morning:

1) Handful of shredded Kale
2) 1 whole Banana
3) 1 cup frozen mixed fruit (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry)
4) 3 tablespoons Chia Seeds
5) Splash of fat-free milk

Blend and enjoy!

Tomorrow morning I’m doing ZWOW #57 at home as well as a Resistance Band Circuit I conjured up. Pretty stoked to try it out! I found an awesome video on YouTube with some new resistance band exercises. I have incorporated combination exercises to focus on the whole body. I want to start using more resistance training for my upper body since it comes in pretty easily. No need to pack on more muscle, I’ve made my gains, now I need to maintain and shred.

On that note, I created my goals for this week! These need to happen:

1) Workout 6 days this week:
     – 45-60 minutes of cardio 4 times this week (Zuzka HIIT videos included)
     – 2 days of booty building
     – 3 days of core training (Zuzka HIIT videos included)
     – 2 days of resistance band training

2) Reduce sugar and carb intake:
     – No bread at lunch time, eat salad with lean protein
     – Holidays are over! No more sweet treats and candy

3) Posing practice!
     – 3 days of posing practice, 45 minutes each
     – Wearing heels around the house to break them in

     – Registration opened last week, I have my application, now I need to send in the check

5) Create a macro meal plan for competition prep
     – Create a plan breakdown and start date 
     – Calculate daily macros
     – Create meal plan based on macros

There they are! Big goals for this week, but I need to take advantage of the extra time I have before work gets crazy again. Excited to start smashing out a training plan and gettin’ it DONE! The Holiday Season was amazing, but I’m ready for the New Year. Hope everyone has an awesome week! Stay tuned…..

~Jess ♥

Putt, Putting Along…..

*Whewwww* Dude, my gas tank is EMPTY. I’m beyond exhausted, shit, it’s only Monday! You mean there’s 4 more days of this before I have my 5 day vacation?! You mean I’m not done yet?!

I feel like I’ve just been going, going, GOING! Yes, work has been INSANE, hell, it’s been BEYOND insane! It has literally scooped out my brain and thrown it in a frying pan. I haven’t had time to sit down, relax, re-collect myself, and really meditate and focus on myself, my goals, and my passion of fitness. I feel like my blog, my goals, and my motivation has been thrown the wayside. I have barely been skating by making it to the gym, I have been eating any sweets pushed my way, and I have had the whip cracked down HARD on my back at work, and it has really, REALLY, mentally AND physically exhausted me. There is only so much work I can do, and hours I can put in, and negative feedback I can take.

The gym is where I feel my best, where I’m my happiest. I LOVE feeling out of breath, I love physically pushing my body and mind to the limits, and I love the results that I get from it. Not just physical, but my mental well-being as well. The endorphin rush is exhilarating, it really gets my serotonin going, and boosts my mood for the entire day. I love it!



I have been letting my stress at work get in the way of my passion. I have allowed work to exhaust me, and have therefore skipped out numerous days at the gym, or have had half ass work outs. I’m NOT going to let that happen anymore. Seriously guys. I won’t. It’s a waste, a poor excuse, and ultimately let’s another factor control me and my decisions, and I won’t allow that.



It’s been a while since I’ve blatantly given a list of my goals. I need to begin setting weekly goals again, and achieving them. So this week my goals are the following:

1) Go to the gym 6 days this week! HANDS DOWN, NO EXCUSES
2) 2 days of Booty Building
3) 4 days of cardio lasting 45-60 minutes minimum
4) Moderate sweets, one refined sugar item a day, quit eating all that freakin’ toffee
5) Write down what you PLAN to eat the day before, no more “playing it by ear” it’s NOT working
6) Achieve all these goals and check back in next week

Next week I WILL check back in and I will create NEW goals. This will become habitual, I’m a goal oriented person who needs to write out their goals to hold myself accountable, and post them all over the internet so everyone else can hold me accountable. I’m done skating on by thinking I can win a competition this way. I WANT to put in the hard work and I WANT to do it the right way.

I still want to enjoy the holidays, but I know I have been going overboard lately, and not working hard enough to deserve it. This last weekend I worked out on Saturday, but didn’t workout yesterday or today. Saturday’s workout seemed really weak, I was very bored and disconnected. Too much repetitive lifting and not enough cardio to raise the heart rate. Saturday we had a Christmas party and I went over the top on alcohol. Too many glasses of wine, and too many delicious mixed drinks. Sunday I had a nasty hangover, it was NOT my proudest moment. I had originally planned to workout, but because I got a lil too crazy and drank too much I chose not to. I don’t want to set those kinds of barriers for myself, I have big goals that take a lot of hard work to achieve.


I want to do really well, not only to succeed and look great in this competition, but I love fitness and health, and I never want any outside factors determining what I do whether it be work stressing me out, me drinking too much at a Christmas party, or my pure laziness and wanting to sleep in a few more hours. I have become so good at making excuses, and I don’t want to make excuses anymore. I just want to go out and do it, I never regret it afterwards.

So here’s to setting new goals! Here’s to being inspired, refreshed, and motivated to succeed! I wouldn’t mind if you wanna check in and prod me a little bit, haha!

OOOooo! Another goal I have…. I am in search of a new gym. My current gym is TERRIBLE! I could rant, and rant, and RANT all day why the Downtown Bellevue LA Fitness is horrendous! Let’s just say their equipment is always dirty, broken, and NEVER re-racked. Last Thursday I spent a half hour re-racking weights before I could start my routine. PISSED, utterly pissed. Mind you, I’m an extreme gym snob. On top of that, their staff is completely incompetent. ‘I don’t know how to change the TV Channel’ incompetent. I feel like you should know that! Not that I watch the TV, but I overheard some ladies bad mouthing about it. I saw a dirty T Shirt sitting by the free weights for 3 weeks, and their Swiss balls are so gross that they are gray now instead of the bright lime green they once were. Not to mention, they hardly have any air…. WTF?!


Anyways…. I want to check out Iron Works by my house. It’s literally right up the road, it would be a great warm up run. If looks legit, it’s local, and is highly recommended by friends and athletes. Hoping I can make it out there this Saturday, try it out and see how I like it. It would be nice to workout in a gym that I actually enjoy, although I shouldn’t let the ‘crappiness’ of any gym deter me away from working out period. The way I see it though, if I spend about 10 hours a week at a gym, it should be nice, it’s MY time, my Zen.

Well, I better wrap up! Almost time to go home. My boss changed our schedule to working 9:30am to 6:00pm this week, little did she know we had most of our briefings leaving at 5:30pm or later, one of which is departing at 6:15pm. Not sure what she was seeing when she checked the schedule. I just loooove being here longer after all! Spirit to serve! ♥ *Saaaaarcasssmmmm*

Goodnight folks! Thanks for following my nonsense, have a great week!

~Jess ♥

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday everybody, it’s a short week, thank goodness it’s Thanksgiving in T minus 4 days! I’ve been looking forward to this week all year, love me some Turkey, stuffing, candied yams, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pecan and pumpkin pie, eggnog, Sparkling Cider, and all the goodies!

That being said, since it is Monday and knowing my track record for skipping out on Mondays and sleeping in…. you can bet I did the same this morning too. I might just stop setting Monday as the beginning of my workout week. This week I am working out Tuesday through Sunday, and will be taking NEXT Monday off as well. Mondays I like to recover from the weekend and start off the week well rested. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Fresh outlook….

Anyways, I wanted to update you guys on my decision about getting a David Barton Gym membership. I discussed finances with Derek with Christmas coming up, our desire to go on a vacation next year, and all of the items I need to make this competition happen like ridiculously high heels, sparkly glittery suit, tanning and spray tanning, hair, make up, and registration!

The answer is apparent, I will NOT be getting a David Barton Membership…. YET. I also won’t be joining a team. I’ve decided to do my first competition on my own and see what opportunities lie ahead after the competition is over. Who knows, maybe I’ll earn my training cert and be able to train at David Barton Gym and workout there for free! It’s a beautiful facility and a great goal to work towards. I really love fitness and hope something great can take off. This could open a door to a whole new realm for me; I am just going to be patient, work my ass off, and hopefully talent scouts will see that and offer me something amazing!

Favorite Magazine! Cover Girl Ashley Kaltwasser is an inspiration

Favorite Magazine! Cover Girl Ashley Kaltwasser is an inspiration

I have always been so intrigued with the fitness industry! Anytime I have downtime my face is in a magazine like ‘FitnessRx for Women‘ or ‘Muscle & Fitness Hers’ reading up on the latest fitness and health articles, I’m on YouTube getting workout ideas from Zuzka, I’m writing my workouts, I’m blogging about my meal plans and workout plans to be held accountable, or I’m at the gym getting my sweat on! I even follow a couple hundred Fitness Instagram accounts to get ideas for workouts, recipes, and to get motivated to kill this competition. I follow all the IFBB Bikini Pros looking at their progress over the years in competing and seeing the changes in their bodies and getting inspired to make changes in my own. You could say I’m some what of a freak! I love it!

Ahhhh, I’m feeling so motivated right now! I can’t wait to kick tomorrow’s ass! I posted my workout for tomorrow above. I’m so excited for Wednesday too, it’s all MY day! No work, no obligations….. I’ve got a date with gym, gonna set an intention for my workout and destroy it! Gonna tan and get rid of this pasty complexion, it’s killing me! This week I’m eating clean until Thanksgiving Day! Right after that I’ll be eating clean again until whatever Christmas parties might roll my way this year.

Much needed 5 day weekend ahead, I’ve worked really hard and have taken a lot of stress lately, you can bet this mini vacation will be well spent. Happy Monday everybody, getcha’ sweat on today and plow through that Turkey on Thursday! XOXO

~Jess ♥

Zero Sleep


Not my idea of a great way to start the week.

Last night I was experiencing EXTREME pain in my middle/lower back and abdomen. Extreme pain where I couldn’t sit comfortably, and immediately after peeing I would have this immense pressure, and sharp stabbing pain that would come in waves. You could literally physically FEEL the pain moving inside my body. I had my husband place his hand on my lower back and even he could feel where it would move. It was the weirdest thing ever.

At first I thought it was really intense bloating and cramping for whatever reason. I definitely shouldn’t be at this time. Then I had the fine idea that it MIGHT be kidney stones which freaked me out! I hear those things are worse than child birth, and one of the number one reasons I personally don’t want a child is because of the immense pain. There was no way I was going to pass a kidney stone. I rather go to the Emergency Room, pay out of the nose for an ultrasound and have those things blasted out of me.

Anyways, after freaking myself out on WebMD and Mayo Clinic I could barely sleep. The pain and the stress literally kept me up all night. Right when I would be slipping into a slumber, I would immediately wake up. Not one wink…. *le siiiiiigh*

Even though the pain had subsided by 4:00am when my alarm goes off, I was probably running off of 3 hours of sleep and there was NO way I was gonna try to go to the gym on that, lift heavy things, and go experience a classic Monday at work. No thanks, I wouldn’t be a pleasant person to work with today under those conditions.

So I’ve decided to push back my workout schedule to start tomorrow and I will work out this upcoming Sunday instead of taking it off for a rest day. Boo, I really hate doing that. I think Monday work outs are important, and an excellent way to start the week. I won’t stress about it, I rather treat my body and my mind right. I don’t have enough steam.

Tomorrow the real madness and sweating begins. Today, catching up on needed rest and eating healthy.

Until tomorrow! body