Killing this Week!

Thank god it’s Thursday!

This week has been pretty intense so far, but I’ve been smashin’ it regardless. I’ve been stickin’ with my new training plan, torching calories, killing workouts, staying on point with my diet, and seeing RESULTS. The results you see when you put in the work are totally worth the early mornings workouts, two-a-days, running home after work in the dark and rain, and stickin’ to your macros like a Nazi. Having a photo shoot this weekend is extra extra motivation to get shit done right.

Tonight I for REAL this time have my first posing practice at David Barton Gym with Natalie! For real this time! Weekends are hard to plan since she has them off and I don’t want to make her come into work just to help me out for free. Thankfully, I’m working 6am to 6pm, so by the time I get off, I can fit in a workout before she’s off at 8pm and we get started 🙂 Speaking of insane 12 hour shifts, I WON’T be doing overtime anymore. My poor pup has been neglected, I’ve been exhausted, and it’s really not worth the money to run myself down and have half-ass workouts. Not this close to comp date! No thank you! I’m very relieved with my decision, and I should be on the opening shift in about 3 weeks, so that’s good news!

8 weeks out, close to 7 weeks! I technically don’t count peak week, otherwise it would be 9 weeks out, hehe 🙂 I like to think that I’m closer, it pushes me to work HARDER and convinces me that I’m that much closer to endless Samoas and peanut butter, yummmmm! I’ve been so desperate for more peanut butter that I’ve created a Wish List on my Amazon account and have added a zillion different kinds of peanut butters! Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, PB Crave Cookie Nookie, Nuts ‘N More Toffee Peanut Butter, and let’s not forget P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter!


I just got my shipment of Coconut Cashew and the new Cookies ‘N Cream Quest bars! So freakin’ STOKED outta my mind! Cookies ‘N Cream….. OUT – OF – THIS – WORLD……. Kid you not, so delicious. Every time I finish one I want to immediately scarf down another one. I feel great about eating them too 🙂 This morning I made a delicious Mug Cake out of one! I don’t have a picture, but I’ll post the recipe:

Cookies N’ Cream Mug Cake:


-2 Tablespoons Oat Flour (I just used a magic bullet to create my own oat flour)
-3 Tablespoons Egg White Liquid
-1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
-1/4 Teaspoon Almond Extract
-1/2 Packet of Truvia
-2 Tablespoons Greek Yogurt
-1 Cookie ‘N Cream Quest Bar!


-2 Tablespoons Greek Yogurt
-1/2 Scoop Optimum Nutrition French Vanilla Whey Protein
-1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
-1/2 Packet of Truvia


-Mix all the ‘Mug Cake’ ingredients together, break Quest bar into tiny bits!
-Cook in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes

-Mix the icing together and top off your mug cake! VOILA! Magnifico 🙂

Try it out, that shit is the BOMB! I’m stoked to go to Costco this weekend so we can stock up on baking goods and more FOOD! Our cupboards are so empty right now, I have no peanut butter, apples, or rice cakes…. my go-to snacks in times of trouble!

Anywho, I better bounce! I’ll try to get some posing photos from tonight posted, as well as some sneak peek photos from this weekend 😉 O, did I mention I am going on a surprise date with the hubby this Saturday?! So excited, I actually DESERVE this meal! I’ve gone 2 weeks without a cheat meal, holy hell!

Well happy Thursday folks, end the week STRONG!


I want to drown my sorrow in peanut butter………

I want to drown my sorrow in peanut butter.........

It’s been….. a day.

Started out freakin’ fantastic! I went to the gym, worked out (not the workout posted), burned a good 650 calories, did some plyo circuits, cardio, and smashed out some glute exercises in the squat rack and on the cable machine. I went home and half-ass watched a TV show while eating some delicious oats, PB2, and almond milk with coffee and my cat in my lap. After an hour long cuddle session with Pookie, I got ready for work and took Keyda for a walk. I cleaned up the house a bit, packed running clothes for my run home tonight, and walked to the bus stop in good spirits. The sun was out, it was warm, and damn was I feeling alright 🙂

Then a stormy cloud rolled in when I got to work. I had a meeting with my manager and the manager of the role that I applied for and was told that I did not receive the position. Usually I wouldn’t be so bummed, but after dwelling on it for nearly 5 hours, I’m extremely upset and a little offended. I have applied for this position (or similar position) 3 times now and have been denied for the full time position twice. I’ve only shown drive, dedication, and passion for this position since the day I started a year ago. I have taken ownership of so many projects, submitted so many business improvements, and show true leadership qualities and am even cross training for the role! All of those qualities have been overlooked and the position has been offered to someone else who has been with the company ‘longer’.

*Le siiiiiiiigh* As upset as I am, I am taking this as a sign….. I’m going to chase my dreams and follow my passion. If they had chosen me for the position, I would have been committed for at least 2 years and would have little time for myself. Sure, the pay is better and the benefits are better, but let’s be honest: the position is no joke, it’s tough work, it’s confrontational, you put up with a lot of crap from people, you have to know how to say ‘no’ firmly, you have to be professional at all times, be able to think fast on your feet, and work independently and QUICKLY. I would have been great at it, but I know that fitness and health is my calling, I’m no longer going to deny it. I am my happiest when I’m in the gym or even sitting at home surfing the internet about nutrition, macros, recipes, and workout ideas.

On the upside! I will be moving to the morning shift! I will be working 6:00am to 2:30pm, so no more late nights wondering when the hell I’ll be off work. I can enjoy the day light, make appointments, make plans with friends, take my dog to the dog park etc. I’ve been waiting for the morning shift for so long, I’m actually pretty pumped about it. The only downside: I LOATHE the gym at 3:00pm!


Definitely need to start looking into school for Nutrition soon! I need, need, NEED to go back and do something with my life, and nutrition seems to be the direction I feel great about. It will be tough with finances, but it’s worth it. If Derek can do everything he does; two jobs, full time school schedule, preparing for Law School, travelling half way across the state every other weekend to pick up Kai, and taking care of his family then I can go to work and school too. He’s got it MUCH tougher than anyone I know, he’s a great role model and inspiration.

Well….. on that note…….

I’m really excited about running home tonight. I need fresh air, I need to clear my mind and hit the reset button. It’s been the longest day in the history of…. my career at the EBC…..

So long, hope everyone is having a better Thursday than me……