Decisions, decisions…

*Le siiiiiiigh* I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday! BOOHOOOO! 2 more days?! IS THIS REAL LIIIFFFFE! 

Today definitely broke my back. Didn’t stop moving, literally… I worked late and JUST sat down to eat Turkey dinner and write a short blog.

O yeah, I didn’t tell everybody! I’m living off Turkey for the next few weeks! It’s Derek’s and my tradition to cook a turkey a week before Thanksgiving to feed us for a week. It’s a great story every year, because for some reason we forget that it takes a looooong time for the turkey to thaw. Of course we go all out and buy ourselves the 22 pounder for just us.

It started about 4 years ago when we first got together. We were so broke and could hardly afford to eat, so his mom suggested buying a turkey, cooking it up, and eating it all week. We thought this was a great idea! Little did we know it took DAYS to thaw! UGHH! We weren’t home to keep an eye on it either to butter it every hour, our schedules were different. We made it a party the following weekend and had a couple friends over and cooked it all night until about midnight. We feasted and passed out. Delicious times.

wild rice

Now we cook one ourselves every year and feast for weeks! I’d say that’s a great diet too, lean turkey meat, haha. We also make this amazing stuffing! I’ll include the recipe, it’s so good! It’s Wild Rice Sausage Stuffing. Make sure you use spicy Italian sausage too! The mushrooms soak up the flavor and create a hearty flavor with the wild rice. Mmmmm, you could even add chicken stock to add a little more flavor.

I have some good news! Well, kind of good news. At this point it’s just an idea until I go over finances.

In a recent post I mentioned that Tanji Johnson, Founder of ‘Save Fitness‘ reached out to me about joining her team for Emerald Cup. She sent me Membership Options and break downs I’ve been reading over and tossing ideas back and forth. I ALSO got in contact with a Membership Advisor at David Barton about Membership Pricing and Specials. Currently they are running a $21 initiation fee in celebration of their 21st Anniversary; opposed to the $400 fee. The deal runs until next Wednesday, November 27th.

Since I work for Microsoft, I would only pay an $89 monthly fee, opposed to the $109 monthly fee. I was looking for something less than the triple digits, so this is great news to me! I have to discuss with Derek this weekend though before I can finalize anything.

Here’s my dilemma though, I can’t join a team AND have fancy ass expensive new gym. I can’t afford both right now. So do I join a team with a renown athlete? Do I go with David Barton Gym who has clean, excellent equipment, and a great facility and classes? These are all just questions, I very well might not be able to have either.

Here’s my thought. Go with David Barton Gym, treat myself. The gym is my Zen, my Sanctuary, my home away from home where I blow steam. Once I compete in my first competition, I will have MORE opportunities offered and I won’t feel obligated to a team I joined before I started competing. I dunno guys, input and feedback would be GREAT! They both seem really awesome!

Well I gotta get some shut eye! Waking up bright and early for a date with the gym. Core, back, biceps, and cardiooooo! Seriously though guys, have any of you tried one of my workouts? That’s why I post them! G’nite ya’ll! XOXO



Season to be Thankful

What a beautiful hump day in the usually rainy Seattle area!

We’ve been experiencing periodic bursts of sunlight through the EBC windows, definitely a mood booster to help power me through the rest of the week. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was walking my dog today, thinking about how thankful I am for my blessings.

It’s November, so that means it’s time to count and reflect on your blessings!

Our current home in Downtown Bellevue / Living Room

I’m thankful for having an incredible year despite all the ups, downs, and obstacles in between. So much has happened in a mere 10 months, it’s insane! I started a new job at Microsoft and Derek started a new school at Seattle University.

We were faced with having to move out of our Downtown Bellevue Condo due to our Landlord’s personal issues and needing the space. We found a new place and lived there for 4 1/2 months in very stressful conditions, we did not have a pleasant relationship with our Landlord. There was plenty of arguments, concerns with Landlord style, concerns with our privacy and health. After much toil we broke our lease and were able to move into a new 2 bedroom/2 bathroom in Downtown Bellevue with a better price, location, and most importantly private. Plus I get my own bathroom, it’s HUGE!

I’m also thankful for coming in contact with my biological family after 15 loooong years! Short snippet of my life:

I was adopted at age 7 after years in the foster care system and living with several different relatives.

me & dad

Meeting my biological dad Al for the first time!

My adopted family was awesome, they took really good care of me, gave me a great life and great memories, and taught me many of the morals I live by to this day. They were also very VERY reformed Christian, and I found myself in a very dark conflicted place at the age 16, denounced my faith and ran away. For 2 years I lived a less than desirable life doing things many people would frown on, including myself. At age 18 I met my husband and we both saved each other from living very different lives. We grew together and created a life and family. We have become very successful and have achieved so much, it’s amazing.

This summer I was contacted my an agency saying that my biological great grandparents wished to see me. After the initial shock I said I would be happy to exchange information and contact them. After contacting them I was given my biological Dad’s information and reached out to him. Very intense moment in my life! The very next day I opened my Facebook to a million friend requests and messages from cousins, Aunts, Great Aunts & Uncles, step siblings, etc.! Very overwhelming! So little time to process everything. Just a week later I was surprised with a visit from my Dad, his wife Rhonda, and my half-brother Anthony. I met my great grandparents, Great Aunt & Uncle, second cousins (I think?), and so many more relatives. Although it was very overwhelming, the visits were positive and the experience was so surreal, and I’m so genuinely thankful for it. I never thought the day would come.

wedding leaving

My wedding day February 11th, 2012, leaving for our ‘honeymoon’

I’m also thankful for my husband for a million reasons! He is a true role model, and he never ceases to amaze me daily. I’ve watched him grow into the incredible man that he is today, and I know that he will only continue to grow and impress me and everyone around him. He has such a fiery passion and dedication for anything he decides he will accomplish. He pours himself into his studies, always puts his family and others first, thinks from a unique and different perspective, and truly cares about things people look past constantly. I learn something new from him every day, and I’m so blessed to be married to such a great man, because there aren’t any like him out there. He does everything in his power to make me a happy woman, and he succeeds but I don’t tell him nearly as often as I should. He’s amazing, and I’m lucky to have him.


Derek’s wonderful parents Amy and Al Frank

I’m also thankful for his family and Kaienna. They are all amazing people, and have helped us out immensely. They took me in and accepted me as family, even after hearing about my crazy history. They have shown us nothing but kindness and support through thick and thin. They stepped in and helped me plan my wedding. His mom and dad pitched in for the wedding dinner and conducted the whole rehearsal and set up. His older sister Jamie flew up while he was nearly 9 months pregnant to help with decorations and the bridal shower, she also fixed my bouquet which was atrocious before she rescued it! His other sister Jenna did my hair as well as the girls who were in the wedding party. Talk about team effort! Kaienna was our sweet little flower girl, she was absolutely adorable.


Derek and Kaienna

Kaienna….. such a beautiful well-behaved little girl. I am honored to be the woman by Derek’s side to watch her grow. At first I was a little hesitant with Derek having a child with another woman before he met me, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a part of her life, creating memories with her, teaching her, and having such a huge impact on her life. She’s beautiful, funny, smart, and has an adorable laugh. I love being her Jess ♥

I am also thankful for my job. Of course I could sit here and list a million things that irritate me about this job, which I do too much, but I’m going to be thankful that I have a high-end job in the Executive Briefing Center at Microsoft that pays well and is giving me great experience for the future. This job allows me to spend more time with my family. At the Marriott I typically worked the 3:00pm to 11:30pm shift and was never guaranteed weekends off. This made it difficult to spend time with Derek and get to know Kaienna. I love looking forward to the weekend, it’s great knowing you have those 2 days to plan anything! The EBC also provides a free bus pass, free delicious lunches, sick days, paid holidays, vacation, and health benefits. I complain too much on a daily basis when I have so much going for me.


My ‘Maid of Honor’ Danielle, miss her and love her!

I’m thankful for my friends. Some days I feel like I have no right to call them friends anymore since I haven’t seen them in so long. Responsibilities have been piling up for me and sometimes it feels so overwhelming. You know you have true friends when they say they understand, “You’re a step mommy now, you have a little girl to take care of.” Or remind you that they will always be your friends no matter how often you talk or not. The very least I can give them is time, and some days I just don’t have that. I want to give back because, man, they would give me the shirt of their back any day. They have given me so much more than I can ever imagine giving them back. Friendship, a home, a family. I wouldn’t be here without them.

Keyda :)

Keyda 🙂

Of course I’m thankful for my pets! I love my lil’ Shiba named Keyda! Such a well-behaved dog since Derek trained her. She is liter box trained, does NOT bark, is playful, affectionate, obedient, ADORABLE, and gets millions of compliments wherever we go. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. My cat Pookie has been a little feisty lately, but nonetheless she is a great pet, and very affectionate when she wants to be. Keyda and Pookie get along great and keep each other company when Derek and I are away for long periods of time.

The list goes on and on! I wanted to mention how grateful I am also for the amazing honeymoon Derek and I had last December. Technically it wasn’t within this year 2013, BUT I wanted to count it as a blessing anyways. We were very fortunate enough to travel all of Thailand last December for a whole month! Last year I worked 3 jobs, and we both put away a lot of money so we could go on this trip. It was amazing! thailand I think we absolutely grew closer because of it, even though we hardly saw each other all year. SO many great stories, memories, pictures, and life experiences. Our rental motor bike ran out of gas and we had to push it to the gas station, but they wouldn’t fill us up and we didn’t know why because they didn’t speak English. We had to push the bike to the next one! We fed Jaguars at the Chiang Mai Zoo, stayed in amazing tree houses in the jungle, rode elephants, pet tigers, had our debit card eaten by a ATM in the middle of nowhere, and so much more! Amazing time!

Lastly…..*WHEW* This IS a fitness blog, so I would like to finish by saying that I’m thankful to have a healthy, properly functioning body that can do almost anything I want if I work hard at it. I rarely get sick, I can work out without worrying about any current injuries, I treat my body well and put good food into it (most of the time, hehe), I ran the Oktoberfest Half Marathon, and I am about to rock the shit out of Emerald Cup 2014! I have been blessed this year, more than I deserve by FAR!

Wow, that took all day to write, but I’m in an extremely good mood! Hell, I should do this all the time! Thanks for reading, have a great night and enjoy the rest of your week!

~Jess ♥