Reasons to Cut Your Hair

I got a fresh hair cut and I gotta say I feel like a brand fucking new person! The whole time I was getting my hair chopped off I was thinking to myself, “Why the hell did I wait this long?! NEVER AGAIN WILL I TRY TO GROW OUT MY HAIR!” I’m about to list some reasons why short hair is better than long hair…. in my opinion.

Why would you want this? Sure, long hair is beautiful, we see how gorgeous and voluminous long hair can be in the magazines, in the movies, and on Pinterest. Thick luscious locks, bouncing with life; or long straight sleek and silky. You can do so many cool things with your long hair! You can pin ideas off Pinterest and try them at home.  The rare few are blessed with this gift. In other cases like my own, we suffer from fine limp hair that can’t seem to hold a curl no matter how hard we try.

long hair





When you could have short hair like this, and look like a fucking badass?! When you find the right hair stylist, it’s like you hit the jack pot! You trust them with your hair like you would trust them with your life. After all, your hair is your head suit. Only the most talented stylists can replicate that edgy short cut for ANY hair type, whereas average hair stylists cut down your hopes and dreams and insult your hair. I trust only ONE person with my hair, and that is Michelle Bryant. She makes me look and feel like the badass that I am.





‘Resting Bitch Face’ would no longer be ‘Resting Bitch Face’ . In your case you would have ‘Resting Badass Face’, and that’s MUCH better. I suffer from ‘Resting Bitch Face’…. chronically. I don’t mean to go around looking like a sour puss all the time! Having short hair gives me an excuse now. Now I just look like a badass, no one will mess with me. They will either be intimidated by me or curious. I will remain mysterious. I gotta say, it matches my personality.







You wouldn’t have to spend copious amounts of time blow drying, brushing, detangling, straightening, curling EVER again. Long hair is so high maintenance, I truly don’t understand how the average woman with long hair does it! They spend so much time blow drying their hair with a round brush, comb, and/or paddle brush. There’s a brush for everything. They spend hours upon hours detangling their hair, straightening it, and curling it. On average, it takes women an hour and a half to get ready for the day. Fuck that bullshit!








You could definitely utilize your morning time better by sleeping in or cooking pancakes for breakfast 🙂 Guess what? It takes me 15 minutes to get ready in the morning. That’s right. 15 minutes. It takes a little bit longer if I’m feeling fancy enough for eye shadow. I literally throw some pomade shit in my hair and call it good. I don’t even use a brush. I get to take my time packing my gym bag in the morning, spend a little time with the hubby, and surf the interwebz on Facebook, email, and the news. I annoy my dog for 5 minutes and head out the door. Never feel rushed. Feeling rushed is a horrible way to start your day….. so cut all that hurrr off!






You would never have to buy hair ties or hair accessories EVER. Do you ever wonder how much money you’ve spent in your life time on these lil fuckers?! ‘Nuff said.

hair tie







That shit wouldn’t get in your face when you roll the car windows down or try to eat… and your hair wouldn’t get stuck in your fucking lipgloss. “GOD DAMN IT, I JUST REAPPLIED!” My hair was constantly getting in my face, I hated it. In the gym, cleaning the house, just hanging out doing nothing in particular, it always fell in my face, eyes, and mouth. I’m too lazy to do anything about it, so I decided cutting it all off was the better alternative. Not to mention, I’m a lot less hot!









You could workout more efficiently. No redoing your bun or having hair fall in your face. This kinda falls into the category before, but working out is a huge factor in my life. Sure, you can throw your hair up in a bun, but if you’re anything like me, you’re very aggressive with how you put your hair up and how you take it down. I suffered from hair breakage and major overall damage. Now my hair feels just as healthy as I feel inside and out. No more ripping hair, messy buns, or hair falling out of my head band and into my face.






Draws attention to your eyes, so you better be confident to rock this cut. Only a few can really pull off the long hair, but only few can pull off the short hair too. It takes a lot of confidence for a woman to cut off all her hair. At first you feel bare, naked, and in the spotlight. It’s obvious when you cut your hair that short and people will definitely comment. Feel comfortable enough in your own skin and no one else’s opinions should matter, the good and bad. It’s your fucking hair after all.









Wednesday Workout



It seems to me that today was ‘Leg Day’ across social media. Here was my leg workout for the day!

I have this new found motivation to kill it in the gym. I’m not gonna lie to you, I hadn’t gone to the gym Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and o my god…. MONDAY! The Sangria Friday knocked me on my ass while I was helping my gal pal with her wedding invitations. Does the headstand yoga moves I did in the bar that night count as a workout?! I did a spectacular job by the way….

I swear that's not me! But recognize this gal?!

I swear that’s not me! But recognize this gal?!

Saturday I was WAY too hungover to even think about moving. I had a previous engagement that I rolled out of bed for. There was no way I was going to back out of a Volunteer event I signed up for at work. High five me, you pulled your ass outta bed and did it!

Saturday night the hubby and I had a House of Cards marathon and ate pizzaaaaa. YUSSSSS! Pizza! I eat that shit! It’s great…..

Sunday…. well I slept in really late decided to enjoy French Toast bedazzled in shredded coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and maple pancakes coconut butter. Scrumptious!

french toast2

I would have worked out Monday, but like I stated previously, I’ve been on a House of Cards Marathon and made the mistake of staying up to late Monday and not getting out of bed to workout before my 8:30am to 5:00pm shift. Alright, alright, I could have worked out AFTER work…. but I didn’t get out until 6:00pm and I was straight exhausted!

"Really? You could have worked out......."

“Really? You could have worked out…….”

Yesterday I had my appointment with Admissions and Financial Aid for school at Bellevue College. All my information is in! All I have to do is take the Compass Placement test, and send in one more Financial Aid form. I’M GONNA BE GOING TO SCHOOL IN THE FALL BITCHES! *Happy Dance!* My happy dance was my workout. Just kidding, I did an hour of Zuzka videos at home, kicked my ARSE!

…… and that is all folks.

Thank god I know how to freakin’ use gifs now….



Love Your Body

Love Your Body

I was ‘working really hard today’ at work when I stumbled across this Groupon. I wanted to share this on my blog because I’m genuinely really pleased with the gal they chose to model. She obviously has an extremely gorgeous body with curves in all the right places and I think she rocks the bikini out of this world.

For a while I was obsessed with rock hard abs, a size 24 inch waist, minimal body fat, and lean, lean, LEAN! Although that body type has it’s own appeal, I really admire my naturally curvier self. I love eating and I love working out. End of story. I shouldn’t STOP feeling sexy because I no longer weigh 110lbs.

I love my muscle, I love my butt, I love my waist, I love my shape, and I love myself. I’ll be real with you. I weigh 126lbs right now, and I’m pretty damn pleased with my body composition. The scale doesn’t matter. When I started my competition I weighed 118lbs, but I must say, I like my current shape better.

Although I gained so much experience the past 6 months, I have never loved my body, hated my body, and picked apart every aspect of myself so much. I was a hot mess I’ll tell ya. A train wreck, an emotional roller coaster, hot and cold, moody, snappy, irate, and downright rude from time to time. I kept telling myself that it’ll pass, the emotions will pass and my goal was much more important to me. I wasn’t healthy, but I kept telling myself that I was.

Post competition was equally a nightmare. I blew up like a bloated whale carcass! I felt like I was in a stranger’s body! I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror thinking how FAT I was, I was embarrassed to go back to the gym and see all the people that praised my journey and complimented my physique. I was afraid they would judge me or think less of me.

A month later and I am FINALLY happy. You should love your body at any stage. Every shape is beautiful.


Monday Outdoor HIIT Workout

Happy Monday!

It’s a new week, and I’m freakin’ excited about it. 3 day weekend!

I have a confession (I feel like I confess MANY things to my blog), I really haven’t been diggin’ the Erin Stern 4 Week Trainer program. It’s been incredibly boring, I can’t stand the amount of repetitive lifting. Don’t get me wrong, I think the program itself is pretty great for beginners, and has a pretty good format, but I personally need more cardio and HIIT training. I like being out of breathe and elevating my heart rate for extended periods of time. I feel like the harder it is to breathe, that’s when the most work is being done. I like lifting too, but not 4-5 days a week. I would rather lift about 2-3 days a week, incorporate plyo HIIT training into every workout whether it’s for 15 minutes or 45 minutes, and do cardio about 4-5 days a week; distances from 2 miles a day to 13 miles a day.

Today’s workout is inspired by the awesome weather that we’ve been having! You can do this outdoors, all you need is your body and a jump rope. Super awesome cardio and bodyweight plyo exercises. Here is the workout if you can’t read the exercises in the photo:

-1 minute jump ropemondayhiit
-10 Burpees
-1 minute jump rope
-20 Curtsey Lunge to Jump Squat
-1 minute jump rope
-20 Sumo Squat with Leg Lift
-1 minute jump rope
-10/10 Backward Lunge to Kick
-1 minute jump rope
-40 Mountain Climbers


I plan on going to a run today, ranging anywhere from 4-8 miles. I’m gonna let my body be the judge of how far I’ll run. The route I plan on taking is completely paved with plenty of elevation inclines and drops. If I only run 4 miles I will be doing the above workout, if I run 8 miles…. TO HELL WITH A SECOND WORKOUT!

I hope everyone enjoys their Monday, have a great week and stay tuned for more updates!


Monday, May 12th Workout

Monday, May 12th Workout

Hey Guys!

I’m onto week 2 of the Erin Stern Training Program. I will admit, I have EXTREMELY modified it to fit my own fitness goals. Like I have stated previously, I love the basic effective layout of the training program, but I will definitely spruce it up so I’m not bored.

Instead of doing a treadmill jog to warm up before my workout, I am doing jump rope and plyometric bodyweight circuits. Much more exciting, versatile, FUN, and challenging on all my muscles.

I have also added combo exercises to target several muscle groups and I have reduced exercises that isolate one specific muscle. I get extremely bored picking something up and putting it down repeatedly, I like adding flare and excitement into my routine!

I hope you enjoy! Forgive my elaborate workout photo, I was vibin’ off the sunshine today, I had a magnificent Monday, hope you did too!


Monday May 5th Workout

Monday May 5th Workout

Hey Guys! Today marks Day 01 of my Erin Stern 4 Week Trainer Program.

Today targeted shoulders and arms with a short ab circuit at the end. I got a pretty good pump on, my goal is to lift as heavy as possible, increasing my weights within the next 4 weeks. It was a pretty basic workout, I’m really excited for tomorrow’s ploy and leg daaaaaay!

My friend Kat is doing the program with me, she has a free week pass at my gym and will possibly get a membership. Yippee! Lifting and squatting buddy 🙂 I can’t wait to build bigger stronger glutes, tone up, get rid of my fluff and see my abs again!

One day at a time done the healthy way. Slowly but surely and definitely maintainable 🙂