Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday week, I know I sure did! Having 6 glorious days off from work spent with family was much needed.

We had Kaienna spend the week with us and join us over at Gramma Amy and Papa Owl’s for Christmas with Derek’s entire family. His oldest sister Jamie drove up from San Diego earlier in the month with two year old lil Ellie and their French Bulldog Koa. Her husband Donnie flew up 2 weeks later to join the family. Derek’s other older sister Jenna flew in Tuesday night from traveling on tour with Nick Jonas as the VIP manager. She had a hectic month filled with air travel every day and constant moving. Everyone needed a break!


The week was filled with plenty of fun including ice skating, games, cookie decorating, Thanksgiving style dinner, lil cousins playing, three dogs playing and fighting, food, more food, and food comas. It was refreshing to spend time with family, the Frank’s know how to have a great Christmas.


Everyone was spoiled with gifts on Christmas day, especially the little ones! I wish I had a picture of the tree after Jamie organized the presents underneath. It was pretty amazing, we all just sat in the dark and stared at the lit up tree with glistening packages. The little one’s reactions were priceless the next morning. They were half asleep and staring at each other’s presents not even noticing their own for a minute. The Frank tradition is to leave out the presents from “Santa” unwrapped and unpackaged in front of the tree away from the wrapped gifts. Kai asked Santa for My Little Pony books and Ellie asked for Disney Princess Pets.


After the Christmas morning coffee run and opening stockings we started unwrapping presents. It about an hour and a half, we had a pretty good system down. If we unwrapped one person at a time we would probably still be unwrapping. Instead, we each got a present and everyone unwrapped at the same time. The little ones had mountains of new toys and games. Derek bought me a toaster oven like I wanted, and I managed to save $400 from my eBay store to start his half sleeve tattoo like he wanted. Derek outdid himself and also bought me a GIANT box of Lindt chocolates! My presents weren’t just food focused, I also got a new pair of Nikes and a 25b kettle bell from Derek’s parents. Time to work off those Christmas calories! I wasn’t 100% terrible though, I worked out Christmas Eve AND ran on Christmas after presents and breakfast.

christmas4Friday we went to Seattle to take a Ferry Boat ride to Bremerton so we could play games and snack on the Ferry. We played Yahtzee, Dominos, and continued eating holiday treats. It was a long day, but a great end to the 3 day stay-cation with the Franks. Wonderful Christmas for the books! Huge thanks to Mom and Dad for always making Christmas fun, relaxing, and memorable 🙂

Now it’s back to the daily grind. Christmas vacation is over, and the New Year begins next week! Time to begin creating my New Years Resolutions and mentally preparing for school that will begin in a week! It’s a bittersweet ending, but I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.


T Minus 4 Days Until Christmas….

It’s no secret the Holiday Season sort of snuck up real fast on everyone this year. Perhaps I’m just speaking for myself, family, and co-workers.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written, but between battling back pain, preparing for Christmas day, and spending plenty of time with the hubby, I’ve been spread pretty thin!

I’m so excited for my upcoming stay-cation. Tomorrow is the only day I’m working for the remainder of the week. All my Christmas shopping is complete and I’ve been staying on top of my gym game all week.

This week I fit in 5 workouts, FINALLY! My back has been pretty stiff, but nowhere near the amount of pain I was experiencing for the past month. I’m definitely on the road of recovery, and I’ve been listening to my body. I’m extremely grateful for healing.

This week I received my December package from my sponsors at Femme! I requested the following:

1) BCAA Complex – Blood Orange Flavor
2) Peach Skin Tightening Cream – Still my favorite Femme product!
3) Carnitine Blend – Coconut Lychee Flavor

peach2Today I tried out the Carnitine Blend and I’ve gotta say, the Coconut Lychee flavor is amazing! I can’t wait to play around with creating smoothies and adding this Carnitine Blend for amazing flavor.

I have plans to make frozen yogurt with the BCAA Complex, Blood Orange would make an amazing healthy froyo flavor.

To kick off the New Year, I plan on having a Femme Peach Contest Giveaway on Instagram! I will be giving away a tube of the Femme Peach Skin Tightening Cream which retails for $79.95 and is currently on sale at Femme Nutrition for $59.95! If you have an Instagram account, follow me: jessicarose_fitness.

femmeThe rules will be simple!

1) Follow @jessicarose_fitness and @femmeofficial
2) Like and repost this photo using the hashtag #femmepeachcontest
3) Each repost is a contest entry, one repost per day

The contest will begin Monday, December 29th at 8:00am Pacific Time! It will last 2 weeks ending Sunday, January 11th at 12:00am Pacific Time. 

Let me make one thing clear. I am NOT one to be fooled by gimmicky products, I truly and honestly believe that Femme Peach Cream works. Do NOT use this product as a short cut, this is only the cherry on top of a very hard earned Sundae. Proper nutrition, training, hydration, and rest are key! Femme Peach Cream is the bonus for all your hard work if you are struggling with uneven skin in some areas.

I hope some of you participate! I would love to share my positive experience from my sponsors with my followers.

Have an amazing Christmas everybody, don’t forget your workouts, earn those sugar cookies!



Well, I was super amped on Monday.

Now I’m not 😦

I’m tired, my face is breaking out, and I’m ULTRA sensitive…. wtf happened?! Aunt Flo, come and go, get your business over with. Yikes, I feel like a train wreck.


Monday’s workout didn’t quite go as planned. My new Victoria’s Secret Runway Front Close Sports Bra broke before I could even workout in it! Guess I need something better to support these tata’s. I’m gonna look into a different style, I still really love VS Sports Bras. Sooooo, I had to workout in my normal bra….. HOLY SHIT. So much jiggle and so much bounce, and so incredibly awkward!


After my plyo warm up I stuck with just lifting so I wouldn’t have to deal with the awkward bouncing. I finished my workout with spin bike intervals. It was a great quick workout, but the unexpected sports bra mishap required some serious patience and decision making. There was no way I was gonna skip my workout or go home, I was already at the gym.

Speaking of the gym. I really, really, REALLY dislike the time I go. You would be surprised, a 30 minute change in my work schedule makes a huge difference for gym traffic. So many more tool bags, no open squat rack, it’s hot, it’s crowded, and it’s a mess. I really don’t like the gym. I’m actually thinking about cancelling my membership and working out at home or Derek’s Vo2 Performance Center facility.


On top of my dislike for the gym, I’ve been suffering back pain. I don’t want to call it an ‘injury’ because that would imply more seriousness, but I think it may have reached that status. The pain will go away with rest, but will act up again with physical activity or a wrong twist. I absolutely can’t stand sitting still, I NEED to move often, sweat often, and be out of breathe often. I will have to rewrite my workouts accordingly, perhaps put the Zuzka videos on hold and do more static workouts. I love burpees, jumping, and twisting, but I have to take care of my body first.


I was so excited to receive my 18lb dumbbell set from Amazon yesterday! I tore open the packaging when I got home from work, I had plans to use them, but I quickly discovered they were broken into two pieces each inside the vinyl casing. What a freakin’ disappointment, hot damn! I also received my second Victoria’s Secret order of 3 bras, only to discover this morning they were all too small. I’ve been ordering 32C for as long as I can remember. Either my knockers got bigger or Victoria’s Secret started making bras with sizes running smaller.

**Le siiiiiiigh**

Today I’ll be using the spin bike and doing a light workout with minimal strain on my back, then I will be returning all my new bras and getting resized. Yay!

I’m itching for the weekend…..


Finals are Over! Winter Break is Here!


This pretty much sums up exactly how I felt walking out of my Math class last night, my final was conquered after hours and hours of reviewing, studying, pulling my hair out, and cursing under my breathe.

I honestly think I did a stellar job on my Math final. I will email my teacher on Thursday to find out. My final Essay for English received 100% and my final for Nutrition received 95%. First quarter back in 5 years…. BOOM.

Today I have an awesome workout planned 🙂 I’ll be doing some plyo’s to warm up, squat rack visitation, and a burn out session for legs. To wrap up, I’ll do some spin bike intervals for 15 minutes. Yesterday I received my Victoria’s Secret shipment, so I’ll be rocking new workout pants and a new workout bra.

I tried the pants on last night, and I gotta hand it to VS, they did a great job! I like how they offer Short, Regular, and Tall sizes. I ordered a pair of workout leggings Short Small and they fit like a dream. No bunching at all! I also ordered the Runway Sports Bra with the front close zipper. So genius. Who really wants to struggle with their sweaty sports bra after a workout when they could have a convenient front zipper?

After my workout I’ll walk my dog like I promised her 🙂 Perhaps I’ll watch a movie tonight, who knows, I can do pretty much anything I want. Online shopping? Baking ideas? Write workouts for the rest of the week? I should have an 18lb dumbbell set coming in the mail from Amazon so I’ll be able to switch up my home workouts.

Welp…. here’s to the Winter Break ahead, I’m stoked!


9 Tips for Living a Balanced Fit Life

I was inspired earlier today to share my secrets of how to maintain a well balanced successful fit life. No, I’m not gonna be sharing tips like: drink more green tea to speed up your metabolism, super set your exercises, get a firm booty by squatting ‘x’ amount of weight blah, blah, blah. No. I’m gonna give you the very basics that people often seem to forget about, but with these 9 tips, you will be on your way to a creating a healthy lifestyle plan.

1) Set realistic goals – I can’t stress this enough! People tend to aim high, which is great, but setting extremely high goals can also be a detriment to your success, especially if you are beginning. Start small and build so you are constantly challenged. Setting attainable goals and achieving them creates the desire to continue. Setting goals that are too high and seem barely out of arms reach can make one feel disheartened and can cause one to quit before they even start. During school, I’m extremely happy if I make it to the gym 4 times a week!

goals22) Add variety – People can pick their favorite activities, but the key to a healthy well balanced exercise and nutrition plan is variety. You can add running, weight training, yoga, HIIT, and plyo workouts. Pick up a new spin class, take a dip in the pool and do laps, check out Groupon for fitness class deals. There is so much out there to be discovered! Not only will this keep your body guessing and toned, it will give you mental relief so you don’t burn yourself out on one thing. This can be applied to nutrition as well.

3) Incorporate regimen and structure – Create a plan for yourself and stick with it. I personally like to plan the following:

  • One outdoor running day, 5-8 miles
  • One or more lifting days, I like to hit the squat rack and focus on legs
  • Two at home plyometric HIIT days, great full body workouts

goal-without-plan-just-wish-sm4) Have patience – Results aren’t immediate. Progress doesn’t come without 100% maximum effort and dedication. Be patient with yourself, don’t become discouraged, and remind yourself WHY you are making the decision to change your lifestyle to a more wholesome one. Take photos as a way to track your progress so you can see the changes your body is making. Progress photos helped me so much during my competition! Even though I had lost 15lbs, it was hard to see by just looking in the mirror.

5) Reward yourself – When you make progress and reach your goals, REWARD YOURSELF! You stuck with it, you worked hard, you did everything right and it’s showing in how you look and feel. Pamper yourself! Don’t reward yourself with a “cheat meal” because you worked too damn hard for that. Go get a massage, buy that new Lululemon jacket you wanted, get a new workout top or pants, get manicure and/or pedicure, or if you’re really daring get a Brazilian wax! Feeling sexy yet?

z6) Know when to say “No” – This can be applied to exercise and nutrition. Listen to your body. If you are over training, feeling stress on your body, and are sick or exhausted, YOU CAN SAY NO! If you have a really important family event and absolutely CAN’T fit in your workout, it’s okay, skip your workout because family comes first. On the other hand, if there is leftover food from a meeting at work, you don’t need it! SAY NO! Someone brought donuts in? No thanks, you don’t need those empty calories that manage to stick to our hips, thighs, and butts. Choose your food wisely!

7) Do NOT depend on the scale – The scale only shows a number. It doesn’t measure your muscle mass over your fat mass, or take into account your waist size or jeans size. The scale is rubbish, pay no attention to it. Right now I weight 5lbs more than I did last year, but I’m also composed of a lot more muscle. It ain’t no thang. It doesn’t bother me. I’m happy, I eat, I train, and I sleep. It’s a good life, don’t let a stupid number ruin that.

funny8) Love your body at all stages – You might be working towards a goal, but never hate your body, never let that be your motivation. Love your body! That’s why we train and fuel it properly, because we love it and want to treat it right no matter what it looks like or what it can do. Do not let insecurity motivate you. You are strong and you are able to achieve anything you want, love your body and it will take you there.

9) “Live a Little” – The last key component is learning to “live a little.” This can be the hardest part for some people. I struggled with this last piece of advice for nearly the entire year. The first 6 months of the year I was training rigorously for Emerald Cup. I ate 1,200 calories a day, counted my macros, tracked my calories burned, and made it to the gym 6 days a week. After the show I struggled to find a proper balance, a way to be happy with the new body I was so uncomfortable in. The post show weight gain made me insecure and I still struggled to find balance in my life. I kept trying to track my macros without the same success, kept trying to stick with my old training plan. Finally I said, “Screw it.” I stopped counting macros, started running and working out at home, making it to the gym when I could, eating whatever I damn pleased with discretion, and became a whole lot happier spending time with family. Balance is key, and you can’t have it without living a little.


I promise if you begin incorporating these 9 tips today and stick with it, you’ll be a much happier and healthier person. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics 🙂


November PrettyFit Pack


It’s here! My November PrettyFit pack arrived in the mail last Wednesday, much to my excitement. This month’s pack arrived a week and a half late due to miscommunication with the vendor, but PrettyFit made up for it by throwing in a bonus gift. I was completely thrilled with everything in this month’s pack:

1) NLA for Her Protein Powder Chocolate Éclair 2lb – I haven’t tried this protein powder YET, but I’m really excited to have my first chocolate flavor protein powder. I really hope this doesn’t disappoint! I foresee plenty of protein muffins, mug cakes, and protein oat pancakes in the future with this 2lb puppy.

2) Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereal Apple Cinnamon – This cereal is jam packed with 20 grams of protein per serving, however it’s lacking in the flavor department. I was expecting Apple Jacks to be honest, silly me. However, this cereal keeps you full for a loooong time, which is saying a lot for a cereal.

3) FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix Apple Cinnamon – I completely and utterly FAILED at making these this morning. I lack patience, so I set the stove burner on high, burning the pancakes and smoking out my house. I still ate them though and they weren’t bad! I learned my lesson, low heat, patience, and they will cook all the way through and NOT burn.

4) Quest Protein Bar Apple Pie (not pictured, OOoops, I ate it!) – I’m a huge Questie at heart, but my pocket book prevents me from buying too many Quest Bars. When I get an order of Quest Bars in, I literally have to ration and write out a schedule for when I can eat them. They’re so damn good! Something about this month’s Apple Pie Quest Bar had me weak at the knees. It was so soft without microwaving! The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars I have in my pantry are hard as a rock.

5) Chike Protein Espresso Drink (2 packets) – This drink mix is absolutely delicious and kept me caffeinated for a long time. The taste is great, I don’t taste any protein, or whey after taste. Just add crushed ice in a magic bullet, almond milk, and voila! You have yourself a tasty mocha Frappuccino.

6) Lenny & Larry’s Protein Cookies Pumpkin Spice (2 cookies) – These… are… to … DIEFOR! Soooooo good I was not expecting that. I thought these cookies would be chalky and dry and taste like protein, but they were moist and tasted just like Pumpkin Spice. I will definitely be stocking up on a case of this flavor before the holiday season has ended.

7) BONUS GIFT: Chike Powdered Peanut Butter – PrettyFit blessed us with a bonus gift for sending November packs just a tad bit late. I appreciate this kind of service, going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Very impressed with this move and I will be a happy customer for many more months to come!

If you haven’t yet, you need to sign up soon! Get $10 off your first pack! Monthly packs typically cost $45, so that’s saving a ton of money. Not to mention, each pack is curated to hold an approximate value of $100. If you do a YouTube review, you could earn another $10 off a future pack and possible win a free one. I did a YouTube review in one take when I received my November pack, so that’s $10 off the next one.

Check out December’s PrettyFit pack below. Sign up before it’s too late! Best part is, you can skip a month if you decide you don’t like what’s in that pack. I will be skipping December so I can buy more Christmas presents for people. They are very flexible.



It’s Only Been 1 1/2 Weeks?!

By golly, my stats are suffering! I haven’t written in what seems like a millennium, but I’m pretty sure its been a week and a half. I’ve been busy wrapping up the quarter with my essays getting more difficult, more chapters of reading assigned weekly, and math making less and less sense to me. 2 more weeks! Holy crap!

Registration for Winter Quarter classes opened this morning. I thought I would have the pick of the crop, but I was surprised that damn near every English 201 online class was FULL! I settled for an online English 201 Research Paper class by a professor who was rated a B- on In all fairness, he scored higher than my current English 101 teacher who has a C+. So far I have a 95% in my current English 101 class, so I’m not completely distraught.

I also registered for Biology 108 – Human Biology. Another online class that fulfills my lab requirement. Biology 108 is worth 6 credits. I was going to take Biology 100, but the only online teacher available received such terrible scores on that I couldn’t bring myself to register for it.

I will also be taking Math098 on campus Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:40pm. Looks like I will be keeping the same schedule for Winter Quarter! So psyched to keep my same routine, it’s actually not so bad.

I’ve been keeping busy hitting my fitness and health goals. I feel like some weeks this quarter I completely let myself go and only reached 3 weekly workouts. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on top of school and training. I’ve been making it a goal to physically GO to the gym at least twice a week, and the other 2-3 days I can choose the gym or do HIIT Zuzka videos at home.

Last week I made it to the gym twice, did a killer leg session on Tuesday and an upper body, ab, and cardio workout on Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did Zuzka videos at home. Holy crap her new content is KILLER! You’ll never believe it, I actually spoke with her via email directly last week!

Her original website was taken over by her previous employers and re-named Sweat Factor with new trainers added. I tried it out for a few weeks but when I noticed she wasn’t posting new videos I was upset and worried. I reached out to Sweat Factor asking where she went, and they abruptly told me my membership was cancelled and Zuzka was no longer a part of Sweat Factor. I managed to find her NEW site and tried using my old login which was invalid. I emailed her new site and was honored to speak to Z herself! I asked her what happened and she explained the whole story about her working for Sweat Factor under a work visa, how they owned all her old content, videos, etc. Now she has her own company and I love her new website layout and workouts. I might actually get a feature on her blog too!


On top of that great news, I resigned my athlete contract with Femme Nutrition and received new Peach skin tightening cream for my tush, and their new supplement line of pre-workout, carnitine, and BCAA’s! This month I didn’t receive the carnitine supplement but I received 2 flavors of their pre-workout. The Passion Fruit flavor is to die for! It gives me good clean energy without the anxiety and jitters afterwards. I used to get really bad anxiety from pre-workout like Red Line, Speed Stack, and Endo Rush. The Pineapple BCAA’s are also super tasty, I’m very pleased with the taste and quality Femme Nutrition has produced. As a sponsored athlete I receive monthly packages from them and features on their blog.

blog feature2


I was nominated as the lucky grand prize winner on Influenster for the Victoria’s Secret VoxBox! My YouTube Review of the Incredible Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra and workout crops landed me a $500 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card! I was absolutely thrilled when I opened the email last week! I literally had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading the amount correctly. Apparently there were fifty $50 gift card winners and one $500 gift card winner. I feel so blessed that I was chosen!

VS2All and all its been a pretty great week and a half since I last wrote. This week is a 3 day work week, we have a 4 day weekend with plenty of food, sleep, family time, and time spent with the hubby! 2 more weeks until Christmas break, so excited! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend spent being grateful with family 🙂


DISCLAIMER: I have received ‘Influenster’ products complimentary for testing purposes