Christmas Workout Schedule!

Good morning, Happy Monday folks, IT’S CHRISTMAS WEEEEEEK! So excited. When am I not excited though? I feel like that’s my phrase. So damn excited about everything….


Maybe one day I will graduate the ‘bathroom photo’ phase

Since it is Christmas week, it means I’m working out EVERY DAY! If I’m going to indulge in cookies, candy, and sugar on Christmas Day, I HAVE to workout every day. That’s the deal.

As you can see, there is plenty focus on cardio this week and really backing off on upper body. Derek is right, I gain muscle VERY quickly up top, I need to focus on shedding fat on my legs and lifting the booty through cardio, sprints, hills, and DIET!

*Siiiiighhh* I really wish this competition was sooner, I feel like I’ve been waiting to start for so long. 17 weeks away! The only one that is in the state before Emerald Cup is the Tanji Johnson Bikini Classic at Skyview Highschool in Vancouver Washington Saturday April 5th, 2014. Maybe do both? I can imagine that would rack up a bill.

The next competition in the area AFTER Emerald Cup is the Empire Classic Bikini at the Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights Washington Friday & Saturday May 9th & 10th, 2014. There is also the Washington Ironman Bikini next October 4th, 2014 a Saturday at Gold Creek Community Church in Bothell?!? That seems odd….. Hmmmm according to the NPC Contest Schedule, it looks like there’s only 3 NPC in Washington next year.

REGISTRATION FOR EMERALD CUP IS OPEN NOW! I just checked the site! I compete on Saturday April 26th, yippee! I will have to print the registration when I get to work on Thursday, and send my check off as well. Registration is $109, not TOO shabby. It is an incredibly expensive sport, but so are Iron Man Triathlon’s. I’m thankful I bought most of my items (tanning package, competition suit, and competition heels) on Black Friday deals.

In fact, I have a lot to be thankful for these days. I don’t take nearly enough time to step back and realize how lucky I am.

Recent posts will reveal how much I’ve let the stresses of work get to me, to the point that I realized I have been genuinely unhappy. It takes a conscious effort and strength for me to count my blessings, restrain my emotions and take a step back to look at the bigger picture. I let my stress and negativity control me, and the reason I love working out is so that I can release that tension and put it into good use and feel amazing afterwards. Truth is, I can’t workout 24 hours of the day, I NEED to exercise mental strength so I don’t allow myself to downward spiral like I have been as of late.

With this time off from work I have had the opportunity to weigh my decisions and re-evaluate my plan of action.

At first I thought to myself, I NEED A NEW JOB! I know I’m not the only one who thinks this where I work. Yes, maybe I DO need a new job, but I have too much to risk right now to go looking for another one. #1, I want to finish this competition at my current job. It would be too stressful to learn a new role while dealing with competition prep and drastic mood swings from hunger. #2, I am cross training as a back up for a higher position than my current role, which means the likelihood of me getting the position when someone moves on is MUCH higher. I am hoping that with new responsibilities dealing closer with something I would rather be doing with higher pay and better benefits will change my mind about working for the company. #3, Although I may disagree with the company and with management, and with the way management approaches their employees, and am ultimately getting paid to do things that don’t make sense to me; I get paid well, I have weekends off, and I have a schedule that matches my needs as far as training. #4, The experience will look phenomenal on my resume! I am coming up on 1 year next month, and already have so many qualifications I can speak for as well as managers. My Annual Review is coming up, which will determine my raise. I have well over half a dozen Business Improvement credit, I have achieved every goal on my Personal Development Plan, I passed my Keys Test with flying colors, I have excellent customer service, AND my Winter Training was a HUGE success last week. I have a lot to brag about, I won’t even down play it.

I have a lot of things going for me. Even though I might hear encouraging words every once in a blue moon, and it seems as though 98% of what I hear from managers is negative and how poorly my team is performing, I know that’s not the case. I know that there are a few people out there that recognize my work and how exceptionally I perform. I will admit, lately I have been slacking. Day after day of hearing nothing but negative feedback, criticisms, and managers displaying ‘attitudes’ make it really hard to WANT to perform well. You know what? It doesn’t matter if I want to perform well for THEM, or even for the company. I want to perform well for ME, for my future, for opportunities to come, and for the mere fact that I work hard at EVERYTHING I do.

Tell me I do a shitty job one more time, because it’s not the case. I’m going to do a damn good job at work AND in my competition. When I feel like stress is getting to me, I will take a step back and look at the bigger picture….. keep working hard and doing your best, because the road doesn’t end here. There are bigger and better opportunities out there and this is merely a difficult stepping stone that you have the will power to overcome.

Next time I feel like spouting some negative bullshit, I’m going to count my blessings for my sake and for the sake of everyone around me. Life is fucking hard, and it’s never going to get easier, so I might as well learn to deal with my personal emotions and learn to laugh it off. Life is too short to harbor negativity, there are WAY more things to be thankful for.

On that note, I’m going to walk my dog on this beautiful day, do my workouts, and finish my list of goals for the day! XOXO, until next time….

~Jess ♥

Wednesday Workout

Here’s Wednesday’s workout! Cardio, back, and biceps! Try it on for size and let me know if you like it!

Awwwww, just now realized I listed ’30 Resistance Band Bicep Curls’ twice! Booo, anyways just take out that second line and do 15 reps each side of dumbbell bicep curls. Today in fact I lifted only 12 reps per exercise and HEAVY weight. Up to you! You can totally customize!

~Jess ♥

This week is FLYING!

Am I the only person who seems to think that this week has flown by so quickly? I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I thought that this week would DRAAAAAG since I had a 5 day weekend last week. I guess it’s just insanely busy at work. Either way, I’m super excited for the weekend. Big plans! Parties and weddings, this is the month to celebrate.

This morning I did a cardio, tricep, chest, and shoulder workout. Great workout, definitely feeling the pump in my upper body. Was a little bored with the lack of elevated heart rate and sweat. Maybe I need to lift heavier? Hmmmm. I feel like if I lift any heavier, I will definitely bulk up, and I’m not trying to compete Figure. I want that sexy, sleek, sender bikini bod! Don’t get me wrong, Figure chicks are hot too, but not what I’m going for. keyda

This is a relatively short post, I just wanted to touch bases with you and give you my workout for tomorrow. Tomorrow is LEG DAAAAAAY! We’re doing core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Hell yes! I woke up a lil’ sore from yesterday’s dead lifts, but I dropped the weight A LOT so I could perform well for tomorrow’s leg day. I love me some glutes and hammy workouts! I think hammies are one of my favorite body parts to train, I love the immediate pumped up definition I get! I wish they would stay like that though. Consistent training is KEY!

Well bye folks! Gotta get ready for the day, walk my dog, and finish my power point presentation at work! Have an awesome day, try my workout!

~Jess ♥