Update – Posing Practice Video

Hey Guys!

Here’s my most recent posing practice video. 12 days out! So nervous, exhilarated, and ready 🙂 My goal is to practice posing EVERY DAY at least 30 minutes a day until my walk, poses, turns, and transitions are second nature. Working on adding that sass 😉

Let me know what you guys think! Advice, pointers, and feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


Intro to my YouTube Channel

Happy Thursday err’body!

Guess who has a YouTube channel? This bitch does. Check it out 🙂

I just posted my first intro video, I want to do at home workout vids, so if you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Forgive the voice inflections and raised eyebrows, I’ll work on those.

Have an awesome day guys, looking forward to suggestions and feedback!