Count Down till Christmas!

*Whewwww* It’s been such a long week! Even though this week has been a cake walk at work, it’s definitely dragged on and on and ON! I’m itching to get out of this gray blazer and go home! Today is my cardio day, so I’m choosing to go home and do a few new Zuzka videos to get a good sweat on, raise my heart rate and challenge my whole entire body. I waaaaaay prefer doing an hour of her videos over doing an hour on the elliptical and dreadmill. Soooo boooooringggg! I need to get outside and run again! My husband is FINALLY going to take me on a run around our new place, if the weather permits. He’s been on his Winter Break and really enjoying himself. I definitely miss having him around not stressing out about school.

Tonight I’m doing ZWOW #98 & ZWOW #95. I will be finishing with her new series Power Yoga #5. Once again, you’ll have to go to her ZGYM to view the FULL workout. Totally worth the $10 a month, I’m telling you! NO! I’m not a sales rep, although I’d be a damned good one!

Both ZWOW’s I’m doing today are all bodyweight exercises. ZWOW #98 looks like the following 15 min AMRAP  (if I’m feeling daring, maybe I’ll go for 20 min!):

  • 10 Jump Lunges into 3 1-leg Dive Bombers <—- SUPER HARD!
  • 10 Bird Dog Burpees
  • 10 Sit-ups to Burpees

ZWOW #95 is the following, completing 3 rounds (maybe I’ll go for 4!):

  • 10 Pistol to 1-leg Burpee
  • 40 Alt. Crab Dance
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Back Lunge Kick-ups

Finally, I’ll cool down with a Power Yoga video. Her Power Yoga videos are pretty challenging as well. They stretch the whole body and challenge the heart rate. My goal is to stretch out 3 videos to last at least an hour.

Tomorrow is LEG DAAAAAAAY! Pretty damn excited about it too, not gonna lie. I’ve got a pretty good workout planned. Some times I really wish I had a workout partner for leg day so I could have a spotter on the squat rack. I feel like such a loner. Tomorrow’s workout is the following:


  • -1 minute jump rope
  • -10 burpees
  • -1 minute jump rope
  • -10 jump lunge w/ kick
  • -1 minute rope
  • -10/10 side plank dips

  • -16-8-8-16 Swiss Ball Hamstring Pulls
  • -20 Dumbbell Pull Throughs
  • -10-10-10 Drop Set Hamstring Curls
  • -10-10 Stiff Legged Dead Lifts x3

  • -20 Goblet Squats
  • -15-15-15 Leg Press Variations
  • -20 Smith Machine Vertical Glute Press
  • -10-10-10 Drop Set Smith Machine Squats x3

  • -20 minute stair master single leg step ups (20/20)
  • -25 minute treadmill run / elliptical

Whew, gonna be a fun workout! Definitely gonna be sore on Saturday, so good thing Saturday is all upper body. I’m going to try Iron Works on Saturday too, pretty stoked about it! Really looking forward to having a new gym that’s clean, has a great environment, great equipment, and HOPEFULLY not busy at 5am 🙂

Today I’m sticking with my meal plan! I only sweet I allowed myself today was a cookie at work. That’s it for the day! Nothing else! This morning I had a Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar and a steak Cesar salad for lunch. Today I still get to eat a banana and my ground turkey, quinoa, black bean, corn, whole wheat wrap. I know, pretty boring and staple diet, but I know the results are going to be great! I will be experimenting with new recipes next week too, so stay tuned or suggest some great ones!

My suit comes in tomorrow, I’m so freakin’ excited! It actually looks like they tried delivering it today, so now it’s at the post office. Can’t wait to pick it up and try it on! CHEEZIN! ^_^ Putting it on will be a humbling experience for sure, still have a looooong way to go.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope you all have a great night. Don’t forget to pass along any great recipes if you have any!

~Jess ♥

Beauty Products and Wants!

I have a moment of down time at work right now. It’s supposed to be a fairly slow week at work, we’ll see how that goes though! I wanted to write a post about the beauty products that I enjoy and the things that I want to get in the near future! bbcream

Right now I am OBSESSED with Physicians Formula. You can purchase their makeup at any drug store like Bartells or Rite Aid. It’s on the higher cost end of drug store makeup, but definitely worth it if you’re not looking to hack off an arm and a leg for anything you would buy at Sephora. I love their bronzer and I just started using their BB Concealer. Their concealer is AMAZING! I use it for spot correction on blemishes and acne scars. To be honest, I think it has improved my overall skin quality as well. It seems like my scars are ever so slightly fading!

I have also been obsessing over Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. The stuff is awesome! I have really fine oily hair, and it makes a great alternative to dry shampoo. It reduces the look and feel of oil, my scalp feels cleaner when I use it. Not to mention it helps my teasing stay put and smells great! It’s a little spendy, $40 bucks for a bottle that lasted me about a year. Definitely worth every penny though. If there’s anything I spend A LOT of money on, it’s my hair. I was fortunate enough to work at a hair salon last year where I was able to stock up on Aveda hair products at ‘back bar’ price. A HUGE bottle of shampoo retailing at $100 would cost me almost $8! Miss those deals. I still get my hair done by Michelle who works over there, and she’ll hook me up with discounts. oribe

Another product I enjoy is Epicuren Gelle Cleanser. I recently have been experiencing really bad acne on the sides of my face, it started about a year ago. I thought it was temporary and it would go away, but it’s stuck around for quite a while, and to be frank, kinda bums me out. The esthetician at the salon I worked at told me about Epicuren and gave me their Gelle Cleanser to try out. So sweet of her! I still have the bottle from a year ago! I use it sparingly, like you’re supposed to. It’s a very potent cleanser that will dry the SHIT out of your face, acne doesn’t stand a chance! I’m running out though and need to get more!epicuren

Wow, the list could go on and on. I love Kiehls Blue Herbal Acne Lotion. Keeps my face moisturized without getting oily. Gives my face a matte appearance. Diggin’ the Rene Furterer Vegetal Mousse for volumizing my hair, also smells phenomenal! Seriously love a lot of products out there, you can follow my Pinterest Board too, I’ve got PLENTY going on!

*WHEWWW!* Now for the things I WANT!

I definitely want some lifting gloves. Not Power Lifting straps, but just some gloves that will protect my hands from ripping open from deadlifts using a stacked Olympic bar. Okay, okay, they don’t RIP open, but it freakin’ hurts! I don’t wanna worry about my precious fragile hands even thought I love the hard-earned callouses; I want to lift HEAVY! WHEY

I would also love, love, LOVE some Optimum Whey Protein, Cake Batter flavor of course! I just ran out of my Muscle Milk protein today, which I’m excited about because that means I get something new, but I’m also bummed because that means I’ll be out of something for a WHILE. I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Of course, I would love some new workout clothes. In January I will be spending more time than usual in the gym, and I only have oh so many outfits that I can keep clean and rotate. I need some more Lululemon tank tops, sports bras, and long sleeve shirts. I could definitely use another pair of pants too, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking! I have plenty of shorts and running tights, I just need their classic Groove Pant, or something a little more form-fitting so as not to get in my way while working out. lululemon

On top of gloves, whey protein, and new Lululemon clothing, I would also love a new gym AND my own Cable Cuff for the cable machines to build my booty with Glute Kickbacks! I HATE sharing machines or equipment at the gym, and LA Fitness doesn’t even have a cuff! So annoyed, I could go off AGAIN about how much they suck…. haha, but I’m going back there tonight. Definitely checking out Iron Works this Saturday though, can’t wait to see what they have to offer. I wouldn’t mind running to the gym every morning either, it’s so close and would be an excellent warm up!

I’m getting butterflies in my tummy, I’m so excited for January, I can’t wait to kick my ass! I’m going to meal prep like crazy, write insane workouts, stick with my workout plan, set Personal Records, break in my competition shoes, and rock my suit when it gets here. So freakin’ stoked! 15 days until official training and 18 weeks out from Emerald Cup 2014!

Gonna rock the shit outta that stage!

~Jess ♥

This week is FLYING!

Am I the only person who seems to think that this week has flown by so quickly? I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I thought that this week would DRAAAAAG since I had a 5 day weekend last week. I guess it’s just insanely busy at work. Either way, I’m super excited for the weekend. Big plans! Parties and weddings, this is the month to celebrate.

This morning I did a cardio, tricep, chest, and shoulder workout. Great workout, definitely feeling the pump in my upper body. Was a little bored with the lack of elevated heart rate and sweat. Maybe I need to lift heavier? Hmmmm. I feel like if I lift any heavier, I will definitely bulk up, and I’m not trying to compete Figure. I want that sexy, sleek, sender bikini bod! Don’t get me wrong, Figure chicks are hot too, but not what I’m going for. keyda

This is a relatively short post, I just wanted to touch bases with you and give you my workout for tomorrow. Tomorrow is LEG DAAAAAAY! We’re doing core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Hell yes! I woke up a lil’ sore from yesterday’s dead lifts, but I dropped the weight A LOT so I could perform well for tomorrow’s leg day. I love me some glutes and hammy workouts! I think hammies are one of my favorite body parts to train, I love the immediate pumped up definition I get! I wish they would stay like that though. Consistent training is KEY!

Well bye folks! Gotta get ready for the day, walk my dog, and finish my power point presentation at work! Have an awesome day, try my workout!

~Jess ♥