Summer Farewell


This weekend at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

Summer is nearing it’s end and Fall will be upon us in a few short weeks. Is it just me or did time fly by insanely quick? I hope everybody had a great Summer and did everything on their Bucket List. To farewell Summer, Derek and I went on a motorcycle ride to Mukilteo Beach to enjoy some brews at the Diamond Knot Brewery. Lucky for us, they were having the Lighthouse Festival as well! We got some early Christmas shopping done at the local vendor booths and sat on the docks enjoying the view. It was a very relaxing weekend, much needed for both of us.

In the next 2 weeks I’ll be going to school for the first time in 5 years! It’s pretty nerve wrecking, but I’m anxious to start making changes in my life and to aim my focus in new areas.

I don’t know if I ever blogged about it, but about 3-4 weeks ago I came across a bump in my Financial Aid. In 2008 I had a withdraw from Winter quarter at Bellevue College that was voiding my Financial Aid for this upcoming Fall. After much coordination with Derek’s friend in Financial Aid, Ernesto (bless his soul!); I was instructed to send in an Appeal with my explanation of what happened during that time. That was the year I ran away from home and experienced a lot of issues with my adoptive family, so I attested to that and had 5 witness letters written by friends and family. I’m truly blessed to have such good friends and family! Within 24 hours of me asking them each for the favor to write a witness letter, I had received them all and sent them in!


Financial Aid was approved! Hell yeah!

MY AID WAS APPROVED! So much stress has been lifted off my chest, none of it would have been possible without the help of Derek’s friend Ernesto.

I’m enrolled in English 101, Nutrition 100, and DON’T LAUGH…. Math 097. Yesterday morning I bought my books, holy hell those are a whole other expense! Thankfully I’ve been working 52 hour work weeks to earn overtime pay to make up for the wedding expenditures this Summer and help pay for books. I can’t wait to be on a normal schedule though! The money is nice and my mental health is actually doing pretty well, but I want to have more time in my day to where I’m not just working 6:00am to 6:30pm and vegging out on the couch until bedtime.

I have been staying on top of my workouts! I’ve been running 5-7 miles home on my 12 hour shifts days, and doing plenty of Zuzka videos on my normal 8 hour shift days or weekends. I honestly haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks. I’m excited to go back though to work on my booty, I’m gonna diiiiie in the squat rack!

My diet hasn’t been on point but whatever. Those freakin’ mini muffins Catering leaves in the break room are too damn delicious! I do feel better when I eat better, so I’ve been making small changes. I’ve been introduced to the Pink Lady apple, so that’s my new favorite snack. Now to make apple pie with it…. yummmm!

Lately I’ve also been on an eBay kick as you might haven noticed from my latest post. I’ve been selling a lot of my old Lululemon gear, along with a couple other items. Kind of addicting! I’ve also been scoring some pretty sweet deals. I bought a Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay for $15! YES, it’s 100% authentic. I used a $25 gift card from Influenster and only paid $15 out of pocket. I’m sure you all care about my eBay finds (sarcasm) but I had to tell someone about my lucky find! eBay has been earning me a little bit of extra cash, I like it! I’ve been Goodwill shopping and flipping my purchases.

I’ve also been writing plenty reviews. Influenster has been gracious enough to choose me for a lot of their VoxBox programs and campaigns. I should be getting my VSX Sports Bra in the mail any day along with a pair of VS workout pants! I should also be getting my Allure Sample Society box for September by the end of the week. Apparently, Ipsy has decided to reinstate my cancelled membership without my permission and have me join again, so I should be getting a Glam Bag at the end of the week as well. I’ll give them another shot…. even though they shouldn’t be reinstating my membership without my permission. If I don’t get my Glam Bag at the end of next week, I’ll give them hell.

Anyways, sorry for being a shitty blogger lately! I’ve been extremely busy and about to get busier. Hope everyone has a great week! Stay tuned, I might do something unusual and post a workout…. **GASP!**




My blog hasn’t really been structured lately, in fact, I don’t believe my blog ever had structure! I just sorta’ post when I feel like it, or sometimes I’ll post when I realize my page views are dropping and I have been doing a shitty job keeping my readers engaged. Some times it’s hard to have really great content ‘come to you’. So here’s a hodge-podge of random thoughts for your reading pleasure….

I recently added a few new categories to my blog. I’ve expanded my product review labels since I recently joined Influenster, Sample Society by Allure, Fabletics athletic apparel by Kate Hudson, and I’m a sponsored athlete with Femme. Now I’m just sittin’ pretty until my goodies arrive in the mail so I can tell you how awesome or not awesome they are!

In the mean time, I’ve been creating goals for myself with the new school year fast approaching. This will be my first time back at college in 5 years! It’s a pretty monumental moment for me! I will be working overtime at my job with a full course schedule. I’ve never actually done that before! It will be hard to sacrifice some workout time for school, but I won’t give up one or the other, I WILL find a balance! tina2

My typical goal is to visit the gym 5 times a week, working out anywhere between an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes.

While I’m enrolled in school I’ve set my goal for at least 4 times a week, working out the same amount of time, but working out SMARTER. I will be incorporating more HIIT treadmill sprints and incline sprints with plyo sets in between. I easily torched about 750-800 calories in a short amount of time during my competition prep with this style workout. Currently I am lucky if I burn up to 600 calories with my lifting schedule. Both types of workouts have their benefits, I personally benefit more from cardio and plyo workouts, especially when I have limited time. I will still incorporate two lifting days, mostly leg days, but if my arms are feeling skimpy I’ll do some upper body as well. I usually workout upper body 2-4 times a month! Not often!

I’ve also adjusted my macros so I will be eating less carbs. Not much less, but I definitely feel like I didn’t need 186 grams per day! We’ll see how my body reacts.

If I become too overwhelmed with the schedule and can’t fit my workout in after work, I can also run to work in the mornings while good weather lasts. My work has a shower, all I have to do is bring a small shower basket with hair products and small make up bag to keep in my locker. Voila! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

This will be my work and school schedule beginning Monday, September 22nd:

Monday and Wednesday:
-Work:    6:00am to 4:30pm
-School: 5:20pm to 7:40pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
-Work:    6:00am to 2:30pm
-School: No classes! Workout and HW

I’m secretly really excited for school 🙂 Am I terrified because it’s been 5 years?! Absolutely! I really need the distraction from work, I need to feel like I’m working on something to achieve a purpose for MY future. I love the convenience my job; the hours, the pay, benefits, and the pace; but I know that there is something else for me on the horizon.

Is it weird that this almost feels like farewell?! I’m about to be insanely busy, I really hope I can cope with the jam packed schedule. My future blog posts might be few and far between, and when I do post they may be rushed and just a brief update. To be honest, I might migrate back over to the old school pen and notebook journal. Something about physically writing with pen and paper soothes me. I will write as often as I can, until next time……


Beauty Products and Wants!

I have a moment of down time at work right now. It’s supposed to be a fairly slow week at work, we’ll see how that goes though! I wanted to write a post about the beauty products that I enjoy and the things that I want to get in the near future! bbcream

Right now I am OBSESSED with Physicians Formula. You can purchase their makeup at any drug store like Bartells or Rite Aid. It’s on the higher cost end of drug store makeup, but definitely worth it if you’re not looking to hack off an arm and a leg for anything you would buy at Sephora. I love their bronzer and I just started using their BB Concealer. Their concealer is AMAZING! I use it for spot correction on blemishes and acne scars. To be honest, I think it has improved my overall skin quality as well. It seems like my scars are ever so slightly fading!

I have also been obsessing over Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. The stuff is awesome! I have really fine oily hair, and it makes a great alternative to dry shampoo. It reduces the look and feel of oil, my scalp feels cleaner when I use it. Not to mention it helps my teasing stay put and smells great! It’s a little spendy, $40 bucks for a bottle that lasted me about a year. Definitely worth every penny though. If there’s anything I spend A LOT of money on, it’s my hair. I was fortunate enough to work at a hair salon last year where I was able to stock up on Aveda hair products at ‘back bar’ price. A HUGE bottle of shampoo retailing at $100 would cost me almost $8! Miss those deals. I still get my hair done by Michelle who works over there, and she’ll hook me up with discounts. oribe

Another product I enjoy is Epicuren Gelle Cleanser. I recently have been experiencing really bad acne on the sides of my face, it started about a year ago. I thought it was temporary and it would go away, but it’s stuck around for quite a while, and to be frank, kinda bums me out. The esthetician at the salon I worked at told me about Epicuren and gave me their Gelle Cleanser to try out. So sweet of her! I still have the bottle from a year ago! I use it sparingly, like you’re supposed to. It’s a very potent cleanser that will dry the SHIT out of your face, acne doesn’t stand a chance! I’m running out though and need to get more!epicuren

Wow, the list could go on and on. I love Kiehls Blue Herbal Acne Lotion. Keeps my face moisturized without getting oily. Gives my face a matte appearance. Diggin’ the Rene Furterer Vegetal Mousse for volumizing my hair, also smells phenomenal! Seriously love a lot of products out there, you can follow my Pinterest Board too, I’ve got PLENTY going on!

*WHEWWW!* Now for the things I WANT!

I definitely want some lifting gloves. Not Power Lifting straps, but just some gloves that will protect my hands from ripping open from deadlifts using a stacked Olympic bar. Okay, okay, they don’t RIP open, but it freakin’ hurts! I don’t wanna worry about my precious fragile hands even thought I love the hard-earned callouses; I want to lift HEAVY! WHEY

I would also love, love, LOVE some Optimum Whey Protein, Cake Batter flavor of course! I just ran out of my Muscle Milk protein today, which I’m excited about because that means I get something new, but I’m also bummed because that means I’ll be out of something for a WHILE. I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Of course, I would love some new workout clothes. In January I will be spending more time than usual in the gym, and I only have oh so many outfits that I can keep clean and rotate. I need some more Lululemon tank tops, sports bras, and long sleeve shirts. I could definitely use another pair of pants too, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking! I have plenty of shorts and running tights, I just need their classic Groove Pant, or something a little more form-fitting so as not to get in my way while working out. lululemon

On top of gloves, whey protein, and new Lululemon clothing, I would also love a new gym AND my own Cable Cuff for the cable machines to build my booty with Glute Kickbacks! I HATE sharing machines or equipment at the gym, and LA Fitness doesn’t even have a cuff! So annoyed, I could go off AGAIN about how much they suck…. haha, but I’m going back there tonight. Definitely checking out Iron Works this Saturday though, can’t wait to see what they have to offer. I wouldn’t mind running to the gym every morning either, it’s so close and would be an excellent warm up!

I’m getting butterflies in my tummy, I’m so excited for January, I can’t wait to kick my ass! I’m going to meal prep like crazy, write insane workouts, stick with my workout plan, set Personal Records, break in my competition shoes, and rock my suit when it gets here. So freakin’ stoked! 15 days until official training and 18 weeks out from Emerald Cup 2014!

Gonna rock the shit outta that stage!

~Jess ♥